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Friedrich Hundertwasser to Kaffe Fasset to Alighiero Boetti

Friedrich Hundertwasser --hundertwasser haus--FRIEDENSREICH HUNDERTWASSER--Homage to Hundertwasserhundertwasser links at ikastikos

kaffe fasset links--Kaffe Fassett is the UK's king of home decoration and is reputed as one of the world's most innovative textile artists--A Kaffe Fassett knitted shawl pattern inspired this design--KAFFE FASSETT fabrics--Kaffe Fassett demonstrates making another mosaic with broken pottery and grout

Alighiero e Boetti--Alighiero e Boetti--Alighiero e Boetti--the works of the Italian artist Alighiero e Boetti--["Normale e anormale", Alighiero e Boetti, 1998]

textile links--Quilts Japan Prize --the festivalquilts-exciteand inspire --Stitching and Blocking Instructions--view the design and chart--This alphabet is charted for brick or peyote stitch--sewing--Many stitches have been diagrammed on Needlepoint --Single strand Persian wool

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swatch of vision fabrics--Island Crafts & Fabrics --Western Fabrics and Prints --white lotus fabrics--cowboy & cactus--Coordinating Fabrics in Three Easy Steps --create interesting designs on fabric--Pamela Bell fabrics--African Fancy Prints--ethnic fabrics--children's quilt--border strips and squares with an African theme--West African Textiles --african magnolia fabric--cotton fabrics--portsmouth fabrics-- fabricswatches --Gallery of Miniature Fabrics --fabrics and herbs--Quilt Block Northwest--Japanese Print Fabrics--revival fabrics--retro prints--Japanese Kimono Pattern Fabrics--Hawaiiana / Floral fabrics--Sign Up to Receive Swatches --japanese fabric--guatemalan fabrics--category (such as Japanese fabrics)
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buds and blooms
Van Gogh and Japonisme--In France, the painting revolution preceded the Art Nouveau--L'ART NOUVEAU Boutique de Samuel BING --Japonsime, a style that encompasses Japanese art design, was one of the strongest influences upon Art Nouveau--The term Art Nouveau is French and means New Art-- What is Art Nouveau?--What is Art Nouveau?--Lady Duff-Gordon--lady duff gordon's clothing label was lucille--vintage clothing-- E.A. Seguy was one such designer--Modernism and Fabric: Art and the Tirocchi Textiles--E.A. Seguy, Primavera--Bloomsbury: the Omega Workshop--"The Art of Bloomsbury" --"Bloomsbury" was the nickname given to a group of young friends who met in Britain around 1905 and named for the neighborhood in London where many of them lived and worked--Bloomsbury for Decorative Arts was established in 1993 --Bloomsbury Group Links --Charleston, a modest 18th century farmhouse set close to the foot of the South Downs, is a memorial to the Bloomsbury Group--alphonse mucha graphics-- Japonism -- roses-- art nouveau flowers-- Art Nouveau Style from Europe-- Art Nouveau Tiles: Fantastic Flowers and Other Forms--Fabulous Flowers--japonism postcard--The western world's fascination with Japan since 1854 (when her ports were forcibly opened to the rest of the world by the US Navy) has caused almost every major artist up to the end of the last century to adopt the styles, techniques and ideas of the Japanese model. --Japonism in Fashion --Japonisme, ten etchings on yellow Chinese paper--japonisme--Ornementation--Japonisme: nieuw perspectief in de westerse kunst --Organization for the cultural enlightenment through Ukiyo-e. Ukiyo-e is a Japanese traditional multicolored woodblock print-- International Biennale in Nagoya--Copies (prints after some favorites)--the japan page
Jugendstil, Art Nouveau, or the Age of Doodling--willaim morris floral wallpaper--Jugendstil (art nouveau, modern style), style of art at the turn of the 20th century--jugendstil images--known in Germany as ‘Jugendstil’, from the Munich art magazine Jugend--in Italy as the stile floreale (floral style) or stile Liberty, after British art nouveau designer Arthur Lasenby Liberty; in Spain as modernisme; in Austria as Sezessionstil (secession style); and in Germany as Jugendstil (youth style--italian art nouveau artists--German term Jugendstil (lit. "youth style"), which refers to the decorative style known elsewhere as Art Nouveau--Diese Jugendstil-Kommode
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ink jet fabrics
Graphics, Fine Arts and Textile Industries Converge On InkJet Fabrics--Inkjet coated fabrics fall into 3 classifications polyester, cotton / linen and silk--an inkjet printer, you can buy iron-on transfer paper --Inkjet Transfer Paper--specially coated for Inkjet Printing --Printing on fabrics with Large Format Inkjet (LF) Printers started in 1998 with only a few products--Memories & Keepsakes on Fabrics--Phototransfer Quilts--Australian method--Photo Transfer --PHOTO & MEMORY QUILTS--aunt sally's memory quilts>--memory quilts--Journal Quilts by Lesley Riley
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patched pieces of color
kaffe fassett com--An Interview with Kaffe Fassett --Kaffe Fassett Stripes --Kaffe Fassett, the world's most innovative textile artist--Bright colours and bold stripes and checks are the trademarks of Kaffe Fassett's wonderful patchwork fabrics--KNITTING, NEEDLEPOINT, QUILTING Kaffe Fasset --Leading textile artist Kaffe Fassett designs As You Like It--kaffe fassett fabrics for sale--Kaffe Fassett Quilts Biography--Kaffe Fassett is the UK's king of home decoration and is reputed as one of the world's most innovative textile artists--Kaffe Fassett Stripes --Kaffe Fassett Click on image for larger view of fabric--Kaffe Fassett Mosaics--Kaffe Fassett Studio--Kaffe Fassett is a textile artist from England who is creating new waves in the quilting world--Prints by Kaffe Fassett--example of a fassett --example of a fassett --example of a fassett --example of a fassett --example of a fassett --example of a fassett --example of a fassett --example of a fassett --example of a fassett --example of a fassett

McAdoo's hooked rugs--Carpet & Rug Partners--fiber arts on line hooked rugs--the granary gallery--red barn catalogue--throw rugs--throw rugs--throw rugs--throw rugs--throw rugs--throw rugs--throw rugs--throw rugs--throw rugs--throw rugs--hooked rug--hooked rug--hooked rug--hooked rug--hooked rug--hooked rug--hooked rug--hooked rugshooked rug--rug artists
Folk and Anonymous Art relates --cezanne rug--sea rug--a map
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