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the use of hands as a form of meditation


getting ready for the studio
IKEA--FENG SHUI- Chi on the Outside--Startpage Interior Design--design boom--core 77--Decorating w/Feng Shui--Information on feng shui interior design--The Practical Application of Feng Shui--The International Feng Shui Guild brings together and supports the International Feng Shui Community. Our purpose is to promote the use, practice, and teaching of Feng Shui--Learn Traditional Feng Shui!--

Feng Shui ......Feng Shui (pronounced "fung shway"), a practice of balancing energy or Chi based on the philosophy of Taoism, is literally translated as "wind and water," symbolizing movement and energy. It is sometimes called the Chinese art of placement--The Feng Shui Society---Feng Shui--Feng Shui--Feng Shui--Feng Shui--Feng Shui--Feng
Shui--Feng Shui--Feng
Shui--Feng Shui

the feng shui gate--Feng Shui means "wind and water."
It's an ancient Chinese art form that deals with the balancing of energy through the placement of objects. The goal for Feng Shui is for everything to be in harmony or balance. The Chinese word for energy is "chi". How the chi flows in your house affects your everyday life.
What does Feng Shui do? Basically, aside from balancing your energy, it is a tool that is used to examine your surroundings. It allows you to recognize the subliminal messages that you are sending your self. Once these messages are acknowledged they can be changed and new messages that are more beneficial can be fostered.
Feng Shui will initiate change.
Bagua, what is it? It is an eight-sided map that is used as a tool to distinguish the 9 different aspects of life and personality. The Bagua can be applied to an individual room, an entire house, a garden, and even a desk or a car. Think of it as a template and place it mentally or physically over the area in which you wish to Feng Shui. Generally the career section is overlaid on the center of the wall with the main entranceway. This is where the Feng Shui journey begins.

feng shui tips--feng shui----feng shui----feng shui----feng shui----feng shui----feng shui----feng shui----feng shui----feng shui----feng shui
feng shui and windchimes......

found magazine--Founders Of The Arts & Crafts Movement 1870 - 1900--FOOTHILL FABRIC NEWS --furniture society home--home & garden television--women of.com--The rug room at Homescapes has one of the largest selections of decorative area rugs in upstate New York--

laurence's miniature windows via spitting image

RECYcLED PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES...see in particular: water PET bottle reuse : water rockets--easy to make water rocket--water bottle funiture--Water Bottle Patio Lights--

'ecolo' flower-vase
gerd rohling ( krefeld, 1946) look what gerd rohling magically produced in the city of glass (venice/murano)! take a closer look!--48 uses for PET bottles--more scientific experiments with plstic water bottles

RIEDIZIONi and products--and more luisa cevese links here

plastic pillows--plastic pillow--plastic pillow--Shirt made from twisted bike-tube rubber laces--International Recycling Centre--THE ART OF RECYCLING BOTTLES
Recycle chic Interior design with garage sale finds--Geared to recycle--

It's exciting! It's spectacular! It's the first-ever ReusaChallenge!!!--to make : fridge tin pen holder--At Home REUSE / RECYCLE

my shower curtain
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in the bag
painted purses and other bags: We cover each box with rich collage, install sturdy brass fittings and fabric linings, and complete the work of art with a luxuriously thick glossy finish. Some are roomy enough to contain a day’s full complement of womanly accoutrements while others are just the right size for a ladylike compact, cellphone and cab fare--CraftyBitch bags are 100% handmade, one-of-a-kind creations made from unexpected materials and a wild imagination--Liberty Western bags--mavery design bags--CIGAR BOX PURSES--funky handmade one-of-a-kind and limited edition handbags and purses--UMX Fashion Purse and Handbag Wooden & Metal Wire Handles--Painted Pony Collection--Painted Metal Purses--African American Leather Purses--placemat purses--Painted Purses WILD KINGDOM --another painted purse--violette's painted purses--she'd left her purse on his chiar--Black Purse carved whistle--Above are 4 views of an amazing cigar box purse created by Terry Lee Getz of Pisces Rising zine. In this purse she used stamps from both the Recoveries and the Salvaged Dreams plates. Check out Terry's cigar box purse article in the 2001 Jan./Feb. Somerset Studio Magazine--Silk Purse and Venetian Glass Candies --purse and paper greeting card--Chris Berti brings a special kind of reverence to his sculpture of animals and everyday objects.--LUCKY DUCT HANDBAGS--Following the debut of her "glamcam" on Jamie Lee Curtis at the Golden Globe Awards, Miss Lareau's purse was named the "best purse of the evening" by the Associated Press. Riding the buzz her purse created at The Golden Globes, and later The Academy Awards, Lareau exhibited her dazzling work at art galleries and museums and at Tiffany & Co--Robin Van Arsdol - Graffiti Art Wood Box Purses--Folding Purse Puppet, c. 1910-20, Wood, metal and fiber with polychrome,15"h x 10"w x 4"d.......Kelly Williams, Black purse on red chair, 1999--purse book--Woman with Koi Purse--koi purse--My handbags -- MIXT Bags -- are created from recycled wooden boxes, vintage game pieces, and a variety of papers and textural paint--his purse--EASEL CARRYING BAG--bag--bag--bag--bag--bag--bag--bag--bag--bag--bag--bag--bag

via plep: Welcome! I hope you thoroughly enjoy my handbags. ~ Choco--painted handbags

lala's land FRAGMENTS - GALLERY 13....this nice little blurb from The New York Times about
mail art, which included bits about 20 Things and nervousness.org-- Ken Little fiber art--

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hands & frequency
Language rhythms in baby hand movements --Braille Reading--A common myth is that a well-trained singer can shatter glass--Brainwave Frequency Listing - Bibliography--Brainwave Synchronizer --How to Meditate--Neural Feedback and Brainwave Training--In order to achieve movement signals are sent from the ...primary motor area of the cerebral cortex to stimulate contraction of appropriate muscles. There are two general efferent neural pathways involved in movement direct and indirect--SATURATION WITHIN--BRAIN WAVES: neurons, bits & genes

Brain waves, or the "EEG", are electrical signals that can be recorded from the brain, either directly or through the scalp. The kind of brain wave recorded depends on the behaviour of the animal, and is the visible evidence of the kind of neuronal (brain cell) processing necessary for that behaviour--BRAIN WAVES AND ALPHA RHYTHM--Brain Waves -list of links--Welcome to Brain Waves!--Scientists Show Brain Waves Can Move Objects--The brain wave patterning (EEG) of most alcohol addicted person is so typical that EEG professionals recognize it on sight--Science Measures The Human Energy Field--The Healing Energy of Your Hands book--This study shows that healing methods similar to Therapeutic Touch can change the Human Energy Field--Hands-On Healing of the Human Energy Field

Hands: Energy Transmitters--There is an undiscovered ability of bio-energy flowing through your hands --[Levnet] Energy Hands--Controlling Your World With Brain Waves--
that 'brain waves' are not confined to the brain but travel throughout the body via the perineural system, the sheaths of connective tissue surrounding all nerves. During treatment, these waves begin as relatively weak pulses in the thalamus of the practitioner's brain, and gather cumulative strength as they flow to the peripheral nerves of the body including the hands--Science Measures the Human Energy Field--Energy Fields, Biomagnetism, and Their Affect on Healing--Radar Hands Theory--THE HANDS--Healing Hands--How Does Reflexology Work?--Electronics link mind and body -- Spiritual Healing

biomagnetic pulsations from the hands are in the same frequency range as brain waves

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Inmate Artists' Hard-Fought Visions--Art from the inside offers a window into the world of incarceration--Changing Criminals through Methods of Persuasion--artisanity--art sanity--
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spaced out
Many, many years ago I read a book regarding NASA's use of children's drawings to help engineers dream up new projects the idea being that too much knowledge can block you. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find the book...can anyone out there help me?

the space place--We Are Going To Mars!----Magnificent to behold through the windows of a space shuttle, the 100-ton Mir was as big as six schoolbuses. Inside, it looked more like a cramped labyrinth, crowded with hoses, cables and scientific instruments—as well as articles of everyday life, such as photos, children's drawings, books and a guitar.
Children's drawings and the evolution of art--children's drawings--children's drawings--children's drawings--children's drawings--children's drawings--children's drawings--children's drawings--children's drawings--children's drawings--children's drawings--children's drawings--children's drawings
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Aprons and Other Kitchenwear--aprons at innovative threads--Marna Goldstein Brauner apron--Fast Food Apron --Apron Strings--This apron's garden basket is woven from linen strips that I cut and hemmed--kitchen goddess apron--Rules of Engagement#7 apron
Taffeta Hostess Apron--apron--VINTAGE SEWING PATTERNS APRONS--say it with aprons--The Apron Project
apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--apron--hostess apron-- garden apron--How My Mothers Embroidered Apron Unfolds In My Life--Tutti-Frutti Apron--Black Parlour Aprons

How My Mother's Embroidered Apron Unfolds in My Life --Apron Emporium --VINTAGE EMBROIDERY/APRONS --souvenier apron
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art as object/funtional art

links: bottleheads--the art of the personal object--the object of art--MARCIA WEBER / ART OBJECTS--Cloned vs. Linked Art Objects--Frederik as an Object
of Art--NERVOUS, Land Mail Art Objects--objet d’art, art object, object of art--Objects-Art
Gallery of W. Keith Crowder--Pop Art: The Test of the Object--The Annual International Exposition of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art: SOFA --Gallery of Functional Art--HOME DECOR, Living Creatively With Art--ART FUNC--FUNCTIONAL ART.COM-- American Craft
Council--Artist Made Furniture & Functional Art Furniture by Bruce Gray--GALLERY OF FUNCTIONAL ART - FURNITURE COLLECTION by artists --Ambiance Acoustics is proud to present our Signature Series loudspeaker finishes--Furniture Design & Functional Art by Christian Rubeck--objects of curiosity--Benjamin Designs--Debra Gould Home Collection--Functional Art --decorative arts--American Decorative Arts--decorative arts and the materiall culture--The Decorative Arts, Their Relation To Modern Life And Progress--Artist, Marc Miller
-- Functional Art Fish Chair --Maypickle's Gallery--Ten Women--The Gallery of Functional Art --carter's american junk--swamp-girl--

Experience Art
Furniture--objects of couriosity--LABUE art objects--a collection of uncommon objects --Dresser Table and Chair --Stuffed Animal Easy Chair--Any
object is potentially paintable--Object Lessons: Beauty and Meaning in Art--lissa robins' objects--toaster--hein cabinets--Kitschy Koo celebrates the beauty ordinary household objects----Many Faces: Painted Chair and Ottoman--Metrolux Glass
Lighting--oil painting
spitoon--NEASDEN CONTROL CENTRE objects--OBJECT RECOGNITION VIA IMAGE INVARIANTS --pamelart painted furniture--Reincarnation painted furniture--'Kropsholder' (Body Container)--chair with teeth--

Murals with Furniture
--Les Coquelicots Nightstand
with door --Quimera Gallery functional
--Revere Collection chairs--Jill
Henrietta Davis furniture--art
of furniture--recliners
chairs--some more chairs--Hand-Painted
fiberglass furniture
--BUST objects--things
magazine is a bi-annual journal of new writing about objects,
their pasts, presents and futures --JOHN CEDERQUIST furniture--Zeke's
Furniture & Undertaking--DECORATED
CARIBOU--Box Clock --rustic picture frame--STARBROOK AIRLINES art chairs--Christy Jennewein's whimsical furniture--The
Art of Furniture--painted furniture--Two Totally Cool furniture--...not just furniture...--peter michel functional art--functional art: illy cups--functional wood art--Sculpture objects--Daniel
Peters functional art--Maureen Fahy art objects --the art of the personal object via plep--20 things-- art furniture--

functional art
related links: Gallery of Functional
Art--The son of an antique dealer and restorer, Jon
has been collecting eclectic objects and fine tuning his eye
for beauty in the discarded since he was a child--the useful art of
david fobes--Vesna
Art Furniture --gordon chandler's metals--I make these bowls by hand from fresh vegetables that have been cured for several days, then pressed, dried, and aged-- Floyd Gompf (Gallery One)--Shannon Landis Hansen's wisecrack lamps--Brian Jewett creates pleasingly shaped bowls and baskets using a variety of industrial materials
and elements --“Not-so Secret Code” > code < (recipe books & assemblages by DNA
)--Pablo Neruda's poetry inspires eclectic exhibit, W I L L I A M F. M A T T H E W S--ESCENASDECAZA
--mfa, is short for muebles (furniture) finos (fine) artesanales (crafted
by hand) / eronga is what locals call the town of Erongaricuaro, home to founders and designers, Maureen and Steve Rosenthal since 1970--Joseph Somers' work picks up where pop art left off--F. L. Wall still life with flowers--Zabriskie/Carbonell Sculptures With Light --African
in the furniture of Pierre Legrain--
& Diabolical Gifts that Celebrate the Day of the Dead

Mourning Jewelry Museum During the Georgian and Victorian Periods, works of art and jewelry were created out of hair and other materials to commemorate the loss of loved ones -- Things Gone By--Victorian Hairwork
Society Website (Jewelry made from human hair)--mosaic shoes
can be found here-

"If only objects could talk .." provided inspiration for this exhibition.
The elements in Susan Tibbles's work are an amusing array of found objects bought to life in clever compositional assemblage work.
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going mix 'n match
still trying to make art out of everyday life
broken wrist project--Tattoo Your Towels!--20 things from ohio--veronika zapeltalova art--Mom, Dad, I Have Something to Tell You --Bert Christensen's Weird, Strange & Just Plain Bad Art Collection

numeric diary
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sewing kits
During the Civil War, soldiers had sewing kits that were called HOUSEWIVES.

sewing kits--sewing
kits--sewing kits--sewing kits--sewing kits--sewing kits--sewing kits--sewing kits--sewing kits--sewing kits--sewing kits--sewing
kits--sewing kits--sewing kits--sewing kits--sewing kits--Sewing Kits
--sewing kit--sewing kit--sewing kit--sewing kit-- sewing kit--sewing --sewing kit--sewing kit--sewing kit --sewing kit

needle book--needle book--needle book--needle book--needle book--needle book--needle book--needle book--needle
book--needle book--needle book--needle book--needle book--needle book--needle book--needle book--needle book --needle book

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(O) - (O)- (O) - (O)-(O) - (O)-(O) - (O)-(O) - (O)-(O) - (O)-(O) - (O)-(O) - (O)-
take a walk on the wild side:
art for housewives
ikastikos weblog
cardboard retablos


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