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she just wanted to blend in

the use of hands as a form of meditation


in praise of hands continues

The Unrequited Henry Darger...Outsider Art is a blanket term used to imply unschooled artists who's particular psychosis is the catalyst to brilliance. --"A thing of beauty and intrigue" Contemporary craftmakers from the South West of England--alfred shaheen's vintage handprints collection--Defining the terms creativity and madness, as given in the Introduction, is essential in order to elaborate upon whether or not art and madness are related and if so in what way. --art attack--'Art Heals, Art Works' ....Art flourishes best when it serves no function other than attaining that sublime space we reserve for it--Inside an Outside Artist --rebecca bailey, I wish to convey a greater understanding of the human condition by making apparent time and its passage in a sculptural journal, of sorts. --Welcome to B&Q Decorating & Design General Advice--badart.com--Learn Bead Crochet--Bonkers Handmade Originals--SANDERSON AND THE DESIGNS OF WILLIAM MORRIS--crafts on a budget--book works--mystic artisan...work includes wearable art, beaded dolls, and hand crafted books--Tired of those tacky old Christmas decorations you've had in a drawer for years? --Caroline Dahl's Textile Art--Aprons immediately recall the coziness of Mom and home cooked meals.

femme fatales...An homage to all those babes who dared to bare or just dared to dare from Bette Davis to Bettie Page...the bad girls of yesteryear. --fabric origami workshop--fancy delux--Eccentricity and Creativity by Douglas Eby "I hope I'm becoming more eccentric. More room in the brain." Tom Waits--Welcome to the art of Elizabeth Hoffman.--inspired at home--Art Therapy History--dishcloth boutique--collage gallery--the spontaneous art done by patients in mental hospitals--Margaret Naumburg--Buddhism and the Art of Psychotherapy--Definition of art therapy--art therapy links--ART PSYCHOTHERAPY --Art Therapy Links--The Cunningham
Collection of Psychiatric Art --The AATA home page --Art therapy is not an exact science--Hallucination and Schizophrenic Art --Those intangible encounters that stimulate the thoughts and feelings that one may say constitutes living--ArtWork
by psychiatric patients --create OntoArte--Art Brut & Psychiatry --Longlake Art--Howard Finster tells the world good by --Intuit, center for intuitive and outsider art-- Raw Vision--American Visionary Art Museum--ART THERAPY--Turtle Moon Studios--The Arts and Healing Network's --Nancy Crow
Quilts--Bodil's Patchwork Pictures--Embroidery--American Vernacular and Outsider Art--arthausgallery.com--An Introduction to Outsider Art -- The term "Self-Taught Art" --Outsider Art: A Definition--Interesting Ideas--Welcome to ArtBrut.com--the art of being

collage links
collage gallery com--rebecca bailey--mystic artisan--
land--Jane Wynn--JONATHAN TALBOT--james michale starr--stephanus--alexander sterzel-- Pat Street--KingaBritschgi --Antonio Caiña e Xesús Carballido --david brady--Collage
Town --copy crime--WarpArt --Via Keller --rowena dougdale--scott fray-- P.A.GIBBONS --global collage-- femme
fatales--ellen golla-- Helmuth Goede--dirk hine-- Istvan Horkay --melissa mcCobb hubbell--International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction (IMCAC)--choy chun wei --Phillip Jaeger --GAIL KINNIBURGH-HANNI--moonshine lane-- Glenn Moust --Braque, Georges--Robert Nickle --Christoph Noebel--pamelart collage--photomontage--Jonathan
Nelson--Ben Rea--Yvonne & Hal Shukovsky--collages by gen--Cecil Touchon -- collages de Verlan--Pablo Reese “von Lichtenberg”--Hilary L. Wagner--Gary Wortzel--brian
zenk-- sarah fishburn

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more hands
a continuation of hands as mediation reserach:
the dawn star constellation--MoonSwings' products honor the romantic spirit with exquisite handcrafted arts --Akira Studios--paper doll gallery-- artful shoe--bellevue art museum--bonnie burton's absurd auctions--Craft and the Creative Process--Padded goldwork embroidery --stampington & company

art-e-zine--the science of the palette--craftgrrl's journal --Each day Real Rooms gives a tired old room a fresh new look. --The Art of Grandma Moses--beth design--Better Homes and Gardens --bonkers
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spring cleaning
I'm still working on my notes for IN PRaiSE oF HanDS and have referred to the following links in doing so:
Aprons immediately recall the coziness of Mom and home cooked meals. --kandy kween internettrash--Are you unhappy with the state of your countertops and shower stalls?--Who exactly is a "crafty chica"? --meli made--Martyn's bachelor quilt--DAME DARCY - VOODOO--crushed out--The Church of Craft -- an informal history--When designing a pretty patio, porch or container garden it is important to think beyond terra cotta.-- african american quilts--Own a handbag that makes others dizzy with envy! fekind--The Folks of Folk Art--A History of the Art Quilt --this was my first quilt. it was for a baby. i worked with his father in a computer vision lab.--Therapeutic uses of art: -- My name is Janet McKean. Nine years ago, I left a position as the buyer and store manager of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago to start Found Objects. --Art As Medicine Author: Shaun McNiff --QuiltEthnic.com

Air Sickness Bags are art--American Homebody--american craft council--American Self-Taught- Paintings and Drawing by Outsider Artists--american visionary art museum--Why mentally unstable people might choose an artistic profession--art & therapy collage--knitting club for boys and girls--Art as Medicine: Creating a Therapy of the Imagination.--Art as Medicine--Art brut Museum Switzerland--This site considers creative, intellectual and interdisciplinary practice in the the intersections of art, science, health and medicine.--art, health & medicine: --Erma Martin Yost Conversion to Graniteware 2000 Stitched construction --Art, Art Education, Art Therapy at ArtForce1--Self-Taught Texas Artists Recognized in Traveling Exhibition--The Art of Recycling--Welcome to ARTISTIC EMBROIDERY--karonimo, an emphasis on Paper Arts and Book Arts.--Art made by people who have had little or no formal schooling in art. --folk art fantasia --Special Edition: Outsider Art--Artist Judy Onofrio covers the surface of the sculpture with colorful and reflective objects that give her work a jeweled effect. --alyshajaneCRAFTS

soon to be devoured: art-e-zine

she sat and thought
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getting back to normal
For the past two weeks I have been unable to post because of problems with Blogger. Hopefully this problem has been adequately resolved.
I will continue to add to the links listed below dealing with handcrafts such as knitting and embroidery. However, to continue the research regarding IN PRIASE OF HANDS, I will dedicate a few days to Art Psychotherapy
Vicky Barber’s Art Therapy Home Page!--PsyArt ..A Hyperlink Journal for the Psychological Study of the Arts--Art As Therapy and Art Psychotherapy Definition--art & therapy collage--Art and Psychotherapy: A less Uneasy Partnership? Exiled States of MindWhat is art therapy?--Mandala ~ Art Psychotherapy--Over one hundred years ago, a number of European writers described the spontaneous art done by patients in mental hospitals. --

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