obliterated she just wanted to blend in

she just wanted to blend in

the use of hands as a form of meditation


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BOOK DESIGN + ARTIST'S BOOKS----Pyrograffiti--- Luca Buvoli ------pop cult---Imperial pottery factories have been re-fired to churn out copy China that unwitting collectors buy for millions, while paintings and other forgeries flow through the finest museums and auction houses. China has become renowned as the world capital of art forgery, which is only fitting, since fraud is considered a fine art in the Middle Kingdom----retrovisor---revelation art---Craig LaRotonda New Illustrations ----Below are the exhibition reviews kept on Craft Culture.

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the wind is blowing and so am I
Project Gutenberg's Hand Shadows To Be Thrown Upon The Wall----- I didn’t know what I was doing. But I kept studying different artists. Various styles. Then there was the breakthrough that got me to where I am now.----mimosa---Gerard P. Fieret, zonder titel, ca----L'amour sur grand écran----kyle hollinsgs worth illustration--
a sort of jill-of-all-trades, i'm addicted to designing and making things!--the story---
Kusama released Happening in 1965. Since 1967 she had a lot of happenings and fashion shows not only in New York but also in Holland and Rome. As she got more active , she was influenced by an anti-vietnam war movement and American Presidential election and social elements were added to her art. She started creating Kusama Dress and textile , which were sold at department stores and boutiques all over the United States. In 1969 she opened her own boutique----Aaron Kraten Art--

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new zealand
Govett-Brewster Art Gallery----CoCA---"Maori art is inseparable from Maori culture. It is like a living organism that exists in the spirit of our people and drives them toward wider horizons and greater achievement." ----daniel newnham art--- Auckland Art Gallery has the most extensive collection of national and international art in New Zealand. ----One of the real notables from Woodville's past is the well-known New Zealand artist, Gottfried Lindauer. Lindauer is best known for his portraits of Maori---Burton Brothers fotos---Tracey Tawhiao (Ngai te Rangi, Whakatohea, Tuwharetoa) was born in 1967. She is a multi-skilled contemporary artist who has studied and worked in a variety of fields. Her practice employs the unconventional art material of newspaper----house of taonga----swamp kauri sculptures sell for $1 million --- more of brierley millman---derek henderson fotos---len castle ceramics---Michael Parakowhai, Roebuck Jones and the Coniculus Kid, 2001, Rabbits and mixed media----john edgar's stone sculptures---maori art and culture--- Mataora The Living Face book--Ani O'Neill recycles--- What should we expect from a gallery devoted to innovative design and craft?--Tautai Artist Members 04---Fono McCarthy--- the new zealand edge--NZArtMonthly ---

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Outsider Art----Ms. Rucker/7th & 8th Grade 3D Art Galleries/Cardboard Constructions---Auragraphs are drawings or paintings that tell the story of your life in picture form, along with your psychic and spiritual abilities. Each auragraph comes with a full reading which will very often provide insight and guidance to help you fulfil your potential.---:: fait accompli :: weblog---The Cushing Memorial Library and Archives maintains an active exhibit program---- Welcome to the OrigamiUSA Web Site! We have begun to add diagrams, puzzles, more resources and are continuing to develop more exciting features.-----Not all of us can say we are creators, forming something from nothing, sometimes WITH nothing. The artists here at outsiderart.info are being artists. And we at outsiderart.info are proud to tell the world and show their work.----Outsider Artists---outsider artists of hai---Tony Calzetta art----Louisiana native Pat Juneau began his creative journey making custom jewelry. He soon became fascinated with crafting larger works. He cuts his subjects from plate steel and paints them in vibrant and arresting ways. His works have a lyrical flow to them and often celebrate nature or moments of pure joy. ----Jessie Montes is a western Kansas folk artist who creates his artwork from corrugated paperboard. He is an extraordinary example of the phenomenon of a sweeping all-consuming and obsessive involvement with art-making that can overtake a person at any time, at any age and with no apparent warning---- diva zappa cardboard----
elsa mora obras---- sam doyle art...--------  Doyle was one of nine children born to farming parents. His teachers at the island’s Penn School, established by northern philanthropists, noticed his artistic abilities before he was a teenager, and one even invited him to go north to New York to study art. Instead, he was forced to go to work after ninth grade at a variety of jobs, first as a stock clerk, then for twenty years as a porter in a warehouse, and finally, from 1950 to 1967, in the laundry of the nearby Parris Island Marine Corps base. Doyle also acted as caretaker for the Chapel of Ease, a noted ruin in Frogmore. -----savage paintings---

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raw vision links from the copy I bought in London 6 months ago
>raw vision---ricco maresca gallery---Marion >Harris ---Folk Art Lovers, get ready for the 11th Annual Folk Fest in Atlanta, GA. Folk Fest is the World's Greatest >Folk Art Show & Sale --->hallesaintpierre---->Compton Verney is a new art gallery in Warwickshire. It was founded by British philanthropist Sir Peter Moores----gugging >living art---Museum Dr. Guislain----The >Horse Hospital is a unique arts venue in London which has been providing a space for underground and avantgarde media since 1993. ----work is >love made visible---contemporary >photography----J. P. RITSCH-FISCH >GALERIE ----art >brut--
to be continued
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post via pola
Garden of Earthly Delights oil on wood----Mike's Electric Stuff----Miyuki Nakahara has recycled tins that once contained the notorious food additive MSG. ---Paintings and digital photos weblog---my creepy valentine----A CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Nameless Art of a Scrapheap Subculture----naomi shea illustration---nathalie lete ceramics---mystery readers international---George, primarily uses rocks from the shore, as they have been smoothed by
the surf and are, therefore, ideal for painting. He does not attach
anything to the rock, or chisel pieces of it away; he prefers to work with
the shape provided by nature. The natural imperfections, such as chips,
streaks or holes, often work to his advantage; a rock with one edge broken
off became the half-eaten side of an apple.

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she spoke with her eyes
motel--"Art Loustal" : Jacques de Loustal / Edward Hopper---Hand's Down, First Edition---mixed media collage---I intentionally look for objects which can have many interpretations. Often a piece will focus on one simple object. ---- C e l l u l e s " p a r M i c h e l G a s a r i a n ---Local Heroes: Paintings and Sculpture by Sam Doyle----sampling of folk art, regional art, found object art, and fine crafts by Louisiana ---Love letters in beads ---luc melanson illustration---Marvin Finn: Wizard of whimsical whittling ---memory---SAM NHLENGETHWA NEW INTERIORS SERIES (2003)---
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she painted his trash
ILLEGAL MAIL ART .....Growing up behind the iron curtain makes even the most elementary letter a tool of subversion. Correspondence with Westerners is tightly censored and controlled. The letters have a lengthy two week delay to allow snooping KGB gents to x-ray, xerox and translate all mail. The only way to communicate with the outside world of freedom is to code everything.-----sketches, studies and drawings----woman with goat---more david butler's enamel on tin---Inez Nathaniel Walker: Visionary Folk Artist ----ink poems ----"When people tell me they aren't creative, I say, 'On the contrary, my little cabbage, you are creative, and your creativity is manifested in your job, home, cooking, clothes, garden, entertaining or the overall way you live your life.'"--james yang illustration---jane wynn says “ Every object has a right to be heard.” ----Welcome to the Folk Art Pages.Howard Finster, 1916-2001 ----Just for Openers was founded in 1979 by Don Bull of Wirtz, Virginia. Members in the United States and Canada mainly collect beer advertising openers and corkscrews, but may also collect soda advertising openers, figural cast iron bottle openers, can openers and non-advertising corkscrews.---kendell-geers net-art-----For the second installment in the Design Lab exhibition series, the museum will present the work of sound designer Jean-Pierre Gauthier.A resident of Montreal, Canada, Gauthier creates beautiful and highly functional sound environments through a series of everyday objects, modulated sounds and physical interaction-----laura griffith's "Untitled," ductile iron, 15"h x 12"w x 6"d, 2001.WTG16746, $5,000.----Leather Face Journal---" In using organic and inorganic materials, I present iconography that creates a dialogue between the permanent and the transient, beginning with the process of collecting objects. Robert Rauschenberg once wrote " A pair of socks is not less suitable to make a painting than with wood, nails, turpentine, oil and fabric."--- "Even Angels have Bad Hair Days"---"First Communion" Assemblages----more Jacque Parsley---"To My Valentine"---Parsley's work reflects partly told tales, a moment in time that gives a nostalgic visual narrative of memories that have been recycled, and a past that has been reinterpreted. These shrines to unknown individuals have a Karma that is still unfolding to create a new paradigm. ----"Angel In Repose"---Marvin Finn: Wizard of whimsical whittling --“Every object is created with it’s own specific purpose in life. Then I find it… and it is awakened and delivered…” As I create mixed media sculptural works, I find myself working in an intuitive manor. Whether I find the object or the object finds me, I fit together a personal narrative and create an odd mixture of the past and the present. ---the loss of a valuable object or even the loss of time----Bakers Dozen Collage Exchange ---

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he whispered in someone else's ear
The story of Vintage Chinese Posters is truly the story of the East meets the West, if there ever was one. In Vintage Chinese Posters one finds a curious mixture of Eastern themes with Western cultural influences and painting techniques. ----jane's assemblage---Garde Rail represents self-taught, folk and outsider artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond, from the Deep South to the Midwest to the Big Apple and Great Britain.--The Dickeyville Grotto ---Reliquaries of a disappearing age made by 12 material artists occupy a brief window of nostalgia at the end of the century---JAH is a schizophrenic, outsider, self-taught artist who paints in a converted garage studio---Jannis kounellis Monotypes, jan' 04 ---

Before Theodore Seuss Geisel found fame as a children's book author, the primary outlet for his creative efforts was magazines. via sugar n spicy---Impossible Objects----Like jazz music, the automobile road map is an American innovation and is just as much a part of American culture. Road maps brought much needed order to the national road system. ---

Bored with her work-a-day life, Alexandra Huber (b. 1955) began painting around 1990 -- at home, after work and with no formal training.---Hopital Brut en tournage----2 heads 2 thoughts?----Welcome to ArtBrut.com----art object---composition---visionary shadow box---The Lone Eagle
----ideal world----
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