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the use of hands as a form of meditation


alone in the house
a girl and her rooster--the zymoglyphic museum (via daily vex)--Seventeen Kinds of Wallpaper Patterns (via plep)--The word kama basically means "desire," and, hence, the Kamasutra is a book that helps facilitate the fulfillment of human desires. --a more organic patterning, such as that seen in Eyes in the Heat---a painting by fred tomaselli--Inversions are important asanas, very calming to the central nervous system. --the official m.c.escher website (via my blue house)--This site (neé The Garden Project)is the not-quite-linear history of the renovation of my garden in Sacramento, California. In the fall of 1998, my significant other and I bought a 93 year old house with a weedy, overgrown, neglected garden. With very little experience and not a lot of time or money, I jumped in and started trying to make something beautiful.--At Lincraft we have craft for everyone from the experts to those who just do it for fun!--You can now purchase some of our beautiful vintage images on fabric! These are great for mixed media arts, quilting and fabric crafts.--tara's art camp--Selected artworks from Claudine's extensive collage --brainwaves--Wee Lad and I met at an antique store in Pullman, WA over this past Mother's Day weekend. There was just something about him. -- michelle ward studio-- new collage from out of the blue--karenann young, mixed media artist--art dolls--Welcome to my collage world of Fairies and Angels! Each item is a hand made and unique. --sarah fishburn collages--Collage Town A Tribute to the Arts of Collage and Photomontage--I Have an Empty Room Waiting, 1998, 6 1/2 x 7 3/4 inches, by Jenny Hart and shortlived--------real simple via not martha--Arte Sana (art heals) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers customized training to local, state, and international advocacy groups. --I was browsing in another one of my favorite boutiques and found this perfect knitting bag. For only $20--American Vernacular and Outsider Art is work produced by people who are quite detached from the precedence of art history and its movements and trends. --angela martini illustration
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today someone else is ironing his shirts
Everything comes together and then you celebrate. --an embroideried tablecloth--design related--assemblage--For some time my primary area of interest has been collage. --Welcome to The Gallery. Browse through colorful photos of some of my art cloth creations that all began with white natural fabric--adorn, equip examines issues around the design of equipment and accessories used by disabled people. -- a catlady collage--Phranc,The Cardboard Cobbler--burwood kitchen--If you love collage as much as I do, you have come to the right place!!!!!!!--citrus fruits--Clare Smith - Quilter and Fabric Artist --Feelin' groovy? You have stumbled upon Vintage Creations' Groovy Crochet web pages.--Carol Tanzi, known as the GODDESS OF GARBAGE, is an award-winning interior designer who has received national recognition for using recycled materials and re-use items in home design.--gwen's dress patterns--French Toast Girl--Ann Street Bathroom
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monday morning
1998 quilt portrait of my grandmother Moozie in her sewing room from this 1958 photograph --Click on Quilt to View Detailed Image and Write-Up--"SKATING ON THIN ICE"--Fiber as an art form represents the culture of women and of ordinary people. Oil painting and marble sculpture have no real part in the lives of most human beings. But all cultures have clothing, shelter, containers, and tools made of threads, grasses, twigs, paper, and other flexible materials--Pamelart welcomes you--13 moons gallery fiber arts--patricia autenrieth quilts--Collage is another way to tell a visual story--Karen Felicity Berkenfeld Textile Printer/Studio Quilts--Tristan Robin Blakeman--bella online quilting--when home's altar fire was holy--tomasin. com fiber arts--the quilt gallery--KathleenField.com. --Welcome To Woods and Quilts! Here you'll find one-of-a-kind applique, quilt patterns and quilts! --quilt inside--janet ghio's embellished quilts, quilt collage--Welcome! My name is Candy Goff. I love to piece and quilt entirely by hand.--Salsa Fabrics offers imported cotton batiks that come in a variety of exotic patterns and vibrant colors. --The Quilt Art of Julie Hirota --fabrications--MIDLIFE CRISIS BY AMY STEWART WINSOR--Jeanne Williamson Art Quilts and Web --Embellished Mini-Quilts --San Jose Quilt Museum --Lisa Winlock art quilts--When the quilting revival began in the 1970's, Charlotte Patera used it to showcase her appliqué--The Mola Gallery --quilts for sale--Click on any image for a larger view of these art quilts. --sonya lee barrington--beyond the surface--african stamps--mystic artisan--The Americana Rag Doll Kit --sara dolls--T i t l e: In-Line Mid-Life Doris-kerr grabowski fiber artist --Studio Map is your invitation to celebrate the excellence and diversity of the artists and craftspeople who call Nova Scotia home. --Mixed Media Wearable Sculpture--Because people have a need to glue things to other things--each collage as a visual poem relating to Haiku, a written Japanese poetry form which consists of three lines totaling 17 syllables. --the flying pig gallery

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making brain waves wave
The StrangeSurrealism of Mona Hatoum--family and friends print--w.c.rice and jesus--L’Art-thérapie est une méthode utilisée en relation d’aide et basée sur l’expression artistique et personnelle--Balanced Energy System. This system is a combination of many different techniques for healing --quilts--andrea zittel furniture--One day in the late summer or 2001 Zittel made up a "wish list" to describe the qualities of her ideal working process--All our fabrics are available in cotton, rayon and blacu cloth--It's easy to help Project Linus. Simply make a blanket and donate it to your local chapter of Project Linus or Project Linus National Headquarters. Your blanket will be given to a child in need--beinasburypark.com is the digital real estate of "be", a new art gallery / store / lounge / hangout--Tonancín is the name for the Aztec Corn Goddess whom the Spanish incorporated into the Catholic Church as Our Lady of Guadalupe--The last time I visited my grandmother before she died her skin looked the -color of a fryer--BLOCK OF THE MONTH programs --kay starr weblog--Some form of the word "uncanny" seems to pop up in almost everything that Lawrence Weschler writes -- and his latest book, Calamities of Exile: Three Nonfiction Novellas, is no exception. --Working inside of a box or enclosure always seems comforting to me. It limits the choices, for the moment.--buddhist artwork online--Every City has one. That street, at one time a main drag full of movie theatres, ballrooms and restaurants, now run down and taken over by adult book stores and Liquor shops. In Sacramento the role is filled by Del Paso Blvd. --You Call This Crazy? Outsider art moves inside the mainstream.

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echo a mano
The siren of the sea that captured the imagination of sailors and fishermen, little mermaids are a cherished part of American folklore--Anne Leuck Feldhaus design and illustration--Anvil Paper Piecing Patterns and Quilt--arlinks's spirit dolls gallery --this site has been created to provide an online "home" for the present-day Arts & Crafts Movement community (via nutlog)--zwack art fabrics--Shoebox Art Gallery--"The House of Zsuxxa" focuses on textile arts--Yultide Joy Quilt--sara dolls--cork dolls--katherine streeter art--

David Smith's Big Rooster, 1945--Click "Rooster" in the center of the main panel to see Rooster pieces for folk art menagerie--Rooster and Hen Figurines

A mandala is traditionally a balanced design of symbols used extensively in the East for focused meditation.
Mandalas with their unbroken symmetry symbolise eternity and the desire for perfection that inspires creativity and creation--Early Tibetan Mandalas: The Rossi Collection--Mandalas and their Symbolism--ABOUT THE MANDALA--Art as Spiritual Path workshops and Mandala paintings--Mandalas on the Web--The website is a digital image exercise focused on the creation of mandala images and not on the spiritual practices utilizing mandalas or on Buddhist practices--Creativity Without Limits Point Zero Painting--Mandala of the Medicine Buddha --Tibetan Art & Culture

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blending in
Backyard Visionaries (via gmtPlus9)--"Grassroots art" is a term describing art made by people with no formal artistic training---"GARDEN OF EDEN"- --Welcome to a celebration of the figures and sculptures of my stepfather, Glenn Stark-- The Orange Show Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in 1980 to preserve, present, promote and popularize the extraordinary artistic expressions of ordinary people--From 1948 until 1964 retired lumberjack Fred Smith spent most of his time building sculpture throughout his property south of Phillips, in the heart of Wisconsin's north woods. He created over 250 sculptures of concrete, embellished with glass and other materials--"If a man can’t find happiness on a little farm in Wisconsin, he hasn’t the makings of happiness in his soul." —Nick Engelbert, artist-farmer, 1881-1962--Many Ways of Seeing is a unit written for middle school or junior high school students. It investigates themes and issues in art such as the concept of originality, interpretation of visual language, symbolism, and examination of the categories of fine art and folk art--THE ELECTRIC GALLERY Folk/Outsider Art--the mud monkey--For more than 25 years, FIBERARTS has covered the best and most interesting work in weaving, surface design, quilting, needlework, basketry, fiber sculpture, knitting, papermaking, wearable art, and more--Texas Clay--killer bees-- Red Grooms and the Heroism of Modern Life --Views of the Roger Brown Study Collection

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she just wanted to blend in
pens and needles--Welcome to Keramika!...the Arts Council of Wales and the Ceramic Archive, School of Art--quilts by carolyn mazloomi--SARK'S new book "Prosperity Pie: How to Relax About Money and Everything Else"--urban design--isotopelab...creativity for designers--20 people make 20 things in 20 days--repro fabrics of the 40's--The Case of Grandpa's Painting--abandoned house of the week--folk archive is an attempt to collect and show folk art from all parts of Britain and Ireland now.--It is the artist who creates the spiritual future of our culture. --african craft, A web site dedicated to bringing the arts and the artisans of Africa online. -- Amanda's Art Quilts--Amy's Patterns for american angels

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