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she just wanted to blend in

the use of hands as a form of meditation


while the rice is cooking
Shawnimals --piggy--Désirée Scholten--Renie Breskin Adams--1978, cotton and embroidery, 30 x 24 in.--Scrumblers' Gallery Online --A true poet of interior spaces, Renie Adams depicts domestic scenes in which she, her family, friends, and pets mingle with the creatures of her imagination, while beneath the humor lies thoughtful commentary about art and her own role as a maker of it--Renie Breskin Adams--EMBROIDERYRenie Breskin Adams--Renie Breskin Adams--Renie Breskin Adams--Renie Breskin Adams--Renie Breskin Adams
sofa expo---"Disintegration -- Grandma Can't Put Blocks Together Anymore" 1979 Flower garden quilt pattern of playing cards with animal gut and thread---lynn basa tapestries--lynn basa--lynn basa--lynn basa--lynn--Deborah Rapoport--
Jean Cacicedo--Jean Cacicedo---Jean Cacicedo-----wearable art like the GARDEN BAG and Bags Original photographs transfered onto leather--
Jane Burch Cochran--Jane Burch Cochran--Jane Burch Cochran--Jane Burch Cochran--Jane Burch Cochran--Cochran has been making her unique quilts since 1980. Drawing on her fine art background, she combines the loose, free feeling of abstract painting with the controlled techniques of beading and sewing--As a full time artist, with a background in painting and mathematics, Cochran beautifully combines the loose, free feeling of abstract painting with the techniques of beading and sewing--JANE BURCH COCHRAN, Looking for God, Quilt --

Helena Hernmarck --clown embroidery--Ed Bing Lee--bing here, too--Patricia Malarcher---Patricia Malarcher----Patricia Malarcher---Patricia Malarcher--- Full Exhibit--Stitched drawing: Cotton threads on linen--Marilyn Pappas--Pencil Stubs--Marilyn R. Pappas ('52): Botticelli's Graces--This series, Stitched Drawings, reflects on the endurance of classical sculpture. Larger than life, scarred and fragmented by the ravages of tome, there is a particular bleached-out beauty, vulnerability and dignity in these mythical personifications of feminism idealism. By placing these draped images of ancient marble sculptures back in to the softness of linen, I try to honor their power as well as their human qualities.
Resting on Hand, 2000--Using fabric and thread as my primary medium, I combine the techniques of cutting, piecing, layering, and machine-sewing to produce a rich, tactile surface. The classification of my work is a challenge because it crosses the boundary between craft and fine art.

paper weaving Old foil tapemeasure, wrappers and polyester--At swap meets or antique stores Sisson finds, then hoards "manufactured items that generally relate to domesticity or the feminine persona. By interlocking these collectibles I create sculptural form."--Old cloth tape measures, polymer, vintage plastic buttons, thread-- choose a significant craft work to show on the Featured Craft. --Lenore Tawney --and a collage--Area of Disrepair, No. 39, 2000 Hair, found cloth, thread--linen, hair, thread, steel and glass --Anne Wilson is a Chicago-based artist who uses found textiles and hair in her examinations of issues surrounding history, memory, intimacy, gender, and the frailties that orbit around the human condition. --

collage: takahira kamura collages via gmtPlus9--
Finger clippings, caulk, miniature tea cup--Brooch--Jill Bonovitz ceramics--more ceramics--Poetics of Clay--Peter Chang --
Ramón Puig Cuyàs --Ramón Puig Cuyàs --Ramón Puig Cuyàs --jewelry--VELVET DA VINCI--
streeter art via iconomy
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transforming trash

"Transforming Trash: Bay Area Fiber Art" features 38 pieces that show how the imaginative eye can see trash as treasure. The works of art give new life to salvaged items, including toast, telephone wires, raffle tickets, Mason jars, spilled paint, coffee filters, and teeth.
Giselle Kappus --Giselle Kappus --Cut, Copy, Paste: The Art of Contemporary Collage--Richard Marquis Coffee Pot Sample Box--Sheila Tuffanelli / Mixed Media --paper rock scissors --Click on an image to view the full design--FIRST STATION 1999 fruitwood, thread--Green Curtain Knitted, sewing, drawing Coated lead, wire, pencil--Fiber Sculpture Gallery--shoebox --sculpture
Gaza Bowen is an internationally known sculptor who has exhibited extensively since 1978. In the broadest sense her work is an inquiry into the non-verbal communication between people and objects. -- see her shoes---When people think of Gaza Bowen, they think of shoes--Gaza Bowen was born in Memphis, Tennessee, 1944. A self-taught artist--Gaza Bowen Workshop --Return to Gaza Bowen --Found and salvaged metals, wooden box, fabric glove, glass, hair--Shoes: Postmodern, Poststructural, Postcolonial Rereading of Encyclopedism--'Little Woman Ware II'--Gaza Bowen. The Secret Game book--Gaza made this wall sculpture , titled Cryptotomes --"The Stacks #1" (detail)--The Costumer's Manifesto: Shoe Links--Texture Of the Past --

Lucy Matzger saves coffee filters to be used in two and three dimensional works of art--DEAR TOOTH FAIRY 2000 Found Objects--Gretchen Mentzer was born in Buffalo, New York, 1936--Allester Dillon / Textile Sculpture --
The goal of Sanitary Fill Company's Artist-in-Residence Program is to use art to inspire people to recycle more and conserve natural resources. To do this, the company gives local artists the opportunity to make art from San Francisco's refuse. --Burning Man Journal--Asian Collage--Melody Oxarart--
Anything With A Drawer--Click on a mask to view a larger image and information from the artist--

Unwearable Art: Clothing in New Media--STICKS AND…gut shoes--more shoes--The Women Environmental Artists Directory--various sundaries contemporary crafts--This gallery contains examples of work by artist Dan Cuthbert--Local artists pick up the pieces --Portrait Obscured --Stuart Wagner, a native of Connecticut--Nikki Hills mixed media--Cloth is a material long associated with human beings. From protective garments to fashion statements and burial shrouds to structural housing, cloth parallels culture while also providing a means for artistic expression. Cloth has the ability to convey messages, to transform meanings and to transcend the mundane--Linda Welch: GALLERY--Mixed media (altered photograph)--Lisa Kokin--Lisa Kokin--Lisa Kokin--Lisa Kokin in stitiches--Shoes: Design / Art--Cockaigne by Angela Lim is a text-image based installation consisting of 27 embroidered fabric constructions, all of which incorporate an apron motif. --

While I was an Artist-In-Residence at San Francisco's Sanitary Fill Company, I made the first of a series of collaborative bottlecap quilts with the San Francisco Conservation Corps--Hello Again: A New Wave of Recycled Art and Design--bottlecap bag--Bottle caps on wood--Ever Wonder What to Do with Your Bottlecap Collection?--Bottlecap Pitcha Frame--resin filled bottle cap magnets--vintage pop bottlecaps - never crimped on bottles so it is comfortable to wear; fits loose like a bracelet--LARGE HANGING BOTTLECAP CROSS --Creations from recycled beer caps--bottlecap lady--Bottle Cap Jewelry--a series of collaborative bottlecap quilts --Ethnic Bottlecap Figure--Bottlecap Cross--Bird Bottlecap Figure from Kenya--milk bottlecaps of all things--lone star bottle caps--Bottle Cap Art Artist Annette O'Brien--bottlecap cross--Made of recycled rubber with a real seatbelt clasp for buckle--bottlecaps--Bottle-Cap World --LIKEABLE RECYCLABLES--Constructed of fused glass, wire, and bottle caps. --FOLK ART BOTTLE CAP RATTLE SNAKES--Like a mosaic of armor, hammered bottle caps adorn a bra and belt. --Block covered with bottle caps--From precious stones to bottle caps, from 1920's to ultra modern, Audacity carries jewelry that combines fashion with flair. --Bottle-cap Basket--Bottle Cap Basket Sculpture--EDWARD, garden shears with bottle caps, --

"The All Seeing Eye" Bottle caps, cereal and detergent box veneer, mirrors, beer bottles, flicker flame lights, tin can lids, 13" color TV, eight dresser drawers

recycling: art on a shoestring--ART SHOW - RECYCLED ART SHOW--Cheers to recycled beer bottles--From trash to toys --Orange Farm: Beauty in the land of the poor--Award-winning Recycled Art Exhibition--Recycled Re-Seen: Folk Art from the Global Scrap Heap--Self-Made Worlds: Visionary Folk Art Environments--Beautiful Home Accessories and Gifts made from recycled and found materials--The hand painted art furnishings have all been recycled and many are antiques. --Your garbage may be a work of art--Make a desk for your little kid from a few old boxes--

Recycled art and abstract paintings by contemporary artist John Dahlsen.

arte riciclado--the Recycled Art Contest--Children can be taught to recycle from an early age and encouraged to use their imagination by examining the trash they are going to throw away to see if it can be used as a resource and therefore turning trash to treasures.--Shadow Boxes --The Fantastic Rubbish Art Exhibition, showcasing how valuable rubbish --Custodian creates art from trash --Trash art--The Imagination Factory's Trash Matcher --Trash Sculpture Art Contest--Trash Transformed into Art:
Exploring the Art of Reclamation --Trash, Violence, and Versace: But Is It Art?

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bernardo salcedo
BERNARDO SALCEDO--bernardo salcedo--bernardo salcedo--bernardo salcedo--bernardo salcedo--bernardo salcedo--bernardo salcedo--

Another wonderful TEAPOT link....The Joy of Shards is one of my favorite places to visit and I've link't to it in the past

This is a department in Clay Times Magazine where readers can share their outstanding works with an international audience of fellow clay enthusiasts--Adrian C. Arleo and his teapots

About things...

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more ceramics and ex-votos
Œï�]—Ç“ñ �ì“©“W--Images - Ceramics--Grayson Perry....I wanted to make an embroidery piece that was as traditional as a vase--pueblo pottery via plep--kathy king--ken price ceramics--Kim Dickey--Grayson Perry (Chelmsford, Great Britain, 1960) is most famous for his ceramic work, which is overtly narrative in nature, but he also works with photography, film and perfor-mances. --Contemporary artists and craftspeople come from a diversity of cultural and educational backgrounds--ANN AGEE Birthing Class 2001 porcelain--Ceramics L É O P O L D L. F O U L E M--Ceramics--R I C H A R D M I L E T T E Pots and Paints--Paul MATHIEU --
Peru - Moche Erotic Scene Vessel --In 1946 Picasso visited the annual ceramics exhibition held in Vallauris, France. Especially taken by the works of the Madoura pottery--PICASSO CERAMICS--James Taylor "Morning" 2002, Pottery--Roman Handling Box Objects--

jeff irwin--jeff irwin--jeff irwin--Sergei Isupov --Sergei Isupov --Sergei Isupov --Sergei Isupov
2003 Summer Workshops

In Sex Pots, Paul Mathieu looks over a variety of themes dealing with eroticism and ceramics-including aesthetics, sexualities, and the societies that engendered them-to produce a clear view of not only the history of ceramics and sexuality but also a view of contemporary practice and trends with an insight into future developments--sara radstone ceramics--Studio Potter --Guest Artist-in-Residence: Dalia Lauckaite-Jakimaviciene --Guest Artist-in-Residence: Maria Petratou--

The teapot is a domestic icon, a vessel with an irresistible appeal to human ingenuity. This wonderful, wild and slightly wacky exhibition will explore the artist's endless fascination with this functional form in ways that are certain to challenge the viewer's imagination --Robert Arneson--Cary S. Leibowitz makes multiples--In addition to the scientific canal planning, the Moche were very skilled in pottery and metallurgy--

Ex Voto paintings were common Maritime Folk Art in the Catholic Southern European countries, most of these pieces are still in the families of the seafarers or in churches of harbor cities-- ex-voto-- ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--ex voto--Hand Embroidered Ex Voto--Sala dos Milagres --ex--ex--ex--ex --Anonyme Suisse (Lucerne) Art populaire Ex-voto début 19e siècle

Attese: Biennale of Ceramics in Contemporary Art (2nd edition) International exhibition: September 27/November 9th, 2003 Vernissage: September 27th (morning to late at night). Albisola, Savona, and Vado Ligure (Riviera Ligure, Italy).
Olu Oguibe--Gallery at 145 --Olu Oguibe--Ouattara Watts Creation of the World--Olu Oguibe "Tabernacolo" --Quattara Watts (2)
Björn Kjelltoft and painted plastic bottles--more bjorn--For his first solo show in Italy, Nedko Solakov presents his "Vitiligo People" project.--Wang Du --Wang Du --GIUSEPPE UNCINI (Fabriano 1929)--: El Anatsui --Roberto Bertagnin --Picture rubble/raw material--

DUMPSTER DIVING FOR PROFIT AND PASSION--What Can a Can Be Besides a Can?--Still struggling to find a tidy but effective way to recycle at home? You want something that’s easy to get at, but doesn’t look messy or clutter up your home? Try our attractive wicker recycling basket – great for kitchen, laundry room, home office or den--making flowers out of old soda cans --TESSCAR ALUMINUM CRAFT-- Victorian Lightbulb Ornament--

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A Nampeyo Showcase via plep--Ron Kovatch came and filled our gallery with an installation piece of over 100 clay works and drawings--Ron Kovatch: Wend---to Philip Cornelius ---Philip CORNELIUS Pasadena, USA--Daniel Kruger --Zen and the Art of Franz Rickert --Daniel Kruger Brooch, 1998--
Howard Kottler: Ceramic Artist--kottler--kottler--kottler PLATES --kottler--
Keiko Fukazawa--Keiko Fukazawa--KEVIN PETRIE and hot off the press--KEVIN PETRIE--KEVIN PETRIE and Print on Enamel --KEVIN PETRIE and A representative sample of past Annual Miniature Print Exhibitions
Ceramic Links--CERAMIC BOOKS--

hugo kaagman--kaagman--kaagman--angela fina--fina & clay vessels

Form and Transfer An Exhibition of Contemporary Printed Ceramics--Left: Philip Eglin, Seated Virgin 1998--Akio Takamori A Pot--Akio Takamori--Akio Takamori--Akio Takamori
--Ceramics Research Center--more--more akio--akio

matthias ostermann--matthias ostermann--matthias ostermann--matthias ostermann
mark burns--mark burns--mark burns--mark burns--
Exhibitions : Secular Practice--Bhupen Khakhar--Bhupen Khakhar--Bhupen Khakhar--Oil on canvas by BHUPEN KHAKHAR

mona hatoum--mona hatoum--mona hatoum--mona hatoum--mona hatoum--mona--mona--mona----Neil Brownsword: first steps--Brownsword--Brownsword--Brownsword--

garth clark gallery--

contemporary teapots--links to learn more about the art of teapot collecting--A History of Teapots----teapots--teapot--teapot--teapots--teapot--teapot--teapots--teapot--teapot-- teapots--teapot--teapot--teapots--teapot--teapot--
Michael Sherrill's clay teapot takes dynamic sculptural form. --teapots--teapot--
Lévi-Strauss, Claude The Jealous Potter--Lévi-Strauss, Claude

kathy king's teapots--adam davis ceramics--Angus Suttie--Ann Agee Square Nipple Plate--the casual contemplation that comes from daily use--Cary Leibowitz/Candyass
Focused primarily on a critique of the art world, the work of Cary Leibowitz/Candyass employs humor, self-doubt and Jewish/gay cultural references to make his not-so-subtle commentary. His work has been exhibited regularly throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan.--
Large Round Plate (Portrait of a Woman in the Studio in Relief), Pablo Picasso--Ceramics Heaven--ceramic review magazine--JANE MUIR, FCSD. 'Bleu d'outremer' --Ceramics Art and Perception --LSU museum ceramics--
The couple is the standard social nucleus--THE NCECA 1999 CLAY NATIONAL--Rec Room - Couch Kathy King 2000--Cup and Saucer with Barney Rubble--Cup & Saucer with White Handle, 1999--Ceramic artist Kathy King’s installation piece, Nursery of My Indecision--David Furman--David Furman--David Furman U.S. Teacher to Peru--Philip Eglin --Cindy Kolodziejski--Creative Time is a public art organization based in New York.

George E. Ohr (1857-1918) has been called the first art potter in the United States--Glazed Expressions, Contemporary Ceramics and the Written Word--FUSZ Gyorgy --Hot Off The Press Ceramics and Print"--clay art--

anthropomorphism--The anthropomorphism in ceramics has been widely documented; lips, feet, belly and foot are the common terms used for describing the parts of a pot--


erotic ceramics (Greek and Renaissance)....
Index and Sources of Erotic Roman Art Images--ANCIENT GREEK ART --Greek Art: Erotic Greek Vase Painting--VASES CLASSIFIED ACCORDING TO FORM AND USE --Homeric and Other Heroic Images--The Embassy to Achilles--The Brygos Painter--Erotic Man and Woman Attica Lekythos Vase--greek vase--Ancient Greek Pottery

moche pottery--Ceramics was the most significant art form of the Moche culture--The Inescapable, Indivisible Essence of Pottery--

Faenza cermaics....International Museum of Ceramics of Faenza
Drinking Cup

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ripping off from others
rip't off from riley dog:
Jazz and Blues Gallery

rip't off from Fiendish Is The Word:
art nouveau doors--Picasso transformed into needlework--Cereal Fan Art--paper cutting-- paper cutting--paper cutting--paper cutting--paper cutting--

rip't off from plep:
quilts--quilts--quilts--Egg and Vegetable Vending Machines

rip't off from gmtPlus9:
The yard surrounding Ellis Nelson's rural Muscoda studio is filled with a myriad of art pieces ranging from a large metal dinosaur to smaller pieces like the curve-winged metal bats that appear to be flying overhead--MOIRA FAIN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL COLLAGES (beautiful!)--Moira Fain

rip't off from iconomy:
the art of rik catlow--painting with the accompanying title of "Haunted Painting"

rip't off from geisha asobi:
sanitary paper roll portraits--embroidered merit badges

rip't off from solipsistic:
my new friend, ellen golla's collages--Japanese Baseball Card Web Site

rip't off from sugar'n spicy:
A Prisoner's Diary--a girl and her crayons

rip't off from amberglow:
filmminutes photomontage--inez storer art--roadside relics

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66 drawings by plaa --Sarah Boxer’s charming first book is a series of cartoon case histories, an animal tour of all things Freudian--Richard Colman currently lives and works in New York--original pencil drawings --angela martini illustration--The Etch A Sketch® product --category:Drawings--art on paper..--and I've seen what it can do --Greetings from ArchitectureWeek.com --Artists' Renderings america's unknown child--This artwork contributes the artist's ideas, emotions and experiences to the historical and cultural record--Sketchbooks & Paintings --Black & White Drawings--BLACK TIDE 1:INK DRAWINGS BY HUMAN BEINGS--boxjam's doodles--David Brady talks about the Importance of the Sketchbook. --Elements of Drawing Blind--How GPS Drawing Works--Welcome to the Global Positioning System drawing project--floating heads drawing--floccus--Seventh graders describe scientists before and after a visit to Fermilab--exploding dog drawing site links--drawings by scott radke--michael balderi drawings--I can't understand what I can't draw--The Social Life of Paper--Little Drawings Book by Ewa Nogiec--tofer draws--"My Favorite Martian" charcoal drawing--Hypnagogia... a few of my abstract sketches--drawing together via plep--just drawings--

I don't keep an actual sketchbook, but these are some of the things I have drawn or painted for the sake of drawing or painting something, or for class--never cards--i'll be back this summer with a new style and completely new look. but i'm the same ol' pocketpig, eating all the crazy food. --SARA GARDEN ARMSTRONG selected drawings --smog.net art--the drawing room--a carol es drawing--conceptual drawings--
Learning to Draw --the white sound in my head --Lotteria (Acapulco) 1991Pen and ink on paper--© 2001 Richard Sala --
fishlab illustration--william tisdale drawing--wietold riedel drawings--Alexandra Huber
--These drawings have been sent to Yann by kids who visited the "Earth from above" exhibition (cLICK on children's drawings)--The Quaker Hero Story of Bill Lovett --My Video Fall Graphite/Ink on paper, 85x143cm --Rafinesque's drawing of a Franklin tree depicts the cycle of a seedpod. --

SARDINE.....EXAMPLE: Alexandra Huber / Petits dessins--AND Joseph Kurhajec Objets en boîtes --Joseph Kurhajec--STILL jOE--la halle expositions--

"Gesture" 1980s?, ballpoint pen and marker on envelope--felt tip pen drawing--judy slaslow gallery and outsider artists...see for example Dwight Mackintosh and Johann Fischer -- polychromos linear----Try This!
Sensational Scribbles--Sketchbook drawings--F is for Fanny--ROBERT GOBER: SCULPTURE + DRAWING--These drawings of the day are coded messages--a girl and her crayons--HOLLOWAY--street drawing--Persepolis paints an unforgettable portrait of daily life in Iran

drawing as process--

Drawing As Process Some recent work--Selected images from Afterimage: Drawing Through Process --Drawing Bored...:-) --carolyn zick {drawing portfolio}--more drawings--scroll down.........--eric stamen makes you draw--comic book girl--brain stop future coming--The Smithsonian’s collections of Kiowa drawings --Eyfells and Eyfells: Kristin Eyfells--Soy Sauce Mao Drawing

The Library of the Kunsthistorische Museum is a scientific reference library with specialised sections for each of the collections and departments--Liz Parkinson is known in Australia as an Outsider artist. --tekenlog drawings--

martha rich illustration--moby--Welcome to my collection of 2001 drawings--from "Signs from Oranges"--visualiser.org----alternative reality picassos--Crosshatching These were all done with Bic disposable ballpoint pens.--The Life of Insects--These are all the drawings that aren't in a sketchbook or other handy heading.

drawingas calligraphy
Find a calligrapher that suits your needs. --
drawings--drawings--drawings--drawings--drawings--drawings--drawings--drawings--drawings--drawings--drawings--CHARLES AND RAY BIOGRAPHY and

toothpaste for dinner drawings--Early AccuTouch drawing--icon library drawing symbols--

peter spivak--peter spivak--peter spivak--peter spivak--
un regarde moderne links:
this is a magazine--incorrect net--digital ultras--Camille Rose Garcia

"Creation is Play" via technicolorday--Philip Brooker esp furniture for the studio--recycle, candy wrapper dresse via iconomy--Miss Charlotte Kruk was born with a sweet tooth, smack dab in the heart of Silicon Valley--Drawings pbells_large.html">Dating Andy dress--Sew Hip It Hurts!--sew wrong--T-Shirt Underwear --Silk Poppy Studio --This image depicts the original fashions of creative San José artist, Charlotte Kruk--Candy Wrapper --Candy Wrapper --Candy Wrapper --Candy Wrapper --Candy Wrapper from the Quilt Gallery--Candy Wrapper , Tootsie Roll Outfit--
--americana, Artists from all over played with this theme --

Yada yada yada-- the online diary project--ANATOMY OF FEMALE PSYCHE

milagros--Tesoros Trading Company is a retailer and wholesale distributor of folk arts and crafts and traditional items from over 15 different countries --Nancy Paschke Art --Philippe Dereux outsider art--
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Art Plates --Collage entered the realm of the fine arts in the early 20th Century with the Cubists and has had a lively growth through various art movements and styles including Dada, Surrealism,Pop,Constructivism, etc. Collage is a process of attaching various elements together to create a work of art. The concept of collage has spread into literature and music as well.Other constructive styles of working include in the visual arts include assemblage, photo montage and digital montage which shall become sub-catagories of "Collage Artists" --POESIA BIANCA White Poem--Photomontaged Dreams Landscape and the female nude in Teige's collages --[The Impossibility of Doing Things Differently An interview with Ivan Kafka --Ivan Kafka è nato il 29 febbraio 1952 a Praha, figlio del noto artista Cestimir Kafka --Ivan Kafka gilt als einer der wichtigsten und bekanntesten Vertreter der konzeptuellen Kunst der Tschechischen Republik ]--Collage By Eva Lake--Directory > Arts > Visual Arts > Collage--Cut from the Cloth of Life: The Fabric Collages of Elizabeth B. Noyce --Scrapbook Ideas --Dorothy Simpson Krause collages--
Paper Mosaic Collages by Ellen Golla--collage / object: Item 0 to 7 from 7--final toy collage--collage scuptures--2002 Claudine Hellmuth collages-- collage #198 via gmtPlus9--Heartfield versus Hitler: Gallery--nancy hunt bartek collages---art plate-- PAPER ROCK SCISSORS provides exceptional, affordable art in a funky, comfortable atmosphere--"Angel Collage" This collage was originally assembled in the darkroom. The artwork was done by me and laid over the print after multiple exposures. The tinting was done in Photoshop--
Jiri Kolar : Päärynä, 1964, k.125 cm., halk. 77 cm. -- JIRI ANDERLE artist--just genie collages--Paper, Scissors, Clocks--Darrow's collages--bits and pieces of artifacts from his personal life merged into new references through unusual juxtapositions--are important aspects of his (work)" --Woman ... Collage ... 1996--the death of superman--Welcome to my world of treasured antiques, vintage and reproduction elements--Friends Heart Card --
Collage: "An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface,often with unifying lines and color." The origin of the word is French: coller, to glue. via sollipstic

Scrapbook Collection--scrapbook--scrapbook--scrapbook--scrapbook--scrapbook--scrapbook--scrapbook--scrapbook--scrapbook--scrapbook--scrapbook--
Scrapbook Art Gallery, Page 5-- scrapbook art and collage links--scrapbook 2 and house made entirely of newspapers--the duct tape ball scrapbook--With 21 years of stickers and sticker art ideas, Mrs. Grossman's has helped create sensational scrapbooks from the very beginning!--Fiber Art : Following the Thread--Scrapbook Simplexity Jean Baudoin Paris, France--pornographic scrapbook via fiendish word--

jiri kolar:
Jiri Kolar is among the most influential and well known Czech artists of our times, famous for his collages and novel art techniques. --
jiri kolar--jiri kolar--jiri kolar--jiri kolar--jiri kolar--jiri kolar--jiri kolar--jiri kolar--jiri kolar--

woodworking projects ..---work by barry mCgee via solipstic and gmtPlus9 who also links Kensitas Flowers--Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide -- more visual poetry

more collage/mix't media:
Smith's artwork bursts out of the aesthetic realm and confronts religion treated as empty formality, along with other modern horrors like war, gossip, dishonesty and torn human relationships. Some of Smith's fantasies are part of public domain, some are intensely personal, but all are unremitting and barbed with wit." "Do Exist"--the cut-up art of the nightowl--
i AM a GALLERY collage--magazine collage--magazine collage--magazine collage--magazine collage--magazine collage--magazine collage--magazine collage--magazine collage--magazine collage--magazine collage--magazine collage--magazine collage--collage--collage--collage
--altered by collage and electronic manipulation--collage--collage--collage--collage--collage

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fresh and canned links
For almost a decade, Phyllis Kind, an art dealer and gallery owner, has included works by prisoners in the roster of "outsider artists" whom she represents. Phyllis Kornfeld, who teaches art to prisoners, has helped Ms. Kind locate works—monstrous, ironic, beautiful and inspired—that break through the popsicle-stick and pinup conventions of convict culture to articulate a more personal vision via gmtPlus9 and tattooed plastic cups still gmtPlus9 as well as As you know "Prison Art," sometimes referred to as "Jailhouse Art," is the hottest new genre in today's ever-changing art market--
Man Claims Spouse Tried to Kill Him With Her Eau de Toilette via born famous--'... never done': women's work in the home displays the hidden history of the daily work of women, focussing on an 1880s bush-hut kitchen and a 1920s 'germ-free' kitchen. See the dramatic changes that have occurred -- and not occurred -- and the creativity and skill of women in the home--
Mandela: the man with Africa in the palm of his hand via spitting image

To make their brands recognizable to dealers across the country, California's citrus growers generated a new commercial art form. In the 1880s, citrus growers in southern California began working with lithographers in San Francisco and Los Angeles to create colorful crate labels via portage -
can labels:
can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--can label--

FRUIT CRATE LABEL--Orange Crate Labels --ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA FRUIT CRATE LABELS--All of the crate labels that we carry are ORIGINAL. We do not offer or sell ANY reproductions. You can be assured when you order from us you are getting what you ordered, AN ORIGINAL--We are now carrying original fruit crate labels from lemon, orange, and pear orchards of the 30's, 40's, and 50's--Labels were created to market the oranges in the 1880's. Packinghouses hired graphic artists to design bright and colorful labels to distinguish their product from competing brand labels. Labels became extinct in the 1950's when cardboard boxes with preprinted labels replaced wooden crates--labels CATEGORY: Indian_2--

seed packets:
Flowers decoupage picture, seed packets, flowers, ladies, framed 13 x 13"..
for fine cigar label art...
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brief distractions
As fans of this giant of TV comedy might expect, Reeves' drawings and paintings mix the surreal and the mundane in a seriously amusing way--at Brit Art.com: Union Jack Red White Blue (Artist's Proof), 1997 Jamie Reid Screen print: signed and numbered by the artist -- EYEstorm--castello di rivoli--Zeppelin Post is mail that was carried on Zeppelin airships via sugar 'n spicy--hands, hands and more hands still spicy

Recycled Newspaper Accents...Mei Mei Association is an Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) department from the Escola Espirtita María de Nazaré (Mary of Nazareth Spiritual School). Established over 40 years ago, the school has assisted 600 families, provided a nursery for 140 toddlers, and guided 260 children with assisted learning....'News,' handbag,Students at the Mei Mei Association transform recycling into a veritable art. They weave strips of newspaper into a most imaginative handbag and integrate a thin rubber hosepipe for a strap. The bag features a Velcro closure. This original piece is entirely hand-crafted and treated with a special varnish to preserve form and resistance. --
Louisa and Yongwoo Kim fashion paper bead jewelry from discarded computer paper and old issues of Vogue magazine. Their production process is unique. Each waterproof bead is hand rolled, hand painted and immersed in varnish ten times. --Contemporary pieces individually created using recycled plastics and other found elements--Hand Painted Works of Art On Recycled Furniture--recycling: art on a shoestring--


Recycled art and abstract paintings by contemporary artist John Dahlsen like his White Plastic Plinth Totem, Contemporary environmental art sculpture. Totem made from found plastic objects and stainless steel on a white wood plinth base. Abstract recycled art created from plastics collected from Australian beaches or see - Shipwreck, Contemporary environmental art wall work, made from found driftwood objects. Abstract recycled art created from driftwood collected from Australian beaches--Each morning, artist John Dahlsen walks the beaches of Byron Bay looking for washed up plastic junk. "I'm wanting to create something beautiful out of an inherently ugly medium." he says.
Back in his studio he painstakingly sorts and categorises the coloured objects and assembles them into art, transforming the original object into something new. "I am simply an artist working with a new found palette.”

Global Recycling Network The Worlds Waste Collection, Disposal & Recycling Marketplace

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sunday morning before going to the studio
emilio tadini:
Emilio Tadini (Milano 1927), pittore e scrittore--Emilio Tadini--Emilio Tadini--Emilio Tadini--Emilio Tadini--Orlandi: craftmade design, an approach to contemporary furniture--FIABA --a painted chair--

gio' pomodoro:
Hand Blown Glass --the watts towers (and scale model)

bruno munari:
This artist, writer, designer, architect, graphic, designer, educator, philosopher, has no interest in luxury and no interest in placing the trendy before the enduring or an artistic gesture before method. The Munari Principle: lucidity, leanness, exactitude and humor. --bruno munari--bruno munari--bruno munari--bruno munari--bruno munari--bruno munari--La sua formazione artistica muove dalle esperienze pittoriche condotte nell’ambito del Futurismo, dal quale trarrà la sua ricerca visuale e l’interesse per l’oggetto nella sua complessa definizione e identificazione di caratteri, attributi e significati--bruno munari's circus-more munari--MUNARI, Bruno Illeggibile Quadrat-Print--furniture--ポートフォリオ3枚組 Bruno Munari -b--What is a face? (Bruno Munari)

Hand Mudras - Symbols of Deeper Meaning via plep--ART OF RESTING SYMBOLISM OF SEATS still plep

ROBERT HAUSSMANN:• Architect --ROBERT HAUSSMANN:• Architect --ROBERT & TRIX:•Doing buildings, interiors, restorations, product, lectures, objects, competitions and consulting. Personal exhibition on manierismo critico at Studio Marconi Milano, 1981. Participation on various international exhibitions and publications--ROBERT & TRIX--ROBERT & TRIX

painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--painted furniture--

tattooed chair

I want a big blackboard for my studio:
blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--blackboard--BEUYS BLACKBOARD--BEUYS BLACKBOARD--

coo coo--coo coo--coo coo--coo coo--coo coo--coo coo--coo coo--Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest: Original German Handcrafted Coo Coo Clock--Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Cuckoo Clock --Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks --The cuckoo clock was folded --cuckoo clock --cuckoo clock --cuckoo--cuckoo--cuckoo--

but now I'm going to the studio to paint cacti on the wall:

prickly pears/nopales--prickly pears/nopales--prickly pears/nopales--prickly pears/nopales--prickly pears/nopales--prickly pears/nopales--prickly--Prickly Pear Cactus, Agave, Yucca, Cholla Cactus, Ocotillo, Mesquite and Creosote bush--Prickly pear pad pouch with a carrying loop. Large pads were split or hollowed out and used as containers.

nopales tacos-- nopales tacos (The free-spirited Mexican artist Frida Kahlo had a rather elaborate method of desliming her nopales, according to a cookbook called "Frida’s Fiestas," about her preferences in food. She boiled cactus strips in water until tender, rinsed them in cold water and then squeezed them tightly in a wet towel, letting them sit like that for 20 minutes. An easier way is to grill them over high heat, letting the slime sizzle off. )--nopales tacos--nopales tacos--nopales tacos--nopales tacos--nopales tacos--

and via Fiendish Word: Do you know about Kaodashi-Signboards?--and ADORABLE examples of using recycled plastic to make flowers plus Primary 4 students are modelling hats they made themselves using recycled drink cartons--soap carving example--Welcome to the site of the Bakelite and Plastic Museum. The main object of the museum is to inform about bakelite and plastic design--

collage--Dorothy Simpson Krause-- Welcome to Wingspan Gallery

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