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she just wanted to blend in

the use of hands as a form of meditation


the third eye is looking for a mate
brain wave art, Neural artist, researcher, composer, and web developer, Paras Kaul inputs brain wave signals to the computer----Paras Kaul feature: clips and relevant links ----Brain Wave Chick V is a collaborative brain wave concert performance----Art as a State of Mind ---emotions in art and the brain---- "BRAIN WAVES" rubber stamp----ART AND THE BRAIN IN THE LEARNING PROCESS-----Physicist draws on left side of brain: Professor finds art and science make good chemistry together----

draw: she taught her brain to wave

Example moves the world more than doctrine. Henry Miller

He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.
St. Francis of Assisi

My life is my message. Gandhi
We must become the change we want to see. Gandhi
quotes via michael's brainwaves
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adam farrington art--Shane Campbell art---Campbell grew up in Tennessee where his family moved within a year after he was born. His father, Jack Campbell, was an antique dealer and wood carver and Shane always admired his work. Shane quit his job --Shane Campbell pigs---A garden of delights plus a crow, from folk artist Shane Campbell. ---What can I say about Shane Campbell? Well, for one he's from Tennessee...a very friendly place! He's one of the most talented and amusing carvers we have ever seen--Folk Carving with Shane Campbell book
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rhymes with reason
Traditional symbols are an essential part of much contemporary Aboriginal art. Aboriginal peoples have long artistic traditions within which they use conventional designs and symbols. These designs when applied to any surface, whether it is on the body of a person taking part in a ceremony or on a shield, have the power to transform the object to one with religious significance and power----"Addiction is a spectrum in which we all participate, whether our drug of choice is caffeine, nicotine, morphine, sugar or shopping." ----John Nunley, from The Beat Goes On: Recycling and Improvisation in the Steel Bands of Trinidad and Tobago----Assemblages by DAN LEVIN-----
Able, Sam Doyle 30" x 46" Paint on Metal----Contemporary Folk Art from the Deep South ----David Harkins Paintings painted women--NICHES, SHRINES &GROTTOS-----Exhibitions at the Art Museum of Missoula---WORLD AROUND BOY drawings---Self-Taught Texas Artists Recognized in Traveling Exhibition---Al Souza's assemblages are composed of layered jigsaw puzzle pieces. The artist culls vignettes of images from assembled puzzle parts, sometimes a color, other times a motif or figure and builds these fragments into extravagant compositions. -----triptychs closed--more triptychs by francie rich---
main street folk art gallery
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shopping bag art
SooYeun Ahn , Tongue,1999 Shopping bag, paper, cloth dimensions variable---Artoria Shopping Bag with Money Limoges Box ------Campbell's Soup Can On Shopping Bag, Andy Warhol, 1966 screenprint---- Kenichi Samura shopping bag design--Over 500 samples of the latest and best of the world's shopping bag graphics, from a wide selection of retail businesses!----VaN gOGH'S CAFE SHOPPING BAG AND OTHER ART BAGS-- Alison M mierzykowski's shopping bags---Sylvie Fleury, Agent Provocateur, 1995, shopping bags and contents-----shopping bags direct---Designer Shopping Handle Bags---These bags and in the case of Bedfords, a box, were common in Plymouth until the early 1970`s---you've got the whole world in your shopping bag--These shopping bags' exclusive design was inspired by the wall-hangings of the Museum Drawing Room----Joy Pitt's 'Shopping Bag'. "We are defined by the paraphernalia of western consumerism; our immediate identity being described by how we clothe ourselves. "‘Shopping Bag’ initially engages the viewer with the shopping activity. It also evokes feelings of past use, traces of history relating to age, gender, shape and form. ----shopping bag portable art book cover---toy shopping bag---small shopping bag sent to "LET'S GO SHOPPING" call from Kassel, Germany---SHOPPING BAG COLLECTION---titolo: Inside the shopping bag---Life's Essential's was a commissioned piece, and the woman's favorite past-time was shopping, and what better way is there to end a long day of shopping than with a glass of wine.----

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at the computer with gloves
THE GALLERY OF JOE----mondoexpressionism, Combining the expressionism of Edvard Munch with the personal visual documentation of Frida Kahlo, Elisa Vegliante's unusual and provocative paintings merge elements of inner psychology with events in the material world to form a haunting, disturbing, enlightening and completely unique body of work. ---Ume-chan is a fifth grade student studying at Fujiyama elementary school/animation ----cloud paintings at daily vex--assemblage---and asemblage 100, An exhibition to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Joseph Cornell on Christmas Eve 1903----postcards from the edge---100 Found Objects Collected over the course of 5 years--Found Art is a community of people who believe that giving of themselves through their art can change the world--An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth---The Ephemera Society of America is a non-profit organization formed in 1980 to encourage the preservation and study of paper ephemera, to further the special interests of ephemerists, and to serve as a link among collectors, dealers, and scholars---After losing my mother in '98, I feel that through love, compassion, and the art of peace there is no other way to honor such a beautiful life.
many of these links via judy watt weblog---

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making keeps you from breaking
shoebox sculpture---When I Cry My Tears Smell Like Chocolate---Artistamp Gallery A and B---The art of photomontage could be said to have started just after the First World War, but the manipulation of photographs already had a history going back to the invention of photography in the mid 19th century---assemblage gallery--The skirt is made of recycled JUNIOR MINTS™ boxes, which read "Creamy mints in pure chocolate."---Krystufek transforms the most intimate and vulnerable into public information by exposing herself within her work in a way that stimulates the voyeuristic gaze. On the other hand she is constantly aware of the censorship of the paternalistic dogma--ART Blogue--OKZOO art----
chicken in a box--"13 Ladies Passing" was created for the Bakers Dozen International Collage Exchange this August 2001----afrodite---Media
I find junk, see treasure.
I keep things for years until they find their place ----magazine collage---
Carved Wood Quilts via layers of meaning---Carolyn Zick drawings--

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art brut related
Concert exceptionnel de Giovanna Marini et ses complices donné au sein de l’exposition consacrée à Podestà, à la Collection de l’Art Brut, le 12 décembre 2003, à 17h. Leurs chansons populaires italiennes feront écho aux œuvres de l’artiste d’Art Brut. Ce concert est organisé en partenariat avec le Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne--ody saban art brut---Le Musée de la Création Franche est riche de plus de 8000 œuvres, le plus souvent dons des créateurs eux-mêmes ou de collectionneurs et amateurs sensibilisés aux actions menées par cette structure dans le milieu de l'art brut et ses apparentés---Julie McFadden polarioid---Joseph Kurhajec / Objets en boîtes----fox---The French self-taught artist Harold Dupre was born in Duola Cameroon, Africa. His first remembered experiences as a child were of tinkling bells, exotic odours and the hum of tribal sounds. Fourteen years ago whilst in California, he began to obsessively paint and produce sculpture, drawing on his childhood remembrances and the influences of African and abstract art, to create a unique and personal vision.----A native of New Mexico, Benefiel currently lives in New York. He is an earnest, reflective man, who turned to drawing as a way of fixing externally the negative aspects of his life; of exorcising the debilitating effects of obsessive-compulsive disorder and his feelings of vulnerability. ---Chat tigré-----Madge Gill (1882-1961), an illegitimate child whose existance was long concealed by the mother, spent nearly all her life in London. She began to draw at thirty-seven, without ever having had any art lessons----Lena Vandrey---August Walla----gugging---Jean Dubuffet. Huella de una aventura
Tanya Holt abandons political correctness in her journey to some of the theoretical centres of the fading postmodern/postcolonial art world----Born in 1895 in Northern Italy from a poor peasant family. A worker in a ceramics factory, he marries in 1923. Until his death in 1976, he manufactures hundreds of figurines, bas-relief pictures and various objects accompanied by small panels bearing moralizing messages. He says: "It is the God-Almighty who dictates what I must make; I am only the hand which makes."----In Giovanni Battista Podestà’s painting shown opposite, the hierarchical perspective clearly indicates the ascendancy of the God Gold over human beings. The divinity, depicted as an idol, overpowers humanity: two figures are forced to bend in submission. In the upper section, the Latin initials of Christ signal the radical shift from religious to material devotion. A self-taught artist, Podestà constantly rebelled against the materialism of post war Italian culture, a society in a state of rapid change. In denouncing modernisation, he looked back to an enchanted mediaeval past.---Michel Nedjar Images-------
Summoned spirits, primitive homunculi, lonely dolls: creatures emerged, still smoking around the edges, from the alchemical furnace of an imagination stoked with the earthy rites and ritual artifacts of innumerable cultures; beings which appear, charged with their own magical presence, on eighteen works by French 'Outsider Artist' Michel Nedjar at Judy A. Saslow Gallery. This art is a combination of the primitive-sacred and the archetypal; of compelling power, and visual pleasure. It is well worth seeing. ----Born in Strasbourg in 1945, Marie-Rose Lortet began making collages of assembled artefacts from an early age. Having observed her mother and grandmother knitting clothes, she found the procedure came naturally, but she disregarded its practical uses in favour of creating ‘flexible images that could follow me wherever I went’. ----Hans Krüsi ,(1920-1995) renowned Swiss artist brut famous for his images of cows and agrarian life
of his native Appenzell region. Solo exhibit coming in Fall 2002--Carol Bailly, artiste peintre----

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