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the use of hands as a form of meditation


towards vacation
We are on our way towards vacation--Corsica and Sardegna--and will be back at the end of August!

If I want to feel and live a line. I must
move my hand along the path of that line.
I must follow that line with my senses,that
is. I must move in my soul. Then I will finally
be able to sense that line spiritually,to see it,
then I will move in spirit,
-Johannes Itten

off towards the sandy beach.....Sand Art
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blantantly ripping off consumptive
The Art of Kazumi Honda--kanashibari, , when you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night only to find oneself strapped down by unbreakable metal bands stretched across the body and unable to move or struggle or even utter a sound for help. sometimes the hapless victim senses the presence of a frightening evil being, often personified as an old woman, that whispers things to them or, worse, sits on their chest stifling their breath--The Dream & Nightmare Laboratory (DNL), established in Montreal's Sacré-Coeur Hospital in 1991, is dedicated to the scientific study of dreaming and dream disturbances--Waking Up to Terror

all links above viaconsumptive
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Bricoleur, a utility that assists one in bricolage. --
Claude Lévi-Strauss, The Savage Mind....There still exists among ourselves an activity which on the technical plane gives us quite a good understanding of what a science we prefer to call 'prior' rather than 'primitive', could have been on the plane of speculation. This is what is commonly called 'bricolage' in French. In its old sense the verb 'bricoler' applied to ball games and billiards, to hunting, shooting and riding. It was however always used with reference to some extraneous movement: a ball rebounding, a dog straying or a horse swerving from its direct course to avoid an obstacle. And in our own time the 'bricoleur' is still someone who works with his hands and uses devious means compared to those of a craftsman. The characteristic feature of mythical thought is that it expresses itself by means of a heterogeneous repertoire which, even if extensive, is nevertheless limited. It has to use this repertoire, however, whatever the task in hand because it has nothing else at its disposal. Mythical thought is therefore a kind of intellectual 'bricolage' - which explains the relation which can be perceived between the two. --
Mythical thought is based in observation "of the sensible world in sensible terms" . Scientific thought, on the other hand, explains the imperceptible and thus forges new systems of knowledge. The two systems further differ in the degree of determinism that each assumes. That is to say that magic presumes a causal relationship between an observed similarity among members of a class and their characteristics. Poisonous plants tend to taste bitter, therefore bitterness must be poison. As Levi-Strauss notes, this intuitive mode of inquiry can often lead to predictable results. Science might yield the same prediction based on a chemical component of the various poisonous plants. Thus, the boundaries between these two strains of inquiry sometimes blur and the difference seems more a question of quantity than quality.

To elaborate on his definition of mythical thought, Levi-Strauss drew an analogy to "bricolage": "Mythical thought is therefore a kind of intellectual 'bricolage'" . The French verb, "bricoler," has no English equivalent, but refers to the kind of activities that are performed by a handy-man. The "bricoleur" performs his tasks with materials and tools that are at hand, from "odds and ends." He draws from the already existent while the engineer or scientist, according to Levi-Strauss, seeks to exceed the boundaries imposed by society. "The scientist creating events (changing the world) by means of structures and the 'bricoleur' creating structures by means of events" --
CLAUDE LEVI-STRAUSS --Levi Strauss alludes to the bricoleur; someone who uses the means at hand, i.e. instruments he finds at his disposition around him, inherited concepts. By trial and error the bricoleur adaps them, not hesitating to change them where necessary. For Derrida, there is a critique of language in the form of bricolage. Bricolage is critical language itself. Levi Strauss contrasts the bricoleur with the engineer who should be the one to construct the totality of his language, syntax and lexicon. In this sense the engineer is a myth. For Levi Strauss, bricolage is a mythopoetical, intellectual activity. It is here that we see that his discouse on the myth reflects on itself and criticises itself, just as structuralism justifiably claims to be the critique of empiricism. Totalisation is defined a useless and impossible; movement of supplementarity. The sign replaces the centre which supplements it, taking the centre's place in its absence. The sign becomes the supplement.--
previous bricolage links....Levi-Strauss advocates the use of bricolage, a strategy of using whatever is at hand, to analyze --
The concept of bricoleur is inspired by the French word for "tinkering" - bricolage. Bricolage is a common metaphor for the multiple methodologies of qualitative research. A qualitative researcher is viewed as a bricoleur or a professional handy person who uses the tools of his or her methodological trade and whatever strategies are at hand to understand the phenomenon in question (Denzin & Lincoln, 1995).

In The Savage Mind, a classic written by the French anthropologist and structuralist Claude Levi-Strauss (1966), the idea of bricolage (tinkering) is introduced. Levi-Strauss's metaphor for bricolage is an instructional handy person, a do-it-yourself craftsperson who can put to use a host of materials lying around at various stages of construction or (dis) repair. This craftsperson works by continuously shifting according to the everchanging requirements of the task as a function of the ways in which the task has been addressed.

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bookless bookmarks
The Soul of Wit--Art is what you can get away with. —Andy Warhol (attributed) --The Landsat Project is the longest-running enterprise for acquisition of moderate resolution imagery of the earth from space. --Ed Emberley--Art can neither be good or bad, only interesting or boring, says Eddie Breen, the leading practitioner of piggyback art. He takes paintings that he considers boring or incomplete, and inserts nuns, flying jesuses, flame people, or demons, changing the meaning of the composition in ways to suit his visions, to coopt the elements and create his own worlds.--mr fotheringham illustration-- The Smithsonian Institution recently mounted an exhibition showcasing Paint By Number kits, memorabilia, and over 200 Paint By Number paintings --ELIZABETH McGRAW--AND THE SALOR'S valentine--square sachet bags--niki de saint phalle's tarot garden--Kunisada Utagawa (1786 - 1864) also known as Toyokuni III perfected the Utagawa school style of actor prints. via plep-- ERKUT TERLIKSIZ PORTFOLIO SITE -- I am a treasure hunter. I love fabric, beads and "doodads". Whenever I travel, I am on a quest for bead stores, fabric stores, and out of the way places where I can discover hidden treasures and baubles, or buy fat quarters. I collect an assortment of eclectic items to stimulate my imagination. It is an ongoing journey of discovery using fabric to create images from my imagination or from real life. --Escher and the Droste effect --THE GIRL DECTECTIVE--EVERY FOREST WEBLOG (environmental)--junk science--Examining the healing mystery of Aloe--
Digital painting by Marcy Burt Butz via riley dog--L>A>D>Y>B>I>R>D
book covers--the little yellow gallery--The galaxy you once knew has stretched itself to its limit, and like a rubberband, snapped back and collapsed in on itself. Another big bang, and here we are ladies and gentlemen. Always evolving. Trying to keep breathing sweet oxygen. Imitating a star and pulsing on for eternity. --I am looking for sites with drawings, doodles or sketches on them.
I want drawings that have been done as personal work. Drawings that have been done quickly. Done a least partially by hand, even if they were done on the computer. I am not looking for comics or for professional illustration. I have included some examples on the right.--Two artists, equal but separate -- Johann Eyfells' bold, organic sculpture and Kristin Eyfells' oversized, geometric paintings of celebrity faces -- both strong in impact and beauty.
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at the Tasmanian School of Art

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it's still 35° in the shade
Helga's art ...collagevia sugar n' spicy who also links to Soul Food Cafe--No one realized at the time, but the 1977 appearance of Jesus Christ on a flour tortilla set the international standard for miracle sightings. Once confined to obscure grotto appearances, the Tortilla was the crossover miracle that put God in the Extra Value Meal of the average American. via plep----mysterium is a journal of books, art, ideas, verse & strange and curious things by Carlos Arribas ---

via iconomy: michale morgenstern illlustrator--children's drawing like collage of arturo herera--This is one of an original series of paintings (now lost) concerning various medical signs and symptoms. It depicts the great discomfort of intense bodily heat. --Laura Hayes and John Howard Wileman Exhibit of Optical Toys--Hello, I'm Matthew Hurley and welcome to UFOartwork.com.
For a number of years I have been intrigued by old artwork that appears to depict UFOs. The artwork in my collection consists of frescos, tapestries, illustrations, oil paintings and early photographs. --

PRESENTING: AMY'S DIARY. --S H A M P O O 17 poetry magazine The Third Anniversary Issue!!--

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more odds than ends
Wooster Collective / A Celebration of Street Art--cucumber time...Summer is called "cucumber time" in Norwegian news media. Nothing really interesting is reported. And so it's open for odd stories and possible hoaxes, like the "hunting bambi" story. Nick Montfort pointed me to the site of urban legends, while Denniz G. Jerz had already pointed to the site--roberta fallon and libby rosof's artblog--art babe comics--black robin--brian cronin art--art objects--J'ai découvert cette expression américaine dans un hors-série de "Beaux-Arts" consacré à la collection d'un musée de Chicago. Je trouve que ce terme , "Art outsider" convient mieux aux objets que je présente dans cette chronique que Art populaire, Art brut, Folk art par exemple.
Ces objets sont en effet difficilement classables car ils échappent aux critères qui permettraient de les ranger dans les différents compartiments d'une histoire de l'art.--clayton brothers art--cowgirl cuties fabric

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sunday morning before my walk
Why Tell a Zen Story?--dox thrash revealed via iconomy--mary's pop art--Bruce and Norman Yonemoto
Installations and Objects-- At Home In The 60's--Coca Cola Serving Trays----Skulls do more than just protect the brain — they also stimulate the mind. --Ceramics Art and Perception --charoltte vester's objects--"Nest" wood, cotton, satin, razor blades, cloth and sand10"X10"X8" -- paperweight--Paperweights--Paperweights--Paperweights--Paperweights--Paperweights--Curious Objects and Odd Stories ebay

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Dan Paulos has been cutting paper since he was --a child --Confronting Cancer Through Art--"Fluoxeteen" was an exhibition of paintings by Jennifer Ross inspired by teen pop culture as reflected in the media. --

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housewife aesthetics continue

zettology--Niche Pictures for a niche of one's own--

please visit my Studio Fotos as well as ART FOR HOUSEWIVES

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that morning they'd kissed & made up
recent discovery: the excitement machine, austin based weblog--planton art via icono my--look for caroline hwang's pillows here like this one [include art for housewives]--salee oooo oooooooo

more art for housewives:
susan synarksi illustration via neurasteria-- home is where the heart is via glu bibulga-- Housewives in 50 years may wash dirty dishes right down the drain! Cheap plastic would melt in hot water--American quilts of the 19th. Century--

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