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the use of hands as a form of meditation


day dreaming at night
Dreams and Psychology...Dreams and Psychology--After Sigmund Freud started psychoanalysis in the field of psychology, André Breton, etc. established surrealism as a school of art. Psychoanalysis and surrealism seemed to influence each other to investigate and express the human subconscious world--Introduction to Psychology perception links--Dada vs. Surrealism --The Surrealist movement gained momentum after the Dada movement. It was lead by Andre Breton, a French doctor who had fought in the trenches during the First World War. The artists in the movement researched and studied the works of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung--Surrealism, Freud and Trotsky-- The New Surrealism : Email Discourse --inspiration, mediumship, surrealism:the concept of CREATIVE DISSOCIATION --Sympathies With Surrealism --"Surrealism: Desire Unbound"— Studies of Surrealism and its Legacies--THE ARSENAL EXPLODES--Dada & Surrealism--!Surréalisme! --Surrealism

Surrealism.co.uk (founded in 1999) is an online community space for artists and audiences interested in contemporary art, a space with equal access for the naive and professional alike--Surrealist Movement in the United States --The Random Surrealism Generator --Sur - re - al - ism (n.) -(often l.c.) a style of art and literature developed principally in the 20th century, stressing the subconscious or nonrational significance of imagery arrived at by automatism or the exploitation of chance effects, unexpected juxtapositions, etc.--I'm sorry, I don't speak surrealist --THE SURREALISTS AND FREUD--The Surrealist movement was mainly a reaction to the massive destruction of World War I World War I

André Breton was born in Tinchebray (Orne) as the son of a shopkeeper. He spent his childhood on the Brittany coats and started to write early poems --first papers of surrealism--What is Surrealism? André Breton--The Vice of Surrealism--Andre Breton and the Surrealist Manifesto--Cooperating with other disillusioned Dadaists, Breton produced the "Manifesto of Surrealism" (1924), which marked the beginning of a new, incredibly influential artistic perspective -- one that ignored all criticism and encouraged the exploration of the irrational. The text was an aesthetic and political call-to-arms. Breton and others felt that the only way to truly cope with chaotic externalities was to embrace disorder and transform it into an advantageous form of expression.

Artists: Masters: Surrealism: Kahlo--FRIDA KAHLO disturbing art--Frida Kahlo at the knitting circle--Andre Breton, the founder of Surrealism, was fascinated by Frida Kahlo's art. He labeled her a Surrealist because she utilized the elements European Surrealists used to convey their ideas. However, Frida Kahlo never intended to be part of the movement. She painted her life like she did because it was how she felt. This paper will help the reader comprehend Surrealism as an art movement, discuss Kahlo's life, and also examine the surrealistic elements in her paintings--
Kahlo began painting at 18 while recovering from injuries she received in a trolley accident that left her scarred for life; her spine was broken in 17 places and her reproductive organs were damaged by a shaft of metal that impaled her pelvis.
"I paint self portraits because I am so often alone. Because I am the subject I know best." frida--Welcome to the World of Frida Kahlo! --Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Mexican Modernism--It was while recovering from her extensive injuries in the hospital that Frida began to paint.
I never knew I was a surrealist till André Breton came to Mexico and told me I was. frida
The art of Frida Kahlo is a ribbon around a bomb. [André Breton about Frida Kahlo]
Portraits of Frida Enigmatic artist's colorful presence alive throughout Mexico City

For an offbeat travel experience in the Mexico City area, consider a visit to the Museo Frida Kahlo in Coyoacan.
Frida Kahlo in her patio, 1931. Photograph, b&w.
modern portraits of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo de Rivera
Frida Kahlo, hacia 1938/39, fotografiada por su amante el fotógrafo Nickolas Muray.
Frida Kahlo was an incredibly amazing woman. Her life was filled with physical as well as emotional pain. She endured more in her short life than most people will ever have to face. But she endured.
This disturbing image of suicide was painted by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The subject is Dorothy Hale, a beautiful society woman who became despondent and threw herself from the window of her New York apartment.
frida the film
Frida Kahlo Self Portrait Between the Borderline of Mexico and the United States
Frida Kahlo foi uma artista única, para muitos é considerada a pintora do século.

The Trouble With Frida Kahlo....Kahlo largely disappeared from the mainstream art world for almost 30 years, until Hayden Herrera's famous 1983 biography. When it was published, there wasn't a single monograph of Kahlo's work to show people what it looked like, but the biography, which could have been the basis for a Univision telenovela, sparked a Frida frenzy. By 1991, the Metropolitan Museum of Art was using her self-portrait to advertise an exhibit on the side of New York City buses.
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

It was during Kahlo's convalescence from the bus accident that she began painting. Kahlo was required to spend long periods of time flat on her back in bed, so her mother bought her a special easel that she could use despite her physical limitations. She began to express her explosive feelings trough painting.

fotos of frida

Frida's Casa Azul, the Blue House, in Coyoacan,
Dolores del Rio had an affair with Frida Kahlo...The Love Affairs of Frida Kahlo

In January 1937 Leon Trotsky finally finds refuge at Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's Blue House.
Meaghan Delahunt's breathtaking new novel unravels the passions and betrayals of these extraordinary years in Mexico

Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo. Juan O'Gorman, one of Mexico's most outstanding 20th-century architects, built the twin avant-garde houses surrounded by a cactus hedge in 1931-2. Frida's is the smaller blue house connected to Diego's by a rooftop bridge. Inside, the studio has been made to look much like it would have when the famous pair lived here from 1934 to 1940, when they divorced (only to later remarry). Diego stayed on until his death in 1957.
mexican art at casa azul
Fans discover the spirit of Kahlo in Mexico City
Frida en La Casa Azul quilt
Frida Kahlo: a search for identity in the midst of duality

María Félix concedió una entrevista exclusiva vía telefónica a Televisa Espectáculos y ahí habló sobre la nueva película de la pintora Frida Kahlo, protagonizada por Salma Hayek.
Juntos se convirtieron en la pareja mexicana de las artes. Pero Diego a la vez visitaba asiduamente a sus amantes María Félix y Paulette Godard. Justamente con María Félix fue puesta en duda la sexualidad de Frida y se la acusó de robarle la amante a su esposo.
maria felix

According to a diagnosis of Mexican psychologist Olga Campos and Mexican Dr. Salamón Grimberg, Kahlo suffered from Munchausen sydrome - the compulsion to be hospitalized and, in extreme cases, be mutilated unnecessarily by surgery.(like Orlan?)

self taught artist
During her long recuperation, she taught herself to paint. Her mother hired a carpenter to make a special easel for Kahlo’s bed and fit the canopy with a mirror so she could

She’s the Mexican woman with the eyebrow. But who was Frida Kahlo, and what does she mean to us?

frida kahlo paper dolls

tina modotti...conosce lo scrittore John Dos Passos e l'attrice Dolores Del Rio, ed entra in amicizia con la pittrice Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo began to paint in 1925 while recovering from a streetcar accident that left her permanently disabled. She underwent more than thirty operations in the course of her life, and many of her approximately two hundred paintings directly relate to her experiences with physical pain. They also chronicle her turbulent relationship with Diego Rivera.
"The Real Frida Kahlo" Prismacolor pencils on white and colored construction paper with computer added text

frida t-shirt
Frida Visits Florida
This Frida mirror plaque is sold but another can be made at the buyer's request.
Frida Kahlo's Photos
"Frida Kahlo II"
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folk art
William Alvin Blayney, A Pentecostal evangelist, Blayney used his depictions of fantastical monsters, heaven and hell, and angels and devils to express his passionate concern about the world's moral decay. This panel incorporates references to St. John's vision on the island of Patmos as well as Blayney's cryptic prophetic vocabulary. Huge red and white copyright symbols and warnings of "All Rights Reserved" may indicate that, while Blayney did not doubt his eventual salvation, he felt the need to protect himself on earth.
--I N D E X: F O L K A R T--Josephus Farmer was a Pentecostal minister and street evangelist who made colorful banners to convey the message of Christ during revival meetings he held in Missouri and Illinois. At the top of this painted window shade God proclaims the mystery of Christ. The diagram (like those in nineteenth century theological charts), the Biblical text, and his own illustrations extend the message of religious faith--Howard Finster official homepage--Howard Finster: Man of Visions--Howard Finster (click on image for larger view)--HOWARD FINSTER IS PROBABLY THE BEST KNOWN AND MOST EXHIBITED FOLK ARTIST IN AMERICA TODAY. INSPIRED BY GOD IN 1976, TO CREATE “SACRED ART”, HOWARD SET OUT TO CUT, PAINT AND DRAW AS MANY PIECES OF ART, WITH AS MANY BIBLICAL REFERENCES AS HE COULD DO IN ONE LIFETIME…HE HAS CREATED MORE THAN MOST OF US COULD REASONABLY DO IN NINE LIFETIMES AND HAS GLADLY PASSED THIS LEGACY ON TO HIS WIFE, CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN--Howard Finster was the consummate preacher by word, music and art --Howard Finster was in the process of dismantling and selling off Paradise Garden, we took a trip to Summerville, Ga
Helen Greyeyes traveled a precipitous road from her red-rock canyon home to the Shonto Tradition Post in Arizona to sell rugs she skillfully wove on her hand-made loom. For twenty years she wove traditional geometric designs from homespun hand-dyed wool, until a voice from within told her to break with tradition and weave pictures in wool. These are as different from her traditional rugs as from the customary pictorials of Navajo landscapes or trees of life. In some of her later work she used commercial yarn for pictorial designs, such as this mountain lion, even as she continued to create traditional designs.
Da-Da Artists (Da-artists)
Mr. Imagination--But Mr. Imagination escaped the cruel grasp of death, and near 20 years past his missed appointment with the angel's chorus, his artwork can be found in the Smithsonian, the Carl Hammer Galleries and the House of Blues located in both Chicago and Orlando. He was chosen to create a piece for the Coca Cola Olympic Salute to Folk Art at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and was featured in an exhibit at the Terra Museum in 1993, which the New York Times hailed as one of the most significant shows of the year. From Philadelphia to New York, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Orlando and soon the cities of Europe, Mr. Imagination's art entered the lives of many and made a connection.
--Mr. Imagination (born Gregory Warmack) is a self-taught, African American artist whose work is most identified as outsider art. Non-traditional in nature, his mixed media works reflect the artist’s own personality and urban background. Bottle caps are used to create thrones, ceremonial staffs, vests, and sculptures; industrial-sized pieces of sandstone are the base for face carvings; and ordinary commercial paintbrushes are transformed into families of paintbrush people--Portrait Head Paintbrush Tree
Fannie Pete weaves pictorial rugs on a loom made by her mother that is set up, Navajo style, against the wall of her New Mexican hogan. For Pig, Pete used yarn spun from the wool of the family's sheep and goats and made dyes from rocks and vegetables, although she sometimes breaks with tradition and purchases yarn from local discount stores. Her imaginative and innovative pictorials also break with Navajo tradition. "It's easy to make a rug from a pattern supplied by a trader," she explains, "but what I feel I must do is make rugs from my imagination—rugs that have never been made before--fannie pete's cow
John "Jack" Savitsky (Coal Miner Jack) was born in 1910 in Silver Creek Pennsylvania and lived in Lansford. He documented the life and hardships of the Pennsylvania coal miner through his sharp and colorful paintings. When the mine closed in 1959 and Jack was out of work, his son suggested that his father take up painting and Savitsky thought, "What the hell, why not?".
HerbertSingleton is probably one of the most important black carvers --Herbert Singleton born 1945 lives in New Orleans, Louisiana
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still hooked
Carol Kilgore lives the rush-rush life of the typical young ad executive, with stress-filled workdays that stretch into the evening. So she pampers herself in off hours with a soothing, meditative pastime that some hipsters are calling "the new yoga." Her secret? She knits. via dangerous chunky

Crochet or Knit Hats For The Homeless.

embroidered doodles.....Line Art, Doodles and Signatures --beuys and As well as his grandiose sculptures of stone and iron there are cases of framed memorabilia and other items: found materials, pressed flowers, honey, gold leaf, silver foil, part of a dead hare, tufts of grass, classroom blackboards, travel tickets, notepads, cigar packages, coyote droppings, bundled newspapers, photo and clipping albums, Green Party pamphlets, toiletries, inconsequential drawings and doodles, creative ideas and pencil notes scribbled on anything handy. People are bending over examining degraded remnants of felt and fat. Even the fedora that covered his war wounds is worthy of display.----Using quilted and embroidered textiles, Denise Burge created an Appalachian tourist attraction--Emin's "Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963- 1995", a tent embroidered with many names --embroidery for sale at Ebay--Embroidery Mania

Socknitters Museum of Odd* Socks

crochet fantasy--Crochet Guild of America's Official Web Site--crochet kit--crochet hooks--misc crochet image--misc crochet image--misc crochet image--misc crochet image--misc crochet image--misc crochet image--misc crochet image--misc crochet image--misc crochet image--misc crochet image--misc crochet image--misc crochet image--more--more--more--potholders
patchwork crochet
crochet cabana
world famous Crochet Museum
double love knot
Connect to a third person's chain and continue your own
Crocheted Rag Rugs & Variations

bagatell knitting weblog
Crochet Blogs--Knit & Crochet Blog--Things to do with a plastic bag--Crochet steps out of the basement, into the spotlight--Top 100 Crochet Sites --CROCHET LINKS--Crochet Memories
crochet, sewing and other handwork--Handwoven Art for the Wall --the yarnhead textile blog--the petticoat blog--scrumbling--sundance
waba sabi fiber arts--Step Into My Thimble--Salt Gnome is a weblog/scrapbook area to store all of my thoughts and information about the creative things I'm interested in--Loose Ends
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art helps me to stay me
Paper People Gallery --Art By Survivors--Survivors Art Foundation --survivors artists index--NADC online gallery highlights the work of artists with disabilities --healingwithsoul.com --the Society for the Arts in Healthcare--The Garden--art heals--mandala page--Foundation for Hospital Art --Outsider Artistsof HAI --marty levensono's art therapy website--children's art museum--THE ART AND THE ARTISTS--Cunningham Dax Collection of Psychiatric Art --anne eldridge harris computer art--the prinzhorn collection--"The Therapeutic Drawing Series in a Flip Chart" --THE DRAWING CENTER PRESENTS:THE PRINZHORN COLLECTION: TRACES UPON THE WUNDERBLOCK,
David Bohm, Paul Cezanne and Creativity--paul cezanne and creativity--le petit musee cezanne--painter Paul Cezanne, who exhibited little in his lifetime and pursued his interests increasingly in artistic isolation---French painter, one of the greatest of the Postimpressionists--Paul Cézanne--LIFEWORK OF DAVID BOHM--Art, Science and God--
Science, Order and Creativity with David Bohm An investigation of creativity in nature and life.
. A victim of McCarthyism, Bohm was unable to find work in the United States and he therefore moved to Brazil where he became professor at the University of Sao Paulo. Bohm also taught in Israel before moving to Bristol, England in 1957.
On Creativity by David Bohm, Lee Nichol
David Bohm in 'Science, Order and Creativity'

The New Cézanne, 1958....In this tribute to the great French master, Biederman argues that Cézanne has been generally misunderstood and was in fact working actively toward a non-representational "art of pure creation" based completely in the direct observation of nature. This contradicts the traditional view which considers Cézanne the "father of modernism," and implies that Biederman himself is Cézanne's sole legitimate heir. The book speculates that Cézanne used mechanical aids in devising his compositions, a position which Biederman later recanted. Numerous black and white illustrations. ....
"Cézanne offers us a positive alternative to the negative, tragic fatalism of Neoplastic theory and art. The vision of nature as process, which Cézanne almost alone built across the full scale of vision, can be continued. Art has only begun to reap the experience and knowledge of the way opened by Cézanne. "There are doubtless in nature," he says, "things which no one has seen. If an artist discovers them, he breaks a path for his successors." (page 58)

Paul Cezanne, beside Vincent van Gogh, was the most outstanding figure among the Post-Impressionists. In the sixties and early seventies of the 19th century Cezanne met Impressionists and created under their influence. But he quite quickly moved on from Impressionism. He was fascinated by colour, shape, form. Cezanne's art aimed to be both representational image and invention, objective and subjective, a moment and all eternity, and all this in harmonious equilibrium.
Paul Cezanne
My last day in Aix-in-Provence was dedicated to Cezanne.

be creativelinks
101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions
String Figures
Resources for Creativity and Innovation
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polish pottery
Twins Polish Pottery Patterns--This beautiful Polish pottery is individually handcrafted in
Boleslawiec, Poland, with the same attention to detail evident for over a century. Originally called Bunzlauer, this durable stoneware originated as a folk art in the 1800's in Germany (now part of Poland) and has developed a loyal following today because of its appealing combination of function and beauty.--Polish farmers created these traditional designs with inspiration from the proud peacock. The brilliant colors added beauty and color to an otherwise plain and simple lifestyle. Over the years the technique of using handmade stencils to create the designs has become a form of art passed on to new generations. Antique pieces can be viewed at museums in Poland. The people of Boleslawiec are proud to share their art with the world--Polish Pottery Patterns>Everyday-- Boleslawiec Polish Pottery --Polish Pottery from Boleslawiec--polish ceramics--Polish Pottery --Large Dinner Plate in 'polka dot' pattern--polish stoneware--an old polish plate

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Crocheting Sushi --Crochet Art--yummy fun--crochet magazine free patterns--Crochet Guild of America's Official Web Site--Chain Reaction Exhibit--Tapestry crochet is similar to regular crochet, except that one or more yarns are carried while another is crocheted. The finished pieces look woven instead of crocheted--crochet tiles--I have been up ALL NITE trying to figure out how to crochet --Title: Weave a Union Medium: Lover's Knot crochet, ribbon, hand made paper postcard --Hairpin Lace Loom or Crochet Fork--Art of Crochet --19th Century Needlework and Crafts Prints--FREEFORM CROCHET--crochet4you.com...doll books!--celebration of 'scrumbling' and all creative freeform crochet--Crochet III, mixografia print on handmade paper, 28 x 33--Crochet IV--Crochet Lessons for Left-Handers--TO PREPARE TO NET WITH THREAD--needle house-- betty's links--crochet'd skulls
transfigurations of the common place
Crocheted objects--Plastic Bag Crochet --1001 Uses for Scrunchies --10 Exciting Ways to use Crochet Edgings--Alfred Stief crochet'd Head with Hat-- Gail Wagner's "It's Alive!" infuses large-scale crocheted objects
Sculpture Objects & Functional Art--the history of crocheted snowflakes --crocheted bookmarks--
contemporary craft--Crocheted, stitched or etched in Sheetrock, sculpture assumes new identities in current shows--crocheted object
Objects so familiar they inspire no special consideration, objects so common their construction is overlooked, objects so useful their genesis is forgotten.
Seong Chun's obsessive sculptures, constructed from paper, crochet, and thread are embedded with almost subliminal text. Words are printed onto the surface of the paper, which is then painstakingly and elaborately stripped, joined, and folded to make "spools" of paper yarn. Chun employs texts such as Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities and Gaston Bachelard's The Poetics of Space to contemplate the infinite permutations of memory and ideas that challenge truths and actualities of past experiences.
Chun presents a group of recent crocheted-paper wall reliefs that are obviously labor-intensive, but nevertheless convey an airy and lively tone in this ambitious exploration of abstraction.
Seong Chun’s Crocheted Paper Works on Display in Avram Gallery
Artist Seong Chun, Cities (detail), 1997, text on crocheted paper, thread
Seong Chun's light-as-air sculptures of crocheted paper weave weighty and dense text from philosophical writers into the very fabric of her work. Combining domestic craft, fine art, philosophy and form, Chun creates an entirely new vernacular for both sculpture and works made on, or of, paper.
more chun
fiber artist Katherine Westphal--Katherine Westphal-- "Retro Hand-Printed Textiles; a Visual Remembrance from the Studios of Katherine Westphal and Ed Rossbach" --Spirit Now And Then: Recent Works By Katherine Westphal--
beyond thread
Art Review: Fiber artists thread work with experiment and imagination
BIOGRAPHY ED ROSSBACH --UC Berkeley textile expert Ed Rossbach dies at 88 -.-Ed Rossbach 1914-2002 Chicago, Illinois --Featuring husband and wife artists, Ed Rossbach and Katherine Westphal, Ties that Bind brings together several decades of their work from baskets to garments--The Nature of Basketry
Contemporary Baskets 2001

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Knitting is making a comeback, and quilting too: the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival includes sessions called 'Knitted Europe,' 'Data Knitting,' and 'Media Knitting.' The latter is a three-day hands-on workshop, so bring your digital wool and needles to Rotterdam. From 26 - 28 February, thirty participants and tutors Amy Franceschini and Guy Van Belle will knit together video, audio, streaming media and 3D modelling to 'discover and patch each other's domains.'
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gomitoli di lana
Italian crochet--Uncinetto--Click here to have a look
at my handmade necklaces--Italian Textiles, Fabrics . . . and Crochet

le artigiane--UNCINETTO--International Fiber Sources & Shops --filati e merceria--COME SI RICAMA A PUNTO CROCE--filomania--non solo uncinetto--Filati di lana - Cotone - Merceria 9.00-13.00 16.00-20.00 Via dei Baullari, 3 tel. 06.6869209--TESSUTI-FILATI-MATERIE PRIME OFFERTA

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no destination
Gobelin - Geometrische Motive Seite 1--celtic art--Florida Folk Art Online Gallery via plep--folky art via plep--spirit of the yaya via plep--a foto--Multiple Babies
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recenty discovered
My Backyard
example: Write Morning Pages....What are morning pages?
Put simply, the morning pages are three pages of longhand writing, strictly stream of consciousness. You might also think of them as "brain drain," since one of their functions is to help clear your mind. In order to retrieve your creativity, you need to find it. This can happen through a process of writing daily "morning pages."
Five Benefits of Journaling
Live Creatively
via born famous

Papercutting & books --Wycinanki - Polish Paper Cutting--Polish papercuts were used as home decorations, similar to Chinese "window flowers" and were glued on furniture, windows and walls--Wycinanki--Wycinanki Paper cuts (0riginal and traditional Polish) and silhouettes --Eggs and Paper Cutting--Wycinanki" pronounced Vee-chee-non-kee is the Polish word for 'paper-cut design'--Wycinanki (Paper-Cutting)--wycinanki--wycinanki--In Poland, the art of creating beautiful designs by cutting paper into intricate shapes has been one of the national pastimes.
compare to Mexican paper cuttings--more--more--Papel picado means "punched paper in Spanish. Papel picado also describes the traditional folk art used in Mexico to decorate altars, tables, windows, ceilings and plazas during festivals.

Sir Ernst Gombrich, the venerable humanist and scholar of art who died last year at the age of ninety-two, was not a great believer in historical epochs, but his passing marked nothing less than the end of one. Gombrich was the last member of a formidable dynasty of philosophers and historians who, beginning in central Europe during the nineteenth century, devoted themselves to discovering the deep structures of human culture.

No one would have thought it likely that the relatively conservative woman I was at 55 would do an about-face two years later and become an escort.
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finding the shared thread
New York art is having a hands-on moment. While artists have always worked with their hands, right now those hands seem to be especially busy. Knitting, sewing and quilting have a raised profile; so do quirky, even craftlike ways of drawing and painting, and approaches to video that make the medium feel thoroughly worked over — touched, so to speak. ....Craft is also an effective way for young artists to reclaim pop culture: a direct grass-roots effort to subvert and reshape the stuff they have been force-fed from an early age. via dangerous chunky
related: Misaki Kawai --new image art gallery--Florine Stettheimer 's nuse portrait-- 1917 poem-- more Stettheimer--spring sale by settheimer--THE LIFE AND ART OF FLORINE STETTHEIMER
Gerald Jackson is an urban artist whose multiple styles always have you wondering what he is going to do next. From his pop "Media/Beauty" series to his watecolors of circles and swoops (reminiscent of Franticzek Kupka and Sonja Delaunay) Jackson is an artist who dictates his own style. --eli sudbracksudbrack--like you--
Dinh Q. Lê Untitled #2 1998 c-print and linen tape--woven eye--BOLDLY INVENTIVE QUILTS OF GEE'S BEND TO BE SHOWN AT THE WHITNEY MUSEUM --Everyday Use: The Quilters of Gee's Bend--The Quilts of Gee's Bend--The more than 50 quilts all come from an isolated African-American community in Alabama, about 30 miles southwest of Selma. Surrounded by a river on three sides and without good roads, has been producing extraordinary female quilters since the 1920s. They are all, like the other 700 or so residents of Gee's Bend, descendents of slaves that worked on the Pettway Plantation--The Quilts of Gee's Bend--gee's bend photo--Gee's Bend, Alabama photo

Valéry Grancher--Valéry Grancher

Emin's slippers fetch £5,500--Rosie Lee Tompkins--Rosie Lee Tompkins--Figurative Art About Black Identity --Trenton Doyle Hancock--Out of the Ordinary: New Art from Texas Trenton Doyle Hancock

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back from the maldives
just discovered: cocokat in slumberland
An article in CASE DA ABITARE led me to discver Cary Leibowitz: sound vision--a scribbled fax from Cary Leibowitz a.k.a. Candyass --"Hi Fatty Hi"- Lecture by Cary Leibowitz--Cary Leibowitz in "Gain! Wait! Now!"--Cary Leibowitz/Candyass Liza Minelli for President-- Cary S. Leibowitz makes multiples. Leibowitz goes by the alias Candyass. He imprints text on anything from pennants, to wallpaper, and rugs--"BLONDIES AND --BROWNIES - WEIß WEIß BIN ICH AUCH" --an extensive selection of multiples by Cary S. Leibowitz / Candyass dating from 1989 to the present--DNA DELI COFFEE CUPS--the work of Cary Leibowitz/Candyass employs humor, self-doubt and Jewish/gay cultural references to make his not-so-subtle commentary

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take a walk on the wild side:
art for housewives
ikastikos weblog
cardboard retablos


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