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she just wanted to blend in

the use of hands as a form of meditation


loose threads
Quilts, Quilters, Quilting, and Patchwork in Adult Fiction--Quilt Gallery Four--embroideried calligraphy--Hippie Threads specializes in bringing you high quality hippie clothing --Japanese artisans have used embroidery to create opulent effects on kimono --A tapestry is the result of the intersection of two kinds of threads --Silk production is very labor intensive (for both women and silkworms) and therefore relatively expensive--art quilt gallery--Many Coptic textiles have survived because they were preserved in the dry desert tombs of Egypt--Art Quilts are fabric duplications of your child's artwork. --quilt gallery--Classic Quilt Boxes--Quilter's Newsletter --quilting arts magazine--QUILT-MAKERS: EXOTIC OUTSIDERS OR MAINSTREAM ARTISTS?--Quilts and Quilting--Quilts and Quiltmaking in America--Goose Tracks Quilts--chris clark quilts--quilts & quilts--quilts & quilts--quilts & quilts--quilts & quilts--quilts & quilts--quilts & quilts--quilts & quilts--quilts & quilts--quilts & quilts--quilts & quilts--quilts & quilts--

Quilts made by Arkansas's African American community --African-American quilts today are seen as prime examples of American folk art--African-American Quilts & Quilters--AFRICAN AMERICAN QUILTING TRADITIONS--Afro-American Quilting--SOUTHERN QUILTING TRADITIONS--Click On The Quilt You Want To See--QuiltEthnic.com

Thirty years ago, in 1969, the Textile Museum in Washington D.C. published a small paperbound catalog entitled : "From the Bosporus to Samarkand - Flat Woven Rugs". This landmark effort was the first to spotlight this group of weavings generally unknown to most rug-collectors and almost totally unknown in the general public. --For centuries finely woven cloth has been important in trade extending from village producers to the great market centres of West Africa, from the Niger bend to the coast--

The role of canvas in the mechanical behaviour of oil paintings--Common Threads tells the powerful story of the first decade of the AIDS epidemic, as told through the lives of five very diverse individuals who shared a common fate--THE MUMMIES' THREADS --the thread studio--Welcome to "Threads of Time"--threads that bind--

African Fabrics in Action--

Quantum Threads
synchronizing threads

Bill Davenport's Homepage...he's got ART FOR HOUSEWIVES, too, just see his >Yarn Brain Replica--glasstire, art in texas--

and once again thanks to my friend John Cieciel for these links:
In a concrete basement at the University of Sydney, I sat in a chair waiting to have my brain altered by an electromagnetic pulse. My forehead was connected, by a series of electrodes, to a machine that looked something like an old-fashioned beauty-salon hair dryer and was sunnily described to me as a ''Danish-made transcranial magnetic stimulator.'' This was not just any old Danish-made transcranial magnetic stimulator, however; this was the Medtronic Mag Pro, and it was being operated by Allan Snyder, one of the world's most remarkable scientists of human cognition.
Nonetheless, the anticipation of electricity being beamed into my frontal lobes (and the consent form I had just signed) made me a bit nervous. Snyder found that amusing. ''Oh, relax now!'' he said in the thick local accent he has acquired since moving here from America. ''I've done it on myself a hundred times. This is Australia. Legally, it's far more difficult to damage people in Australia than it is in the United States.''

A recycling story from News of the Weird: Another PETA Tactic: In April, The Independent (London)
revealed that the founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals, the 53-year-old Ingrid Newkirk, will be advocating her
cause even after she passes away. To continue PETA's campaign
to educate people on the treatment of animals for food, fashion, and
testing, her will provides that part of her body be publicly
barbecued; that her feet be turned into ornaments; that part of her
skin be turned into a leather product; that the administrator of the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency receive her eyes, mounted;
and that the owner of the Ringling Brothers circus receive one of
her fingers, mounted. [The Independent, 4-19-03]
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art for housewives..... links at ikastikos
some of the most expressive visual artists from around the country, Held Ransom addresses trauma as it continues to hold one hostage throughout life.

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freed by immagination
from my Spitting Image friend, Mr Cieciel: Temporary Services , Prisoners' Inventions Book, an unusual application of recycling....In 2001 Temporary Services invited Angelo, an incarcerated artist, to write and illustrate a booklet about the ingenious, practical, and sometimes bizarre things he has seen prisoners make. Angelo generated more than 100 pages of drawings and text, representing 78 different inventions or skills - a striking artistic project. As a document it is also an important addition to the dearth of information available about the ways prisoners personify their environment and attempt to recreate living conditions from outside of prison. Thanks John!

The Prison Art of Anthony Papa - --Cellblock Visions is a lively collection of inmate artwork, created behind bars, from county jail to death row --prison art tattoo'd coffee cup--Prison artists are textbook outsiders, creating apart from the art world, with little or no formal training, under unsupportive conditions. They're also outsiders whose work typically amounts to cliche and bland imitation. --mail art-- "Photo Op"--

collage madonna--The Reverend Bunny's secret Henna Diary's
painted hand via J-Walk -- hands--hands--hands--hands--hands--no hands--hands--hands--hand--hands--

fading ad campaign, ads painted on buildings still j-walk--

the armoury show

Fotolog.net ...post your fotos here

Eli Baxter is a visual artist working in abstract concepts. She currently resides in both Seattle and Amsterdam. Her work uses various media, including wax, wool, latex and canvas. ---ELI BAXTER OFFICIAL--

The use of trash as artistic medium in modern and contemporary art, from Burri to Fontana, from Carrà to Boccioni, is the focus of this exhibition held in 1997 in Trento and Rovereto. --dirty wallpaper
art and filth on the walls of seedy european streets

trash portraits via sugar 'n spicy
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more trash
trashopia....Lets keep it out of landfills--REUSE ARTISTS links ex things made from cardboard and NICO VAN HOORN TRASHLOG COLLECTING A PIECE OF TRASH FOR THE INTERNET EVERY DAY --Nico van Hoorn --N I C O VAN H O O R N POLAROID SX-70 ART--
Many artists have used trash to make art, but very few use art to present trash.

writing on leaves--meadow sweet diary--chris drury--The Bird Feeder Hat --From Cozumel, Mexico, Yolanda Gutiérrez Acosta is part of a growing movement of artists addressing habitat issues in their work--Mandela Artscape --SPLCD Garden --
Four hundred dried leaves hang from the ceiling, encircling the space--

Thinking Ecoart Through the 3rd World Water Forum in Japan--

RestCycling Art Festival 2003--
--A tacky treasure is, first of all, tacky. -- MISS LATA--la bradeirie--

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weekend literature
post feltrinelli's: label, the Italian style magazine, molto milanese even tho' they're Turin based .....an interesting review: Chris Gilmour's work, everyday objects made from cardboard. His work can be seen at the Perui contemporary art museum in Padova --Chris Gilmour--Chris Gilmour--Chris Gilmour--

RICICLARTE, recycled art site in Italian and look for the following at their site:
alberto urbani lamps--

ABREU JOSE' FRANCISCO's plastic bottle furniture--B?R + KNELL DESIGN---B?R + KNELL DESIGN--

HA SHULT, German Artist Displays Trash Men at Pyramids--HA SHULT--

refuse exhibition--The exhibition “re-f-use” at the Danish Design Centre, with 150 “green” products, conveys a vital message that: design and the skills of designers determine the character of the man-made world and thus matters to millions

Sono dieci anni che costruisco figure animali e personaggi mitologici con parti di oggetti meccanici in genere. --AMBROGGIO UGO and his recycled furniture--Aldo Di Bello in arte ARCIMBALDO--

IL LEONE DI PLASTICA prizes for a film festival made from plastic bottles --Silvia Bragagnolo... architetto in riciclo!!!--more sylvia--more

triciclo recycling center--Matilde Domestico cups and saucers--Matilde Domestico ASSEMBLATEZZE tazze di porcellana--Matilde Domestico--
Associazione Gheroartè --INDARTE, Frughiamo negli sgabuzzini per cercare oggetti da reinventare e rivalutare per farne buoni e belli utensili. La vera ecologia non è solo poter riciclare è anche non dover buttare.--Fabrizio Pavan--bruno petronzi scrap art----RABADAN - Laboratorio Showroom--

Artimo, based in the Netherlands, supports and promotes young, international artists. The greater part of our activities relate to publishing, with a particular focus on artist's books by emerging artists. These are created in close collaboration with young designers.

Palazzo delle Papesse contemporary art museum
in siena---MODO magazine founded by Alessandro Mendini with a review of abet-laminati painted plastic laminated furniture


ARTIGIANATO tra arte e design magazine-- with a review of the exhibit "l'oggetto travestito", organized by ugo la pietra....objects with hidden identities --Vaso antropomorfo-- and wine bottles used as flower vases by masayo ave --masayo ave --masayo ave --masayo ave

from crudelia mag, a review re: the spinning a good yarn exhibit...............Trockel’s Strickbilder Knit Pictures--Rosemarie Trockel--Rosemarie Trockel--Rosemarie Trockel--Rosemarie Trockel--Rosemarie Trockel--Rosemarie Trockel--Rosemarie Trockel--Rosemarie Trockel--KNIT PICTURES

design diffusion--beppe bolchifoto--WebGallery di Beppe Bolchi --adolfo maffezzoni--ADOLFO MAFFEZZONI: Estetica del Rottame--Maffezzoni si inserisce nel panorama artistico italiano attraverso l'utilizzo di mezzi non propriamente deputati all'arte. Recupera tutto ci? che appartiene al quotidiano e lo inserisce nelle sue opere che diventano cos? dei modelli di vita. --dar's art magazine

MARINA BOLOMINI--. Il lavoro della giovanissima Silvia Chiarini è una rivisitazione leggera e ironica dei rotocalchi e delle riviste di moda anni Cinquanta. Alla scoperta del ricamo--

a great recycle link---
marherita marchioni, recyled jewelry--jewelry from those plastic kitchen gloves

Knitted Pictures for Fun --knitted tea cups--
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bon voyage
gmtPlus9 is going away for a month! How will we survive without him? Since he's going to Wisconsin, these links are dedicated to him because they deal with Wisconsin's FRED STONEHOUSE: fred stonehouse--Fred Stonehouse on His Art and Life-- Fred Stonehouse---Stonehouse’s saints and sinners are often a loaded mixture of bestial and human. Oddly complacent with their doomed lot, they spew water, exhale visionary “breath” or cartoony word balloons, while ambiguous foreign language banners unfurl. It’s a weirdly familiar mixture of advertising imagery and political or historic references. --FRED STONEHOUSE
Dreams of Youth: Recent Paintings--Beautifully painted with the elegance of a renaissance painter, the artworks of Fred Stonehouse encompass a witty sense of rebellion and an overall style which transcends his midwestern roots--'La Mano' by Fred Stonehouse--Artist Profile: Fred Stonehouse--Inside front cover detail by Fred Stonehouse--Fred Stonehouse Trinchador, 1995, acrylic on panel--Fred Stonehouse untitled (Devil and Caterpillars)--Fred Stonehouse--Fred Stonehouse--stonehouse in the cartin collection

abel barrasso--eniar & jamex de la torre--steve gompf--maurizio pellegrin--

threads in art......Il racconto del filo: ricamo e cucito nell'arte contemporanea-----jim lambie--jim lambie--jim lambie--jim lambie at the modern institute--jim lambie-- lambie at Tramway, Glasgow--Sudden Glory: Sight Gags and Slapstick in Contemporary Art

Dal 1998 claudia Losi ha intrapreso il primo di una serie di progetti collettivi legati alla pratica del ricamo che costituiscono uno dei suoi interessi costanti. Si trattava di Onde-Progetto Belgrado, un intervento legato alla realizzazione di un ricamo da parte di tre donne incontrate in un campo profughi di Belgrado. --more claudia

curator Charlotta Kotik with Adia Millett's embroidered pictures --adia millett--adia millett---foto to come

tracey emin and embroidered chairs--emin--emin--emin--emin--Tracey Emin and the Web confessional--Art
raises moral concerns --emin

Valerie Smith is a creative and talented fabric artist, capable of putting pictures onto just about anything.--An embroidered panel for a pair of Yao women's trousers. --embroidered--Paradise lost--

Rainer Ganahl--Rainer Ganahl--Rainer Ganahl--Rainer Ganahl

more embroidery:
Michael Raedecker --Michael Raedecker --Michael Raedecker --Michael Raedecker --Michael Raedecker --Michael Raedecker --

Anti-Bunny Costume: the ideal get-up for close combat, all-inclusive with headache protection and the last straw.

Zoe Leonard--Zoe Leonard--Zoe Leonard--Zoe Leonard--Zoe Leonard
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the sun is shining and so am I

please visity my cardboard retablos--gothic garden via plep--the art of botanical illustration via gordon coale--the artwork of
Michael Hernandez de Luna or Michael Thompson stamp art via solipsistic--

hoogerbrugge--ON-LINE PICASSO PROJECT--tom friedman--billy blob--brush corp--the Buff Monster (for RECYCLING, look at thiswonderful can art --!)

burning man--chihuly drawing--cynthia van buhler--Work by Damien Hirst--dan wen--david flaherty illustration--h e n r i k * d r e s c h e r--erik foss--EUROPEAN SKETCHBOOK 2002--liquid math--

I get ideas for my paintings from lucid dreams. About once a month when I'm dreaming, I will realize I'm dreaming, and when I do, I then walk around in the dream looking at art on the walls. I usually find many paintings on every wall. By the time one of these lucid dreams ends, I usually have one or two good paintings memorized. I always recreate them in pastel on 12 by 18 inch paper. I've been doing this as a hobby since 1986.

Digital painting by Sarah Jackson Burt--Gallery of Psychedelic.Sketches &.Diary.Pages by Hans Taeger --one of my favorites, shary's GOOD AND STURDY ART--

gustavs klusis, Born on January 4, 1895 in Valmiera district (Latvia), repressed and killed in 1938 in Russia. Poster and project designer, pioneer of Soviet propaganda photomontage.
Harry Smith, painter, archivist, anthropologist, film-maker & hermetic alchemist--

heidi younger--elizabeth hoffman and her dog portraitsand her glove dolls----

hubbub inc. ...Ms. Hubley created animated segments for HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH (2001) directed by John Cameron Mitchell and released by New Line Productions--anna chambers--jeff soto--

Since 1975 the Jewish Historical Museum has owned a special autobiographical work of art: the oeuvre of the Berlin artist Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943). This young woman depicted her life in over 1,000 gouaches, accompanied by text and music. She called her work Life? Or Theatre?

When José Guadalupe Posada died in 1913 there were no mourners; he was eventually interred in a common grave. Throughout his career in Mexico City, he worked in seeming obscurity, producing vivid illustrations for penny sheets that sold on street corners and outdoor markets. The urban lower classes that bought his works had little idea who he was.

katherine dunn--The Art of Louis John Buchetto Jr.--wwierdo leonardo--nam june paik--mark ryden--Michael A. De Feo --michael naimark--

michell ward

Oli Goldsmith,--oli goldsmith--oli goldsmith--oli goldsmith--oli

whatever happen to the backyard circus?..............digital thread--

Miranda July makes performances, movies, recordings and combinations of these things. --NEW MUSEUM--Niki de Saint Phalle's museum--Artistamp Gallery - Ray Johnson--pupae--
Born Beatrice Romaine Goddard to a wealthy and insane mother and a father who disappeared from her life shortly after her birth, Romaine had a childhood described as "a mid-Victorian gothic nightmare", in the company of her sister Maya and their hopelessly mad brother, St. Mar. --more romaine

sean kearnan--Kunsthaus santa fe--andrea serrano--Website of German artist Stephan Hausmeister--Steven Verriest--Artist Susan Leibovitz Steinman salvages materials directly from community waste streams to construct public art installations that connect common daily experiences to broader social issues. --Susan Ritter. ARRRRRT. --ron richter--vanessa beecroft--zoe beloff videos--


art and beauty weblog via 101 - 365 (baby!)--Prague Biennale 1 2003--scott griffen art brut via gmtPlus 9--still scott--BLAME CANADA FOR CLINT & SCOTT GRIFFIN--Griffin Brothers at Garde-Rail Gallery--still scott----Scott Griffin
I was born in Oshawa Canada in 1970 where my father worked in General Motors. When my brother was born a few years later, we moved north to Scugog Island, to a farm where my father kept his airplane, and he flew all the time as a bush pilot in and out of lakes. My grandfather also had an airplane and so did my dad’s two brothers. --back in the mid-90s, when bro-thers Clint and Scott Griffin dropped their collaborative art practice to pursue a pair of solo careers--
Artists You'll Find at TAG --

victor henry art brut--

the creatures in my head via banshee who has many other art related-links such as hand and spirit studio.....

Ellen Dissanayake makes reference to Frank Wilson's book THE HAND: HOW ITS USE SHAPES THE BRAIN, LANGUAGE, AND HUMAN CULTURE...Indeed something happens to our brains when we work creatively. That's how art therapy works -- it retrains the synapses and releases brain chemicals that give emotional rewards..... Wilson says:
"These issues bring into relief a fundamental premise
of Darwinian thought, that structure and function are
interdependent and coevolutionary. The brain keeps
giving the hand new things to do and new ways of doing
what it already knows how to do. In turn, the hand
affords the brain new ways of approaching old tasks
and the possibility of undertaking and mastering new
tasks. That means the brain, for its part, can acquire
new ways of representing and defining the world."

see too: Hands by John Russell Napier
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another link: Divine Humility Jesus Icons in Contemporary Mexico
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a link I really like: Quilt Collage, embellished quilts by Janet Ghino with her wonderful, wonderful Icon Quilts. I could spend the day here.
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dexterity and neurons
...making art as a spiritual process....
...making art as a neurological process....
Scientists pinpoint neurons as source of 'body sense'--Sinister Dexterity--Vitamin E supplements enhance manual dexterity in humans?--

MIME CUE--Handwork and Musculoskeletal Disorders--Brain Science and Myth--Techné: Journal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology---Transcendental Active Meditation --Binaural-Beat Induced Theta EEG Activity and Hypnotic Susceptibility--Brain Parts--THE TRANSMITTER TO GOD--Biogenetic Structural Studies of Religion--A to Z of Alternative Medicines --arai montessori school HANDWORK--Meditation for the beginner--Neurological Magnetic Fields and Altered States --Encyclopedia of Psychology-- New state of matter made--Meditation for Beginners--a book on Reiki Healing --Scientists Look at Religion in the Human Brain --What is "spirituality"?--The Science of Audio Based Brainwave Entrainment--Egyptian handwork -- Science & The Biology of Belief--Zen, Buddhism, and Personality--

active meditation and neurological activity......If you want to change your life experiences, learn to change your mind specifically your brain waves. --Why God Won't Go Away:Brain Science and the Biology of Belief--Excerpt from Body Mind Psychotherapy--Meditation--Why does Hypnosis work? --Biofeedback operates on the notion that we have the innate ability and potential to influence the automatic functions of our bodies through the exertion of will and mind. Biofeedback has recently been shown to give us what had previously seemed an impossible degree of control over a variety of physiologic events.--Transcendental meditation - Exploring the Opinions--Meditation mapped in monks --The Fractal Nature of Active Sleep and Waking Dreams--Religious and Spiritual Problems--Vitamin B12 and the Hallelujah Diet--Beyond Self

What Are Motor Neurons?Motor neurons are nerve cells located in the brain, brainstem, and spinal cord. These motor neurons serve as connections from the nervous system to the muscles in the body. Imagine wanting to brush your teeth. This intention is transmitted by the motor neurons in the brain (upper motor neurons) to the motor neurons in the spinal cord (lower motor neurons). The lower motor neurons then relay the message to the muscle, or group of muscles, needed to complete the action--How Flexible is the Brain's Circuitry?--

links via sugar n' spicy--madarin design--keri smith illustrations (a link I've posted in the past because I like her Wish Jar philosophy that relates to my research on Daily Aesthetics and creative living) "If you wnat to work on your art, work on your life" Chekov-- Mark Twain was a lifelong creator and keeper of scrapbooks. He took them with him everywhere and filled them with souvenirs, pictures, and articles about his books and performances.-- Sara Swartz illustrations....sara schwartz specializes in funky illustrations that are clever, cutting edge, kitschy, trendy but classic --RUSSIAN LUBOK
(POPULAR PRINT)-- visual orgasm-- Neurastenia--

discovered via solipsistic: open all night
Main Entry: so·lip·sism
Pronunciation: 'sO-l&p-"si-z&m, 's?-
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin solus alone + ipse self
Date: 1874
: a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing

Carlos Quitério 1998-2003 art

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Milagros are icons representing wishes to be fullfilled. The fullfilled wish is a milagro, a miracle.
Milagros are votive offerings. The are tiny metal medals represent various body parts,human figures, animals or objects.

When visiting a Catholic church in Latin America, one notices altars or statues covered in these small milagros. They come in all shapes and sizes. Body parts, animals, cars, hearts, babies and more are represented because milagros are offered to a saint for the purpose of prayer. Milagros are one of the type of votive offerings common throughout the centuries in the Mediterranean, and in areas of the new world. In classical Greece it was customary to offer gold or silver votives to cure some one, or save them from peril. The Romans offered body parts in ceramic, bronze, and silver.

COLLECTING MILAGROS....In the classical sense, milagros (also known as ex-votos or dijes) are offered to a favorite saint as a reminder of the petitioner's particular need, or they are offered to the saint in thanks for a prayer answered.--Mexican Milagros Religious Charms --Milagro plaques are often used in a decorative manner, rather than as votive offerings. --Milagro Museum of International Folk Art--

These milagros represent a hope, wish or dream.
Embroidered Ex-Voto "Milagros"--

--small milagro--Ex-voto de la sala de los Milagros de la antigua ermita de la Virgen del Roc?o--To order one kilo of milagros --Books About Milagros, Saints-- a photographer's interpretation of milagros--Los milagros--Featured here are handcarved Santos from Guerrero, milagro crosses of all types, tin crosses and folksy Virgins of Guadalupe from different regions. --Welcome to Milagros Gallery. We specialize in hand selected Mexican Folk Art, Home Furnishings and Sterling Silver Jewelry.--milagros mail art--more milagros mail art--Milagros: Symbols of Hope --In Old Mexico, "Milagros" or miracles are votive offerings to the Saints. Milagros both thank and petition for blessings and favors...such as protecting loved ones from harm or simply fulfilling wishes or dreams. These charming, silver Milagros can be placed on a collar, leash, bed, a shrine or one's own necklace... milagro

retablo--retablo--retablo--MEXICAN RETABLOS--

earrings made from typewritter keys--Diamonds Aren’t Forever--!Xoe', the biennial exhibition held in and around Nieu-Bethesda in the Great Karoo, is putting on a different face this year. --the Art of Creative Living --A Stitch in Time - and Place: Sample Embroideries 2--FabFrogDesigns--The Psychology of Fabric--Fabrics.net is an information, resource, and referral network. --The Mona Lisa Interview: With Faith Ringgold--Wildlife Artist in Textiles --Online Exhibitions: Medium: Fiber--Black pigment on linen fabric. Sunprint of inserted pins, hand hemmed--FIBER COLLAGE--

Pollock's Fractals --FRACTALS, Fractal expressionism --FRACTALS--FRACTALS--FRAQCTALS
-- F R E SH ART--Found: a Family in a Shoebox--


Functions of Art .....Is art adaptive? What does it mean for a trait to be "adaptive?"
The processes of art --the behavioral patterns that frequently result in what we call works of "art" necessarily have their roots in biology and have come to have their present form through evolutionary time presumably (certainly at least in part) because they serve our individual or inclusive fitness. ----Dissanayake, Ellen. --Dissanayake, Ellen..."The Core of Art: Making Special" --Dissanayake, Ellen. --Becoming Homo Aestheticus:
Sources of Aesthetic Imagination in Mother-Infant Early Interactions ...Art, as described by Dissanayake, is meant to provide a sense of meaning or significance or intensity to human life that can’t be achieved any other way. Thus art helps give life meaning.
Dissanayake sees art as a characteristic human behavior rather than as a product, and thinks that it must have evolved and persisted because of its adaptive value. Her stress on the behavioristic aspects of art makes her ideas particularly relevant to public art, an art form where human dynamics are especially apparent---THE EVOLUTION OF AESTHETICS---Chimera, Spandrel, or Adaptation: Conceptualizing Art in Human Evolution--Art As The Voice Of The Soul: The Art of Making Life Special--What Does Art Do for People? by Ellen Dissanayake (1998)--

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cardboard retablos

cardboard retablos coming soon

teasers: Making Retablos --Retablos by Alice Warder Seely-- milagros & retablos--Retablos are clay figures in a box painted with a landscape and patterns--Mexican devotional paintings of saints on tin are commonly referred to as retablos, or retablos santos. ---Retablo Workshop Guide pdf--

A retablo depicting the matyrdom of St. Sebastian --Retablo, 7x14"--My work with retablos and straw applique brings together my religion and the history, tradition and culture --Retablos Exhibit--LOOK FOR El Sagrado Corazon de Jesus (Sacred Heart)--RETABLO FOR KATE A sculpture for D.H., for Kate and the Mexican Revolution
Artist Unknown, Mexico

ex-voto links at obliterated.....L'ex voto è un dono votivo offerto dai fedeli a Cristo, alla Madonna, ai Santi in segno di riconoscenza per grazie ricevute.

per grazie ricevute...........PGR--PGR--PGR--PGR--PGR--PGR

milagros made from tin cans
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The Mediterranean seaside smells of elicriso. For years I gathered this plant to make sachet bags.

elicriso--elicriso--elicriso--elicriso--elicriso--elicriso--elicriso--elicriso/(Helichrysum italicum) --elicriso--elicriso--elicriso--HELICHRYSUM--HELICHRYSUM--HELICHRYSUM--HELICHRYSUM--HELICHRYSUM--Helichrysum (Everlasting Flower)

plant to use for recycling notes: WANDERING JEW
wandering jew--wandering jew--wandering jew--wandering jew--wandering jew-- wandering jew--wandering jew--wandering jew--wandering jew--wandering jew--wandering jew

The wandering jew propagates easily by cuttings; the stems are visibly segmented and roots will frequently grow from the joints.

unfortunatley, all of my recycled garden links were lost--how frustrating!.......
Recycled Garden Resources ---Recycled Garden Design --Garden with Garbage!--Garbage Can Garden. Grow a "garbage can garden," using common household items. --Recycled Garden Coasters --VISIONS OF A PARISIAN GARDEN--saratoga, recycled garden--Gardens From Garbage: How to Grow Indoor Plants From Recycled Kitchen Scraps book-- recycling in the garden?--What can you recycle into garden architecture?--
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for the garden I won't grow
Derek Jarman's Garden --Un temps maussade n'a pas empêché les afficionados de Courson et des plantes de se rendre en rangs serrés et en nombre record à la grande réunion du Printemps.--Chelsea Flower Show is the world's most popular and renowned flower show--indoor gardening--The Garden holds approximately 5000 taxa, the collection concentrates on medicinal plants and those of ethnobotanical interest, as well as rare and endangered species. --margaret's garden diary --plant flowers in Iraq--John P. Humes Japanese Stroll Garden--Festival des Jardins --
FENG SHUI, PLANTS AND GARDENS... ADD MORE COLOR, COMFORT AND FRESH AIR TO YOUR LIFE, HOME AND WORKPLACE.--Subterranean Homepage News--Ryoanji Temple Rock Garden--paghera green philosophy--Welcome to The Garden Path, where we share gardening tips, ideas, and memories--The Kitchen Garden --The medicinal properties of plants have been recognised for centuries, but while some herbal cures are recorded in books, many others are only remembered. Country Cures shows examples of these--
The New York Botanical Garden --The Tulip Book of P. Cos--
water PET bottle reuse : gardening--You can visit the Idleness Growth Tables where your time is stored and compare its growth to that of other users all over the world. --YOU GROW GIRL--Welcome to the Bowdoin College web site on Japanese gardens--herbarium--
painted flowers--Photographic Photosynthesis Work--Welcome To Burke's Backyard--
a garden cottage--The grass isn't always greener on the other side, but with these easy to make grass tins you can add a little outdoor color indoors

but if you have a window, you can have a garden, she said
window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--window garden--

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feeling (un)aesthetically inclined
making up your day

Adventure Divas, Inc. makes television and web media that charts the growing wide, wide world of divadom™. Click on for a look at our brand of New World Order… --The Beauty of Science--A Billion Years of Beauty--Beauty and Revolution in Science--

beauty aids:
BARBIE FACE GUIDES--putting on your make-up--buttock exercises--BUST magazine--fashion icon--Fashionwhore--space girl links--Fashion creators Aftur and Saeunn are part of a new genre of young Icelandic designers making waves --the bob haircut worship page--vintage hair fashion-- breathing practices--FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE--Good Girls Do Swallow--poundy links--

health & fitness:
atkins diet--Atkins Diet and Low-Carb News--Italian beauty site--Fab Abs In Five Minutes! -- fasting for health and spirit--lifetime diet & fitness center--Welcome To Stress Management Infocenter in Holisticonline.com--The Four Stages of Burnout --THE WHY FILES--eHows: Alternative Health --What is the stress response?--
escape realted:
Space-Time and Identity-Holes--French biologist chews our puritanical tail--Henri Laborit (Elogio della fuga)--The Inhibition of Action Syndrome--the late evolutionary biologist Henri Laborit commented --Henri Laborit ELOGIO DELLA FUGA--

positive mental imagery......

not all femme fatals have a positive body image, she said

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waiting for the weekend
photomontage.com/n3xt/5hirin collage (look for those of the hands) --plan-d.pobox list of logs--

hands----hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands (from Textile Art from Daghestan)----hands-----hands---hands (from Women and Carpet Weaving in Turkey)---------hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---hands----hands-----hands---handshands-----hands---
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it's too hot to argue
kiaSMA contemporary art museum--Alfred William Finch - A Century of Finnish Ceramics--folk icons--CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE MUSEUM OF JURASSIC TECHNOLOGY--a sixth grader's dream for the day--a new home for the toaster museum--drawings from mars--Inca Tunic with tocapu designs--
we collect the images into an image bible.which is a large hand made notebook--"The 'Baby arm' series started as an exploration of combining inner and outer shapes and because of an interest in pre-birth experiences. 'Baby arm' is a glass casting with a hollow core made using the lost wax process. -- an envelope addressed to someone I don't know--© Beck Underwood 1997--
Hand-Quilted - Bed Quilts--makoto honda bedside cabinet--"Thus the Vespa came to be linked in my eyes with transgression, sin, and even temptation - not the temptation to possess the object, but the subtle seduction of faraway places where the Vespa was the only means of transport. And it entered into my imagination not as an object of desire, but as a symbol of an unfulfilled desire." - Umberto Eco

dirt dirt deems--National Collage Society Inc. 18th Annual Juried Exhibit--Thrift Store, by Eric Neely--

shawn quillian quilted art, one of the best quilting artists-- another kind of quilt--Liu Zheng "Blue Sky Days" 1996 --Liu Zheng--Liu Zheng--Liu Zheng--Liu Zheng---Liu Zheng

Welcome! You have found the largest resource on the web for vintage crochet patterns--20th cen decorative arts--A NICE CUP OF TEA FURNITURE DESIGN--A Painter of Angels Became the Father of Camouflage --ford forlano...In 1988, Steve Ford and David Forlano began collaborating on jewelry design under the name City Zen Cane--

In Common Threads, five artists create original, non-traditional three-dimensional constructions with fiber--Enrique Martinez Celaya, “Landscape (Breath)”, 2002, oil and tar on canvas, 78 x 100”.--All images and texts © Enrique Martínez Celaya. All rights reserved. Updated March 5, 2003 --oil, graphite, varnish and collage on paper--2002 SUKI BERG--
The Art of Rebecca Friedman --Chinese Textile Art III--
Caio Fonseca, American, born 1959, was raised in New York City. In 1978 he went to Barcelona where he studied and painted until 1983--Cabaret Mechanical Theatre is a Museum of Automata (Mechanical Sculpture)--Donna Keiko Ozawa--kitchen table--

neo- and re- bottlecap posts:
each figure is approximately 19" tall (from top of "hair" to bottom of wooden body) bottlecaps strung on wire for arms and legs measure an additional 15" long --bottlecap art--A super-sized bottle top for Cowgirl brand root beer becomes a nostalgic clock, crafted in tin with a lacquered finish. --bottlecap rocking chair--Bottle-Cap World which links to the fabulous Mr. Lamb has been collecting "outsider art" made from bottle caps for many years --bottle caps--images inside of bottlecaps--bottlecap jewelry--"Our favorite spot was Great Woods (Performing Arts Center), because bottles aren't allowed inside and we'd get lots of caps from people drinking in the parking lots."--bottle caps and mexican folk art--Billboard paper, bottle caps, and road-kill are fabulous materials for making art. Remi Rubel is a firm believer in reuse. In 1986, she became the "Bottle Cap Queen" for inventively transforming soda and beer caps into beautiful jewelry, clothing and tapestries. Her whimsical sculptures are made of salvaged metals found flattened in the streets and crumpled billboard paper.--bottle cap dress--Bottle Cap Hot Pad--more bottle caps--Coke bottle caps recreated as 3-D magnets by Acme International's Arjon Manufacturing--Bottle Cap Hot Plate Mat--

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casa mexicana
Louis Barragan, architect--Barragan designed his early works in the International Style. However, in 1945 the ideas generated by his travels through Europe and by his own sense of Mexican "regionalism" synthesized into a personal design style. --THE HOUSES OF LUIS BARRAGÁN--Luis Barragan--Luis Barragán:The Quiet Revolution--Luis Barragan メキシコの色彩 --EN EL MUNDO DE LUIS BARRAGAN--
southward art, latin american art review--

Casa Mexicana is a privately owned company located in Newhaven, on the south coast of England. We specialise in genuine Mexican pine and hardwood furniture and accessories. --casa mexicana...We specialize in folk art and fine art from Mexico--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art--mexican folk art----day of the dead--
. Crafty Chica --Flash your wrist in style and pride with one of these eye-fetching handmade picture bracelets. --Ceramic Windbells
Mezcal: The Spirit of Oaxaca--

cobalt blue:
frida kahlo and diego riviera named their house CASA AZUL because blue is suppose to be the color that portects one from evil spirits.......CASA AZUL CASA AZUL CASA AZUL CASA AZUL CASA AZUL --THE FRIDA KAHLO MUSEUM--LOS AUTORRETRATOS DE FRIDA KAHLO

frida likeness:
JULIO GALAN |--JULIO galan GALAN |--JULIO GALAN |--JULIO GALAN |--JULIO GALAN |--JULIO GALAN |--JULIO GALAN |--JULIO GALAN |--this julio is not iglesias--this julio is not iglesias--this julio is not iglesias--this julio is not iglesias--this julio is not iglesias--

essays about quilts via plep and illustrated watercolor journaling via sugar n' spicy as well as late bloomer
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back from the sea
My new friend Ellen of Someone Keeps Moving My Chair sent me this wonderful mosaic link : The lampposts of the East Village, along Broadway and Astor Place, seem to be festooned with psychedelic crockery.
Also, I've posted some recycled art links at Ikastikos. Really interesting is Lois Walpole's homepage, Baskets from recycled or found materials....Plastic Bottles & Bags
Crafty Containers book by Lois Walpole , Book Description
Paint old newspapers, magazines, old bank statements; make containers from old plastic bottles and bowls from bottle tops and wire; containers from vines and leaves. Paint and decorate your household 'waste' Be environmentally on target and creati ve at the same time. --Millennium Bowl--Packing Tape Tureen--The Reclaimed Exhibition--Manchester Metropolitan University Slide Sets --art.tm --
Zulu tribes people in Natal, South Africa, weave traditional baskets from untraditional material -- recycled PVC-coated telephone wire.
Ronda raises a flock of sheep; producing original knitted, felted and woven creations from their wool.--Wonderful farmer's vest made of woven and recycled (sakiori) cotton textiles--The Neutrogena Collection Wing at the Museum of International Folk Art was inaugurated in 1998. --Pieced recycled handwoven mohair, rayon, cotton, and metallic--Woman Made Gallery --the imagination factory
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laminated collage
Louise Noguchi --Untitled Louise Noguchi artist B&W photo collage, laminated--Laminated unryu paper--Use one of our colorful laminated collage placemats for under your pet's food bowl--Altered Woman Purse Back --Retro Revamp; Funky Projects from Handbags to Housewares by Jennifer Knapp --
Recycled Hand Bag--"Gator-Aid" Collage: Vintage Faux Alligator Handbag & Gloves--

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more odds than ends
TSUNETOMI, Kitano (1880 - 1947) prints, This design is almost an exaggerated example of an ôkubi-e ('large bust picture'), the head completely filling the picture plane via gmtPlus9--T-Shirt Underwear--making graffetti--TRADEMARK and use of flash--icon twerp design--Using a hundred litres of paint, a plantation of cardboard cooli hats, and rigs chock full of the orchards' finest a group created a living sculpture, signifying the sun, the river and the people of the region--retrolounge advertising--DECORATION COLLAGE ON BOTTLES--image fiction--
Franz von Stuck et son buste--Dennis Heiner, a 72 year old Christian who was incensed by Chris Ofili's The Holy Virgin Mary, threw white paint accross the work and proceeded to smear the paint over the canvas--Album - PhotoMontage --FW:Fwd is an exhibition of viral films by international artists which explores new ways of accessing work online--click for next--quilting by the lake--去る3月2日(土)、東京都三鷹市芸術文化センターにて「オフロ・アート~銭湯の背景画~」展が開催されました。 この頁は、初日に行われた 現役の銭湯の背景画家(ペンキ絵師)3名によるペンキ絵の実演の記録です--Mahmood Al Ubaidi Painter on newspaper--1000 journals project--101 - 365 (baby!)
blogging truth and beauty--

CUT IT OUT: A selection of Melbourne's finest stencils proudly sponsored by Antipoda--The pendulum is swinging back for Victor Vasarely the godfather of Op art--Newspaper Art and Artists---ATI is a song, a newspaper, art, poetry, and humor (if you can see it.) Located in the Heartland, ATI can be seen here--

glugigulga' image weblog--

115 unusual quilts
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