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the use of hands as a form of meditation


more books from bookmarks
john copeland sketchbooks----kozydan sketchbooks--
Six Foot Blonde, Laurie Lee Seale---have begun a book arts project titled Bound by Books, an all womens’ project, which involves 40 books bound for the global community----"Lettre" (1994)
Accordion with Collage ht.8"x16" ----Polly Paper--Here are instructions for making a simple book out of a paper bag---Billy Ray Sandusky books--Lisa Kokin,
That Two-Edged Bliss----Making Artists Books----Behind Your Front ---Artist Journals / Jo Reimer / Spines of 4 Journals----b o o k w o r k s a n d w e a r a b l e t e x t s a r t i s t b o o k s b y m i r i a m s c h a e r----The Oiseaux Sisters, Susan Andrews & Carolyn Fellman are on the road with Traveling Workshops.

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more books and book related
2001 Chris Ware all rights reserved. From RAW magazine----BookLab II News and Links---altered books from amazon--Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection----filled with original sketches, concept pieces for Silly Daddy and artistic experiments---2002 Jonathan Keegan. All rights reserved---The Journal as Artist's Book----Dan created most of his journals between the ages of 15 and 22, although several small notebooks created previously are included here among his earliest books---A Prisoner's Diary---A handmade contemporary fairy tale----
The art of journals, collage and diaries is used to teach girls to communicate their feelings and experiences- to be expressive instead of internalizing feelings and becoming self-destructive--
sabrina ward harrison---Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself ----DIARIES OF DESPAIR--

beautiful illustrated diaries, Please select the country you want to see...example, One day my brother's cat caught my goldfish in the aquarium. It made me sad and I cried.
1863-1865 Illustrated Diary of a Confederate Prisoner of War--Thieves' Guild --john wells' diary--By the end of his life, the Dominican priest Yves Congar had become a cardinal and one of the pope's close advisors. In April 1996, his childhood vacation diary, transformed into a war diary, was discovered at the Saint-Jacques convent---diary page

aisling's diary with collage---jackie london diary

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books books books books
my notebook --Altered Books - Livres détournés --Education and the Book Arts in New Jersey, Or, Preaching What We Practice --A History of Pop-up Books ---BookLab II News and Links---Arte y dise?o en el libro M a e s t r o s e n c u a d e r n a d o r e s -----THE DECORATED PAGE--New Book Structures----shelly's corn page--picture of a pretty little book--Inspired by fond memories of Dr Seuss' My Book About Me-----sketchbook----triangle book--
a little boy's diary-----It's a Journaling Party!-----As with many scientists, Linus Pauling utilized bound notebooks to keep track of the details of his research as it unfolded----

Journals are fun, but paper can get boring...so how about a journal made from fabric? Why not, there are so many beautiful fabrics out there. In fact the rows and rows of fabric bolts look better then a jumbo box of fresh crayons! ---james jean sketchbooks---Works on Handmade Paper - Artists' Books - Bookbinding Workshops ------
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graphic novels
Graphic novels getting big screen boost --Luba In America---graphic novel com--Le bruit du givre - Mattotti/Zentner ---Robert Louis Stevenson graphics--THEY CALL ME MAD DOG!: A Story for Bitter, Lonely People---Maybe Lap Dancing for Mommy is a graphic novel, or maybe it's a collection of illustrated essays---erika lopez com--
Originally published to wide critical acclaim in France, where it elicited comparisons to Art Spiegelman's Maus, Persepolis is Marjane Satrapi's wise, funny, and heartbreaking memoir of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. thanks plep

Jetlag: Five Graphic Novellas--Howard Cruse--Monsieur Choc is the mysterious leader of a world-spanning criminal organization called La Main Blanche [The White Hand]. --Mirror, Window : An Artbabe Collection--Graphic novels drawing in readers--Graphic Novels and Women--
FEMALE IMAGES IN AMERICAN CARTOONS AND JAPANIMATION --Graphic Novels that have had a tremendous influence --

kozyndan via consumptive

WODGAMES.com alongside TheKindred.com now features The World of Darkness graphic novels by Moonstone Publishing--Japanese graphic novels making waves in the U.S.--Remembrance of Things Past (Graphic Novel Edition)--Wonder Woman Graphic Novels --NON-COMMERCIAL ART FROM COMMERCIAL ARTISTS--

TIM HUSSEY illustrator--

JACQUES de LOUSTAL is the award-winning illustrator of many European comic albums. He is currently working on a comic story adapted from J. L. Coatalem’s writings, as well as illustrations for Georges Simenon’s novels. He likes to collaborate with writers, and was especially taken with Paul Auster’s The Day I Disappeared . Jacques lives in Paris with his wife, their two daughters, and their Siamese cat--(Jacques de Loustal)------ more--- JACQUES de LOUSTAL ----JACQUES de LOUSTAL ----JACQUES de LOUSTAL ---JACQUES de LOUSTAL

Philippe Weisbecker ------------------Philippe Weisbecker ------------------Philippe Weisbecker ----------------
Philippe Weisbecker ----
Philippe Weisbecker ------------------ Philippe Weisbecker ------------------Philippe Weisbecker ------------------------------------Philippe Weisbecker ------------------If you can take one thing that exists and give it some importance just by the drawing--without tricks--it is to me a very soothing experience.
-P.W. --Philippe Weisbecker ------------------Philippe Weisbecker ------------------

A collection of guttural moans from comics via riley dog
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more books
john copeland---Some decorated book pages from the late 19th Century--A selection of artists books created by students in
Art 309: Book Arts--book arts links--BOOK EXHIBITS GALLERY--eric stamen books--MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE project --futureofthebook.com--W E L C O M E to one of the most comprehensive lists of book arts links on the Web, up since September of 1996 and modified numerous times since then--Children's Literature--
MARTIAN LIBRARY--Welcome to dog eared magazine, a journal of book arts.--eric lebofsky sketchbooks--The POP-UP World of Ann Montanaro--Folded Book
Originally created by pioneer book artist Hedi Kyle, it has many pockets to tuck in little treasures, photos, or notes--gluebooks

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books books books
Some of Mr. Essig’s books are a tribute to natural history while others address architectural themes. --broken wrist project-- 6" X 6" book, a lot of pages
brown paper + red velvet with leather ties
little book about big things --accordion book--[ths]--André Mare, La tranchée de Zillebecke, Bois du Sanctuaire (The Zillebecke Trench, Sanctuary Woods), May 29th, 1916, Sketchbook 5, watercolour, Historial de la Grande Guerre, Péronne--19th century Swedish copybook--much slower than your ordinary webcam these pages will be
updated when the books are exchanged and altered--Alternative Pick book
The annual sourcebook of creative talent includes photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and music video directors--title:LMAO 310 Obsession Journal--Beth Baker explores all areas of book arts, including papermaking, letterpress printing, and book binding. Most of all, she loves to cut, fold and glue paper. --The Altered Book--Knowing what a controversial topic this is, it's hard to begin. Artists' Books, obviously, are books made by artists.--a small percent--Artists' Books Information--My inspiration comes from books and words. This creative process turns them into different books: artist books, livres-objets, scrolls, papercutting series and stainless steel sculptures. --dan copeland journals--

Carlton Ware Pig Book-Ends--Plain Book Ends--Book Ends--rare Walt Disney Pair of 6" tall ZORRO ceramic figural BOOK ENDS, circa 1960. --Globe Bookends--eagle bookends
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paper sculpture
Ron Chespak Paper Sculpture Gallery--The Paper Sculpture Show --'The Art and Craft of Paper Sculpture' book--paper blouse--Margaret combines her love of painting with a keen interest in domestic and wild-fowl, in the creation of a range of papier mâché sculptures of hens, cockerels, sea birds and pheasants -- --musical chair, 1992--"Taxi" Red Grooms 1986 Lithograph Paper Sculpture--
Paper Sculpture--The Millennium Bookball --
"Black Shoe With Straps," 1999 Carlos N. Molina paper sculpture, 1.5" x 1.5" --Textile sculpture of japanese paper, old embroidered pearls and papyrus 1997 --

Paper Sculpture and Mixed Media by Nancy L. Steinmeyer, Artist--Paper Sculpture--Akhir 1980-an, Intisari menggunakan "pahatan kertas" (paper sculpture) sebagai sampulnya. --Une certaine passion--art on paper--A growing number of artists
are working with paper
to create three dimensional artworks.
It is amazing what can be done with a simple piece of paper. Our fifth graders were shown a variety of paper sculpture techniques, and then created either a sculpture-in-the-round or a relief sculpture using some of the techniques learned.--
Paper Sculpture with FRAME --paper sculpture by Chelsea grade 2 --collective Aztec mask--
paper suit--Title: Sculpture
Medium: oil - paper--USING PAPER--
Handmade paper and assemblage sculpture, painting--Pretty, glass tealight holder covered with silk paper and decorated with dainty motifs--Sculpture in White--Acrylic on paper with painted ceramic on wood--PDJ051 -Papier-Maché
Wall Hanging Medium
Cardboard Sculpture Figures--These two sculptures were from a series where refrigerator size cardboard boxes were cut flat, glued into solid blocks and carved with a chain saw.

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MEDARDO ROSSO......Medardo Rosso (1858-1928)--But academic art appeared to him entirely artificial, unrelated to the world around him. Before long he helped to organize the Berea students into demanding life models for the drawing classes. As a result of his revolutionary behavior he was expelled from the school. He moved to Rome, where he lived in great poverty, sleeping among the ruins of the Colosseum.--work of art--Ecce Puer, 1906

KURT SCHWITTERS..........The Kurt Schwitters Exhibition In Mexico City - Summer 2003 , There are 34 images here from this show click on number to see them... THE KURT SCHWITTERS PAGE

ARNULF RAINER.........Arnulf Rainer, born 1929 in Baden (near Vienna), living in Vienna and Enzenkirchen, Upper Austria --Arnulf Rainer: Drawing on Death

DANIEL SPOERRI......Daniel Spoerri has worked as a poet and as an author, and in dance, mime and theatre. He is one of the artists who signed the Nouveau Realisme manifesto. He is the inventor of Eat Art, and he produced the first art multiples with MAT editions. Spoerri is worldwide known for his tableaux pièges....Event Photos from Daniel Spoerri opening --" Bouteille de vin rêvant d'être une bouteille de lait "--

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Tirana Biennale New media section, Tirana, Albania, from september 12 to october 25 2003

"Global conscience as utopia"

Internet has defined a new kind of space based on a new concept of time: Temporality based on moment of 24h00 which are moving from second to second. This media space which fluctuates and which is moving and migrating is defining a new kind of globalization. This can be compared to a kind of a Utopic topos.
U -Topos is the favorite place for some artists that use this media to explore how our perception is evolving. They may propose a new kind of critique about human factor in technological time, or they may also focus on a new definition and status of art. Concepts such as "Time ready made", "neen", "language art", are often used by this generation.
As an artist curator I asked these artists to produce specific pieces where they can bring their perception of the concept of "Global conscience as Utopia".

The topics U-topos choosen by the biennale is directly linked to the status of the country who is hosting this biennale. This event is existing just through the solidarity and the kindness of a community !

Artist List: Jimpunk, Amy Alexander, Christophe Bruno, Teleferique, Valery Grancher, Michael mandiberg, Olga Kisseleva, Vincent Tordjman, Radio mentale, DJ Spooky, Miltos Manetas, Mai Ueda, Angelo Plessas, Rafael Rozendaal, John White C, Dusty del Rosario, Yi Zhou, Andreas Angelidakis

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artist shoes
surrealist shoes--Shoes in the dump--"Shoes and Laces"--"Zapatos" --Assorted Shoes, oil, 54x36--Shoes, Click on the images to see a larger picture--whimsical mosaic shoes--Artwork by Ann Hoffman --watercolor collage Angel Shoes--Andy Warhol ---Portable Exhibition Venue: SHOES-- artwork: Pink Shoes --Shiny Shoes by Pigmeat-- Maria Latour ~ Clay Artist shoes--Patti's Shoes, 2001--Detail from the "Formation" installation. © Ernesto Pujol--Rochard Beach Shoes with Starfish Limoges Box--Black Shoes, 1988--Mid-Calf Boot: "Kiss"--I first have to seduce myself back into the moment--
--Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Handmade from scratch (not just painted!)--Peacock Pump miniature shoe
--The online gallery of John Kevin Lawson shoe--

Description: "our shoes reflect how we walk through life." made from all recycled materials--Walking Shoes are made from all recycled materials including corrugated cardboard, fabric remnants, wrapping papers and yard sale finds. Like people, no two Walking Shoes are exactly alike, not even those that seem to be pairs--more---more

plastic bottles: plastic bottle--plastic bottles--plastic bottles--plastic bottles--plastic bottles--plastic bottles

Your Genes Acrylic on Wire Mesh --Gordon Chandler’s metalwork is “about bits and pieces and connecting the bits and pieces.” Best known for his metal benches, chairs and wall quilts, Gordon forges one found metal segment to the next to create a mosaic of faded reds, blues, greens and yellows. --aron roth illllustration
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