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the use of hands as a form of meditation


modified again
Tempus Fugit, fug it all Assemblage art by Dale Copeland--I use discarded, old and worn "Kitchenalia" as a basis for the design of my "Re-Strained ART".--Virtual TART Art from Taranaki, New Zealand--rights to the above mentioned images are held by Melissa Ray --Welcome to my artist studio at nikkal.com. My work is abstract and geometric. I do portraits with titles --Merlin to young King Arthur: "The best thing for being sad is to learn something new." digital art by the 81 year old Anne Eldredge Harris --airline meals-- THREE DIMENSIONAL WORKS & DIVERTIMENTI--How art heals: mind- body physiology--Goals of Artists in Healthcare --SHAMANIC ORIGIN OF THE ARTS--The electromagnetic field is the template in which the body is configured – the cells of the body. Actually the aura of light is a template in which the electromagnetic field is configured. --the story of roan--Ellen Singletary artwork--Mary Daniel Hobson art--carol es art--Artist Susan Leibovitz Steinman salvages materials directly from community waste streams to construct public art installations that connect common daily experiences to broader social issues. Projects include conceptual sculpture gardens that meld art, ecology and community action. --As the sole organization of its kind in the state, Texas Folklife Resources (TFR) is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and perpetuating the traditional arts and culture of the Lone Star State. --Strictly speaking, the term geomancy refers to an ancient form of divination in which, simply put, handfuls of soil or other materials were scattered on the ground, or markings made in the earth or sand, to generate a range of dot configurations which could then be "read" by a seer. --example of a living legacy--Lois first saw "glue art" (as it was known then) in the form of a decorated car in Marin County. It inspired her to begin on her own. Her sculptures or assemblage are usually done on wooden bases or frames or statues found in the shape she desires. --three gallery com
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another monday morning
click on an icon to see the entire picture--altpick--Art As a Healing Force Web--A selection of images from the Paradise Possessed exhibition via plep--catherine's freezer--Hermenaut, an irregularly published journal of philosophy and pop-culture, has been described as "a zine that gives voice to indie intellectual thought," "a scholarly journal minus the university," and "a sounding board for thinking folk who operate outside the ivory tower." via subterreanean notes--perception of beauty is inborn, that similar features are regarded as beautiful universally. If beauty is indeed hard-wired into the brain by natural selection, we would expect to find circuits in the brain that respond to beauty. from context--Zapata Stencil Graffiti by Nico via gmtPlus9--recycle those plastic bags by crocheting them into something else via dangerous chunky--Afternoon Tea by Mary Engelbreit, 44-45" wide, 100% cotton.
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Shades of purple and violet can relax and stimulate us at the same time. Purple can comfort and relieve strain but it can also stimulate creativity and imagination.
Physiological Effect: Violet has shown to alleviate conditions such as sunburn due to its purifying and antiseptic effect. This color also suppresses hunger and balances the body's metabolism. Indigo, a lighter purple, has been used by doctors in Texas as an anesthesia in minor operations because its narcotic <"A soothing or numbing agent.">qualities.
Psychological Effect: Purples have been used in the care of mental of nervous disorders because they have shown to help balance the mind and transform obsessions and fears. Indigo is often associated with the right side of the brain; stimulating intuition and imagination. Violet is associated with bringing peace and combating shock and fear. Violet has a cleansing effect with emotional disturbances. Also, this color is related to sensitivity to beauty, high ideals and stimulates creativity, spirituality and compassion. Psychic power and protection has also been associated with violet.
“Tyrian Purple,” the purple dye of the ancients mentioned in texts dating back to about 1600 B.C., was produced from the mucus of the hypobranchial gland of various species of marine mollusks, notably Murex. It took some 12,000 shellfish to extract 1.5 grams of the pure dye. Legend credits its discovery to Herakles, or rather to his dog, whose mouth was stained purple from chewing on snails along the Levantine coast. King Phoenix received a purple-dyed robe from Herakles and decreed the rulers of Phoenicia should wear this color as a royal symbol.Although originating in Tyre (hence the name), man's first dye chemical industry spread throughout the world.Rome, Egypt, and Persia all used purple as the imperial standard. Purple dyes were rare and expensive; only the rich had access to them. The purple colorants used came from different sources, most from the dye extraction from fish or insects.

Treat yourself to these plump, Lavender Pillows and enjoy the scent noted for its ability to calm the spirit and relieve exhaustion.--Blue And Purple Color Values--Blue can send a message of clean or fresh fragrance, while pink may imply something sweet.--dresser shown with optional pink and lavender drawer fronts--Color theory encompasses a multitude of definitions, concepts and design applications--Indigo refers to several species of Indigofera, famous for the natural blue colors obtained from leaflets and branches of this herb. --Provencal Decor --Purple Color Combinations --All About Purple and Lavender --Lavender is derived from the Latin "lavare" which means "to wash" and that is just what the Romans did with lavender. --The Psychological Meaning of Individual Colors--COLOR CUE--What Is Colorblindness and the Different Types?--Lavender is the color of gentleness and discrimination. --Colors and wellness the power and beauty of spectrum light--"What colour should I paint my bedroom?" --Purple:Spectrum: 7th and last color of the spectrum --The Psychology of Fabric--Hand Crafted Lavender Switchplate--the future of color--French Provence Linens in Lavender Fields--Hexadecimal Color Values --History, Shellfish, Royalty, and the Color Purple-lavender--LAVENDER--LAVENDER--LAVENDERMIST--LAVENDER--LAVENDER--LAVENDER--LAVENDER--The Magical Properties of Purple--LAVENDER--THE VIBRATION OF COLOR--LAVENDER--The Color Purple

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some intentions

It may look like a jumbo-sized order of Moo-Goo Gai Pan to go, but it's actually our new Chinese Take-Out Bag. --An Archive of American Patchwork Quilt Designs--Samplers allowed girls to learn practical stitchery, as proper housekeeping required that all clothing and household linens be marked with the initials of the owner. Beginning in the 17th century samplers included alphabets, signatures, dates and verse. Girls of all classes, ages 5 to 9, would work samplers under the supervision of either a mother, grandmother or teacher. --Art Deco International--Art For The Spirit --. So I drew some, collaged some and practiced my paper weaving (which I love doing). Some of the scans aren't the finished product, because I ended up journaling over them--Art Nouveau, 1890-1914, explores a new style in the visual arts and architecture that developed in Europe and North America at the end of the nineteenth century.

thoughts without intentions
Hi, this is sewkits. Here's where you can look at cross stitched record sleeves in miniature, and then buy kits to make them yourself. --Sam Prekop paints small, meandering semi-grids which hover between abstraction and representation. Rhythmic and impressionistic, Prekop¹s accumulations of geometric forms are set against backgrounds of muted colors like gray, cream, or mint. -- At sixteen, he started visiting prostitutes. --From Joseph Beuys to Eva Hesse to Zoe Leonard, many postwar artists make works in unstable or ephemeral materials. Curators and conservators dealing with latex, lard, bodily fluids, and banana peels are coming up with new preservation strategies --Although it does get me thinking about ways in which these sorts of patterns could be integrated with and related to real-world events. All that's happening here is that a couplea variables are variously increasing and decreasing at different rates and speeds, independent of one another....like sunflowers --The ideology of Art without Artefact--human bones in art--because I was sick of the Art scene in Portland not supporting the great Lowbrow artists and Independent comic artists for the simple fact of not liking their work ! So Me being a long time lowbrow art collector I set out to Open a Gallery that i would like to go to and hang out in! With that in mind Gallery Bink was born! --face no 165 via gmtPlus9--
点击此处访通用网址 --After high school, Faith married a jazz musician and had two daughters. Because she had always wanted to be an artist, she tried to enroll in the liberal arts program at the City College of New York, but discovered the school would not allow women to study liberal arts--a metal sculpture park-- Aboriginal Art and Craft by Tobwabba Art Australia.--The artists combine these techniques to create a fresh and colorful perspective on Aboriginal art.--Contemporary Aboriginal art is a vital part of the world's oldest continuous cultural tradition. It is also one of the most brilliant and exciting areas of modern art


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the lady sings the blues

Color is vibration. Different colors vibrrate in different ways. Like sometimes I'm red. And sometimes I'm blue.
Hitchcock once had a dinner party where all the food was tinted blue. People hardly ate. Because blue is not a color related to food. In fact, in you want to diet, serve meals on blue plates or put a blue bulb in the refrigerator and you'll find that you eat less. Because blue is an appetite suppressant.
But blue has other characteristics, too.
Blue is a cool color. This means that it recedes into the distance whereas warm colors push forward. Cool colors slow down our perception of time.
Cool colors (like violet, blue, light blue, cyan and sea green) are often considered soothing. The color blue slows respiration and heartbeat, making you physically feel calmer because blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals. Walls painted a medium blue can make a small room appear larger because our eyes focus blue in the front of the retina.
However, too much calm can get on our nerves. Too much blue for too long a time can bring on melancholia, depression, and feelings of solitude. Just like chocolate cake, too much of a good thing can be nauseating.
People are more productive in blue rooms. Studies show weightlifters are able to handle heavier weights in blue gyms.
Yves Klein loved blue. One of Klein's favorite places for meditation was the basement of a business owned by a friend's father. To mask the claustrophobic quality of the windowless room, Klein created a false sky by painting the ceiling blue. This marked the first time he created a monochomatic painted surface using the color that symbolized limitless space and spiritual purity for him. And when Derek Jarmon began loosing his sight, he thought about BLUE.

Chromatherapy (color therapy)--blue nudes--blue door--When you sit back to think of the color blueblue--I see my teapots as being little narrative dramas. --green blue yellow.jpg--Horoscope signs and colors: COLOR BLUE--Azulejos de origen catalán--Azulejos du Portugal --Azulejos (tiles) in Lisboa --azulejos--Museo del Azulejo--azulejos--a blue dress--BLUE CATS and CHARTREUSE KITTENS--Blue Chairs--Catálogo de azulejos--blue door photography--Yves Klein, Victory of Samothrace--Intro to the blues --blue--Yves Klein, Requiem blue,1960--He is renowned for his almost exclusive use of a strikingly resonant, powdery cobalt pigment, which he patented under the name “International Klein Blue,” claiming that it represented the physical manifestation of cosmic energy that, otherwise invisible, floats freely in the air. --Homage to Yves Klein--more klein blue--Women’s naked bodies in blue and gold float and soar through an intense blue space. --Blue film by Derek Jarman--known for his monochromatic blue paintings--The Blue Reliefs --Yves Klein Blue pigment on plaster 1961--Blue (1993)--the blank blue screen symbolising the invisibility of the virus--Blue wall--Blue Iris Grouping--blue door--A 'Bizarre' Applique Blue Lugano' large wall charger --THE PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT OF COLOR - Continued-- untitled BLUE pen and paint on paper (1999) via riley dog--The Meaning of Color for Gender--Color and Food Matters -- Light consists of the seven color energies: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Each colour is connected to various areas of our body and will affect us differently emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. -- Psychology of Color Do different colors affect your mood? -- Effects of Color-- It is a well known fact that color influences mood and feeling in common experience -- Psychological Effects of Color:--If you wish to accomplish change through color then it makes sense to first take a look at your own reactions on colors.--Important Color Trends As Consumers Enter The Next Decade.--Color is an essential ingredient in our envirment. --Shades of purple and violet can relax and stimulate us at the same time. --DOORS AND WINDOWS--Flowers in 3 Blue Vases--mermaid tiles--Blue Bedroom --more blue--
The color of tranquility, blue is cool, soothing and orderly. -- Howard Finster has been my greatest influence-- A Look at the Color Blue -- another blue door--more blue----more --more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue--more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue--more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue--more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue--more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue--more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue--more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue--more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue--more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue--more blue----more blue----more blueblue----more blue--more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue--more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue----more blue --color theory-- color theory--color theory--color theory--color theory--color theory--color theory--color theory


the need for color

WHY DO LEAVES CHANGE COLOR IN THE FALL?--Seeing Sounds, Colors When Reading Numerals--Color Logic delivers everything you’ll ever need to know about color theory. This book provides a solid foundation in color usage in all design disciplines--understand what causes color blindness--Color Blindness Theory, Simulation--Colors and Backgrounds--Synesthesia and Artistic Experimentation A Synesthesia Experiment: Consciousness of Neural Activity --Synesthesia is an involuntary joining in which the real information of one sense is accompanied by a perception in another sense--Synesthesia: Hearing Colors--Blue Cats Synesthesia Resource Center--The Psychology of Fabric--ARCHETYPAL VISIONS: Color and Consciousness --The Netherlands Color Synesthesia (NeCoSyn) project --How color effects your Mood--Every color has its own individualized unique character traits and potencies. Each molecule can be seen as a tiny quantum oscillator selectively absorbing and radiating light at variant frequencies of color. Colors are like catalysts pushing against energy blockages to growth and health that lodge in our human personality structures, the Psyche. This living energy of light facilitates healing of a physical symptom by working on it at the spiritual and psycho-emotional levels simultaneously.--Synaesthesia links--THE EFFECTS OF COLOR ON THE HUMAN PSYCHE--color in dreams--Color Emotions--Color appears to represent the emotional conditions --Colors evoke emotion. When people see a color, they link it with a specific emotion--COLOR SETS THE MOOD--Living With Color --perceptions of human awareness through shape and color--color chart--experiments in color vision


brightly painted
Ndebele women must paint their houses to maintian a good reputation--Ndebele have lived in South Africa for over four hundred years where women have handed down from mother to daughter each generation the techniques and design of geometric motifs are diverse in color and composition and have recently incorporated modern icons; indicative of the Ndebele's adaptability to change on the one hand and determination to maintain tradition on the other. The subject matter of Ndebele art, for the most part, relates to basic things that the people see around them. --My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken, and Me--Khovar & Sohrai Painted Houses--The houses in Tiebele are painted by the women who own them, who invest a great deal of creative energy in inventing new motifs and who take enormous pride in the distinctiveness of their work. --The Gurunsi (Kassena) tribe live in fortified houses in the Tiebélé region on the border of Burkina Faso and Ghana. The Gurunsi women create beautiful abstract frescoes that decorate the walls of their mud huts, situated in a round formation. --Africa: Women's Art, Women's Lives--Prettiest Painted Places in America--Among some Cameroon groups, women simply wore pubic aprons also known as 'caches sexes' in various writings (literally - 'to hide the sex') until approximately 1961, when governmental restrictions required women to be fully clothed. --In many parts of Africa, women paint the walls of their houses to announce marriages and other important events. Sometimes the paintings are a form of prayer and worship. At other times, the paintings are a form of protest. The style and technique of this painting has evolved over many years. --
African Painted Houses: Basotho Dwellings of Southern Africa --Explore Senegal--Jenne-jeno, an ancient African city--. In their wall painting they abstractly depict items they saw when they first came into contact with white people. For example, they imitate the geometrical shapes of a razor blade or letters of the alphabet. Just as colourful as the wall paintings are the clothes and beaded jewellery of the women. --. African folkart inspired Picasso, it can inspire quilters, too. --Xhosa Culture--Nice, known for its "Garibaldi" style of painting and trompe l'oeil. --Ellen Hagen's Painted Village.--The Painted Houses of Hazaribag--Brightly painted houses on Boca Bairro, Buenos Aires--Caminito, the street, the tango, a colorful place --Painted Houses--Where everyone's home is a work of art--african colors--A web site dedicated to bringing the arts and the artisans of Africa --Maasai are best known for their beautiful beadwork --, life is hard and commercial paints are scarce. So Ndebele woman rely on home-grown paints -- black from charcoal, white from slaked lime, and earth colors from soil. --The interior courtyards of the painted homes in Tiebele homes are as spectacular and picturesque as the painted exterior walls.-- "To paint is to express joy" in AmaNdebele, signals of color from South Africa--ISA KABINI paintings--Painted walls, These coloured walls and patterns on the side of an adjacent building are all that's left of a demolished house--The Painted Monasteries of Sounthern Bukovina--Color my wall--homes of Pablo Neruda --Painted Houses --In January 1937 Leon Trotsky finally finds refuge at Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's Blue House.--casa azul--In this quilt Frida is standing in her garden in front of the blue house--painted architecture--Casa Azul II --color and response to places and situations --the endless blocky buildings hastily constructed of concrete that are endemic to Thailand. --an inflatable pink castle


still working

working on my triptychs

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