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the use of hands as a form of meditation


it's a bit cooler at 6 a.m.
Folk Art Web Sites and Resources--Old postcard views: Destinations of a Folk Art kind --more folk art links--Primitive Portraits --Folk Art, Outsider art--Folk Crafts--Original Folk Art --FolkArt Stitchery Quilts--Russian Folk Art --thrift store art gallery--inside out productions--1882 Italian/Sicilian Folk Art Retablo--Are Memory Painters Folk Artists?--Irish-American artist Matt Lamb is an internationally recognized, self-taught painter --Welcome to Milagros Gallery of Sonoma--The Museum of Craft & Folk Art promotes the understanding and appreciation of human expression, ranging from utilitarian objects to contemporary art. --offidieldesarts.com--People all over the world create art without any formal training in what to do or how to do it. --Work Currently Available for sale by Chris Clark... --Masters of Street Art--Welcome to Visionary Art. Thanks so much for stopping by our home for Folk Art, Outsider Art or Self Taught Art. We try to be more than just an online gallery, we strive to be an educational source as well. --Processing the things of life and molding them differently comes not from the ordinary of us; the artist is extra-ordinary, an alien amongst the natives.--Outsider Art: How Sweet It Is! --outsiderArt--ova's art gallery and outsider art--Mingei is a special word increasingly used throughout the world for "arts of the people." --Senzeni Mthwakazi Marasela art--Contemporary Folk Art from the Deep South --Dos Mujeres Mexican Folk Art --Welcome to Folk Art Net, a virtual gallery of local outsider art, folk art and country antiques--Welcome to ArtBrut.com
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a hot summer evening without a breeze
I work every day in my attic studio making sculptures out of clay. --sewn metal sculpture--the prints of carol travers lummus--Callahan Animation Link Icons--"The little things are what is eternal, and the rest, all the rest, is brevity, extreme brevity."--Spring Craft Bazaar--art and medicine--IT'S TIME FOR SAMPLES!--Urban Crafter
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kitchens & quilts
red apples--golden gate kitchens--French Country kitchen--art in the kitchen--Provence kitchens--Refrigerator Wardrobes: The Lives and Times of Kitchen Icons--Kitchen icons --painted sinks--Living Art Using veggies as tabletop décor--A Kitchen As Art--books about kitchens--
the Therese May Art studio quilts for sale--The International Quilting Bee--Quilt Surface Design Symposium --quilt creations--quilt gallery--The National Quilt Register --a Creative Kindness Quilt--Paint a Quilt--Prairie Point Junction Quilt Shop--patchwork pieces--European patchwork--The word "quilt" summons a host of images--A Review of Past Exhibitions of Innovative Quilts--Quilt San Diego is a not-for-profit international arts organization dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of the quilt as art.--Quiltart, the Internet's largest mailing list for contemporary art quilters--Quilting Cats & Dogs - Pet & Critter Quilts --quilt patterns--Inside Out was an exploration of quilt layers. --Quilt for Sale --Quilts-n-Art--the quilted garden--In the 200 or so years that patchwork quilts have been made in America, they have come to symbolize comfort, warmth, home, and tradition, embodying life's continuity in the memories they evoke of mothers, grandmothers and more distant relatives. --quilt woman links--Joyful Improvisations: TheQuilts of Anna Williams--Sampler Quilt One--art quilter sites by sandra donabend--focused on art quilts incorporating photography--photo quilt net--quilts and dishtowel artists--Levine is an American folk artist who has been making quilts for more than twenty years--ALOHA QUILTS--
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forty degrees in the shade
Zybooks is a UK based website showcasing artists' books by various artists --J u l i o M a t e o: how meaning emerges in abstract art --B O O K S T O E A T 2 0 0 2--Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection Sampling--26 Words An Artist's Book--Book Works - the commissioning & publishing organisation for artists' books and text-based projects--Book Art in the National Art Library --What is Book Art? --The Book Art Movement 1974-1999--Beaux-Arts Bindings is one of Britain's first website devoted to book-arts, the latest in creative arts that's set to change the way art is both created and viewed.--B E T H L E E -- C A L L I G R A P H Y & B O O K A R T S --paper provides unlimited opportunities for feeding the soul with creative expression--You are invited to wander through these galleries of Australian calligraphy. --Creativity is just a click away with easy to do projects from Yasutomo.--We don't have a traditional printing press so we've turned to non-traditional methods like rubber stamps, cast images, block printing, photocopying and flash-bulb stencils to reproduce our messages. --Making Books with Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord-- Brooks Books Unique handmade blank books, photo albums, sketchbooks and more--Welcome to WetCanvas!, the Internet's largest online community for visual artists! --B O O K A R T S--(via the pumpkin dance)--The Book Arts Room -- Eric Alstrom | BookWorks -- Aunt B's New Bloomers, certainly a different perspective--the noon quilt--Web Warp & Weft exploring the resonances between the making of textiles and the making of the Web--Personal Visions: Artists' Books at the Millennium--From 1988 to 1994, "Richard Kegler Handmade Books" was both the primary creative outlet and the main source of income for Richard Kegler graduate student. --springtide press artists books--an opened book--graham galleries--and another book--IWA gallery--deborah boardman books--My Gallery allows you to select images you like while browsing through ArtistsRegister.com and store them here for review. --riic paproth's studio--MOVING PARTS PRESS fine art and literary publishing--This is the web site for Susan Angebranndt Books. I have been making illustrated hand-bound books since 1999. --Artists Books created and printed by TARA BRYAN--visual studies workshop--SCROLL right to view more books, audio and magazine projects. SELECT any project to read about it...--Table plan with twenty-four dishes and a centerpiece--a book bound by gary frost--keith smith books--Belle Lettere--Quill Skill--JAN AND JARMILA SOBOTA book art studio--judith hoffman artists books--Cards Our cards are organized by style. Click a card to see the entire line. --The AMA, at its 1994 summer conference, found unreadable Rx's and medical records to be a major health hazard. Statistics established that at least 1 in 10 Americans' health is endangered by physicians' handwriting. --I am an artist living in Boulder, Colorado. I teach calligraphy, painting, book arts, writing and design. --The following books are written, illustrated, hand-coloured, printed and bound by Jane Conneen unless another printer or binder is listed. Click on the thumbnail image to the left to see an enlarged image. --Boston Book Arts was established in 1999 by book artists who wanted to share ideas about their work and exchange information about the art of the book. --The arts of the book are those traditional disciplines or crafts interested and/or connected with the making of books as well as their consituent parts. --Ampersand-Santa Lucia ai Monti--Papercutting & books --LIVRES NOIRS / BLACK BOOKS--David Esslemont is an artist, designer, printer, bookbinder and publisher. --The text of this book consists of four poems by Tom Galt, a cousin of mine, a poet whose work has been published in books and journals, but never before in the form of an artist's book. --Artist's Books--This page features handmade books by artists.--Julie Richman is a Chicago based artist with many years experience creating watercolors, acrylics, drawings and books. --Since 1983 the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild has worked to support the development of the book arts. --The Bookmaker Network is a collaborative electronic resource center for locating recently published writing about artist's books --This exhibition is designed to show the diversity of recent works by women book artists. --Welcome to the birth of our new project, dog eared magazine, a journal of book arts. We want to bring creativity and inspirational instruction to anyone who wants to make art books--Welcome to Fascinating Folds! Explore our extensive collection of books and supplies for Origami, Quilling, Book Arts, Parchment Craft, Calligraphy, Paper Cutting, Paper Making, Decoupage, and many other Paper Arts --Artists' Books Still Available
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the first day of summer
the Powerful Hand shows the hand of the crucified Christ--via gmtPlus9Five Colcha Embroideries of Santo Niño (also via gmtPlus9)--gift print "The Red Room" , gift print "The Blue Room", Christmas card "The White House Folk Art", gift print "The Green Room"--THE HISTORY OF EATING UTENSILS (via Rebecca's Pocket)--Nobody's Doll weblog--Surreal and sculptural, Philip Treacy’s hand-made hats are feats of craftsmanship (via bitter girl)--Framed Handkerchiefs--Elephant puppet-mask (via Abuddhas Memes )--How Dawn Powell can save your life --3 drawings and 62 mixed techniques on paper (via Subterranean Notes )--adrienne yan illustrations--Anne Wilson "Misplaced"
linen, hair, thread, wood--denyse schmidt's quilts--Blue Bedroom --G is based on the exterior design of one type of car on the New York MTA--John Doe--create wonderful silhouette-like images --F A B R I C A--fLOWER HEAD pROJECTS--art brut--Galerie d'art brut --the world of embroidery--Healing the Wounded Heart --First Street Web Gallery--Garden Follies and Illusions--femail creations--gloria hansen quiltmaker--The Glorious Color Shop, formerly Glorious Patchwork--About Gothic Martha Stewart--graceful bee crafts--grassroots art center--Rosie Lee Tompkins's work is usually understood within the context of her African-American heritage--yonkis
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Wherever You Go, There You Are
All our hand postures are mudras in that they are associated with subtle or not-so-subtle energies. Take the energy of the fist, for instance. When we get angry, our hands tend to close into fists. Some people unknowingly practice this mudra a lot in their lives. It waters the seeds of anger and violence within you ever time you do it, and they respond by sprouting and growing stronger. from Daily Dharma

mudra: one of the symbolic hand gestures used in religious ceremonies and dances of India

on learning to do Hand Dances:India offers a number of classical dance forms--hand-dances called Sensuality Dance--Palm-of-the-hand-dances--This is a hand position --Buddhist Hand Gestures--Mudras: Hand Gestures--Hand Gestures for HCI--Speak Italian With Your Hands--mudras, symbolic hand gestures--handgestures--basic hand gestures of Khmer court dance--Hands and arms are used by most of us to communicate our thoughts--Mudras; Sacred Hand Gestures II--Hand Postures--Recognition of Hand Postures--substandard ergonomic postures --MUDRA (BODY POSTURES)--The Hand Postures--MUDRAS: GRACEFUL GESTURES-- hand postures associated with high pressures--Tai Chi methodes have a hand form--exercises consist of movements from side to side using various hand postures --ergomax--the hands of the Goddess--BODY POSTURES AND HAND POSITIONS OF RUNES--Basic Mudras--Palmtherapy is a powerful breakthrough for rapidly relieving emotional suffering and for accelerating human potential through the hand/brain/mind connection--Palm Therapy is a variation of hand acupuncture. --Fingerprints & Palmar Dermatoglyphics--Palmistry Online--Do you know that your hands can change? --PALMISTRY--The science of Palmistry uses the lines on your hand to provide you with an ongoing status report of your life--HISTORY OF PALMISTRY --How many times have you heard "Your life is in your own hands?" --The following information is a brief guide to palmistry and is intended as an introduction to the subject. --online palmistry experience--ancients found in the hand the seven reserviors of astral influence --Within your palm, you can see the interplay of the three "gunas", or levels of consciousness--Palmistry Science or Hoax?

draw: she danced with her hands
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more options
a shopping cart graphic--Exploring Creativity through the Arts and Spirituality--creative canvas--Make It Easy Sewing & Crafts--a web site totally dedicated to something wonderful,something limitless, something that lies into every human, this something so special is called creativity.--creativity and innovation day--Creativity at Work™ is a rich resource for developing personal creativity and organizational innovation in the workplace. --Welcome to Creativity Explored of San Francisco! We are a nonprofit visual arts center for people with developmental disabilities.--Exploring creativity in our everyday lives!--creativity web--CREAX creativity for innovation--“The Canvas” is a national newsletter that will focus on topics relevant to art therapy students and professionals.--Crafty Bitch weblog--Links to other creativity sites--Art, inspiration, and why life is like french toast. --creative behaviour--Welcome to wheniridemybike. This website is a showcase of my commercial and art work, updated every month with my new work. --the paper moon--"so where are the women designers?".
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another monday morning
Sergei Isupov Small Sculpture Series 2001 via riley dog --Wallpaper Exhibit --Kelley Deal Handbags via Dangerous Chunky--AssemblageThe Women's New Media Gallery --Our birdhouse's are made from recycled plywood and old books.--This page consists of links to sites owned by my fellow members of the Professional Crafters' Mailing List. --Crafter's Net--Craft Ideas com--CraftPlanet is pleased to link to the following companies.--Crafting Links--Evil, Evil Crafts --better homes and gardens crafts--pamelart crafts--crafty gal--CraftyPants making something out of nothing. --Creative Growth Art Center provides creative art programs, educational and independent living training, counseling and vocational opportunities for adults who are physically, mentally and emotionally disabled.--POPULA--MUSEUM DE STADSHOF--AFRICA:THE ART OF A CONTINENT--Fish Fry Antiques
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Sometimes it's nice to look back at net art works of the recent past. Alicia Felberbaum's "The Future Looms: Holes Linings Threads" fuses the past and the future by addressing women's history in the textile industry and the development of information technology---THE THING auction--Make-Believe, 2002, installation of sculptures (clay, glaze, oil paints, cold wax) on artificial grass via riley dog--The idea of 52 projects isn't necessarily for you to do exactly these projects. Following something to the letter is never that much fun. The real idea is for you to do projects. via riley dog again--300 love letters--anticipated BBW Figurines made exclusively for Big Beautiful Women and their Admirers.--I have been interested in shrines, nichos and other sacred places for holding spiritual artifacts and icons. These pieces reflect the desire to create special places for keeping and displaying personal treasures. --Picking Dandelions 40"x30" --In the country life of America there are many moments when a woman can have recourse to nothing but her needle for employment. --Ann Maddox Moore, of McAllen, Texas, won't wear her bright, beaded necklace just anywhere. The arts patron usually puts it on for exhibition openings or arts gatherings, where she can talk with whoever notices it. --I used the self-portrait as the starting point for a series of poems about various body parts, and experiences that related to them. --book 01--Flower Poems 1997 --boris bally portfoglio--Leben oder Theater? Ein singespiel--No ChanceAppliqué blanket, 216 x 228 cm--
bunny lake is missing--Butterfly Short Mandarin Dress --In today's art world many strange, even shocking things qualify as art. In this book, Cynthia Freeland explains why innovation and controversy are valued in the arts, weaving together philosophy, art theory, and many engrossing examples.
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Free Pattern for Cloth Doll Hands from Melinda Small Paterson--Colfax Cloth & Quilt Company features fabric, patterns, stamps, buttons, jewelry and other exclusive products designed by talented artists --art dolls--Artworks by Terry Garrett Collage--of van Gogh's famous Sunflowers paintings—an understated arrangement of thickly layered ochres, muted ranges, and russet browns depicting a flower-filled vase against a brownish-yellow background. --Colour embroidery--Refresh, reawaken, rediscover your tender self with a cup of concentrated comfort... --. You'll be surprised at the creativity you can find here. Some of the designs are computer generated but most are photographs of actual quilts. --Welcome to confused.co.uk where you can get your hands on news from every part of the Dazed Group --contemporary cloths--contemporary craft--Contemporary Southern Folk Art--After toiling quietly in a basement studio making colorful lampshades for the past several years, Jil Smith finds herself very much in demand. --plates & dishes--couture--shawn quilan quilted art--Welcome to the Crafter's Internet, your source for online crafting information.--Within the open, unguarded moments of childhood, we discover what we truly resonate to we discover what we truly resonate to. -- I take pleasure in the words "mixed media" because they seem both all-encompassing and yet very precise in describing how I approach art. I literally do mix media, assembling incongruent materials to create a metaphoric link between different points in time, between the physical and immaterial -- See some of the dolls from Aisling's workshop, Wild Art Dolls! --Creative Stuff--Stampington & Co--You can now purchase some of our beautiful vintage images on fabric! -- sculpture from clay--The Deer at Home quilt-- Michel Bezman Collage No. 9
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Papercutting Gallery--The 20th Century produced one of the finest artists to work in silhouette: Ugo Mochi. He took the idea of the silhouette in new and original directions, beyond the arena of the simple profile. --This style of art is cut-paper sculpture illustration.--Papel picado means "punched paper in Spanish. Papel picado also describes the traditional folk art used in Mexico --The elaborate and opulent designs and patterns and colors of Japanese textiles are what have made them world famous. --Some members don't cut, but are interested in papercutting from an art collecting or academic point of view. --Jerusalem artist Archie Granot is one of the most important papercut artists in the world. --I design, cut, and assemble shapes from a pallette of solid colored papers, working more as a painter than as a collagist. --a Matisse poster--Creations in cut paper which can be given like a greeting card, but when unfolded become enduring three-dimensional works of art. --All art works looks much better in real life--In 1984 I began cutting with the traditional Polish paper cutting tool ( sheep shears, and continue to cut with my first pair of 13 inch shears using techniques learned from Polish paper cutters.--Apple Book 28 Page Paper-cut book, 5.5" x 6.0" --Papercuts were hung inside Jewish homes in Europe from before the Middle Ages, when superstitious amulets were considered important charms to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. --papirklip--Sharyn Sowell's original designs are cut freehand from a single sheet of paper using only a pair of sharp scissors and abundant imagination. Sometimes the images are black & white complex silhouettes; sometimes she fits tiny layers of other papers behind the black silhouette and adds watercolor for stunning color.--
One of China's most popular folkarts is papercutting. Archaeological finds trace the tradition back to the 6th century; it is supposed that the beginnings of papercutting were even a few centuries earlier. Papercuttings are used for religious purposes, for decoration and as patterns.--Welcome to "Russian Silhouette" site! It is the unique place on the Net where you can know about art of the silhoutte in Russia. --The history or papercutting is as complex and fragile as the most finely cut wycinanki or scherenschnitte. --Using her primary format of the black silhouette with traditional decorative elements, Walker here confronts African American, historical, and female stereotypes with Biblical allusion to Eve. --Sun Erlin has been making paper-cuts since she was eight. --Chinese papercutting--The novel "Outlaws of the Marsh" is somewhat like the Iliad and Odyssey... An ancient epic tale... no one remembers the period it was composed and immortalized.--Les signes du zodiaque sont souvent représentés en papiers-découpés que ce soit sous la forme de disque--This snake light was created under the direction of Ruieta Da Silva on Nov 17. It consists of a string of Christmas tree lights, plastic thumb tacks, and folded pieces of paper. --Lumage W offers you a unique way to make your own personal illuminated cards. --The paper cutting has very long history in Japan.--PAPEL PICADO: THE ART OF MEXICAN CUT PAPER
all of the above links, directly of indirectly, via Beatrice Coron's Links Page
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happy birthday bunny!
Today is my son's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SERGIO!

Fluxus Research: Opening and Closing Doors and Drawers VIA RILEY DOG--darlene mcElroy collage--For an offbeat travel experience in the Mexico City area, consider a visit to the Museo Frida Kahlo in Coyoacan. VIA CANADIAN COLLAGE--more frida--hello! My name is Eva the Doll, and I'm a living doll. I reside somewhere in California, in the USA. In this website you will find several pictures of myself, my outfits, and my activities as a doll. --Female Mask Galleries --Quilt Art Gallery Past & Present work by Caryl Bryer Fallert --FocalArt Gallery--Haitian Paintings, works of art from a land of poverty and deprivation that evoke the joy and richness of the human spirit--handwork samplers--happy art--I have begun a book arts project titled Bound by Books, an all womens’ project, which involves 40 books bound for the global community--On the following pages, you'll find artists who, for me, exemplify creation in its purest form. They have had no formal art training and have been called "Outsiders", as they come from outside of the formal art world.
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thornless roses
george eastman fotos via gmtPlus9----Close this window to return to Elena Baca. --elizabeth mCgrath mixed media--voodoo kitchen--Original cartoons by ellen edith. --the "House of All Sorts"--"Autoportrait de l’artiste” collage--selection of 18th & 19th century Samplers.--Reports from the Textile world and previews concerning forthcoming events, innovations and publications by non-members--Textile Art from New Zealand and America--paper--This site has been created by Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum which has a nationally-important collection on the Arts & Crafts Movement in Britain. --We experience life in a biological human body that is made up of interwoven and interactive energy fields. Einstein's Theory that matter is energy has proven true. --chez snarko com--Welcome to LOS MESTIZOS: Chicano Folk Art! Everything here was made by Patrick and Kathy Murillo of Phoenix, AZ.--chicKnits blog--QuiltArt for quilts dealing with the subject of child abuse--Many clothing items were made in the shape of dogs or pigs or other animals so that evil spirits would be fooled into believing that the child was just an ordinary animal--and the spirits would have no reason to harm these animals. --Our design process starts with an attitude. --chicKnits Links--Covering the walls of the High Museum's Folk Art and Photography Galleries are jewels of domestic abstraction--Zebedee Armstrong is an Afro-American Artist who was born in Thomson, GA on October 11, 1911, and died in 1993--Cigar Box Top Calendar via gmtPlus9
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i am a rose
False Colors: Art, Design, and Modern Camouflage--Kaleidoscope Collages--Henry Darger selected images Click on the thumbnails to see larger version--quilts by david walker--Make Your Own Journal--Life Challenges: Healing Mind and Spirit--Denise Romeo has made a name for herself with her whimsical birdhouses and garden designs, making her one of Atlanta's up and coming folk artists. All of her pieces are made from recycled materials including bottle caps, tin cans and even hub caps--Creepy Eyeball with Body--NEW Artwork from Diana Twedt!--Directed creativity is the purposeful production of creative ideas in a topic area, followed up by deliberate effort to implement some of those ideas.--Divine Goddess Products--Feeling creative? Here are a couple of spiffy DIY projects to try. --DWELL magazine--GENIUS OR MADNESS: CREATIVITY AS HEREDITARY FLAW--GETTING THE PICTURE THE ART OF THE ILLUSTRATED LETTER--a sweater to knit---buttons (via suds and soda)--Welcome to Eco-Artware.com, a gallery of usable art from recycled, reused and natural materials.
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wasted days and wasted nights
from the Egyptian jukebox--juliette borda art ---eggpants--kate jinx a freelance designer, illustrator and journalist, based in Sydney--Ji Min Shin Textiles--Box made of pine wood..Handmade paper, glass, nails, inks, salt, plastic, black paper.--Art Quilt Series --Jane Sassaman is featured in the PBS television special America Quilts. --Welcome to Rakhel Biller Klinger's Cloth Art site.-- rubber stamp dolls--Charlotte Patera worked in the field of graphic design as a package designer for leading firms in Chicago and San Francisco. --I love the things I make. "Junk" is collected, sits around for about 20 years, and finally finds its place. --Dan created most of his journals between the ages of 15 and 22, although several small notebooks created previously are included here among his earliest books. --All quilt pieces are made from embossed English wallpaper that have been colored with metallic paints and sewn on a zig zag sewing machine.--Teapots--
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