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the use of hands as a form of meditation


more stickers & stencils:
kinsey visual---STICKER SITES----invisible made visible----Stickers and street sign, Bowery ----Here is how die-cut stickers are made:--stenciled--urban warrior sticker
----Lizard Sewer Invasion Smells Like a Myth----Wooster Collective : A Celebration of Street Art----Gallery - The Stickers of El Euro (Italy)----IS THIS YOU? lost photos----
stickers & stencils---stickers & stencils--stickers & stencils--stickers & stencils--stickers & stencils--stickers & stencils
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visual guerilla warfare
the art of urban warfare_ Paris, 2002 / 2003-----the game or urban warfare---"Our battle shall be fought in every street in every city with just three colours." .... The Art of Urban Warfare (AUW) is a game that is played in the streets of our cities. - The Art of Urban Warfare (AUW) as a game is made visible by sprayed silhouette stencils on the walls. - The stencils used in the game have the shape of toysoldiers in action.....The Art of Urban Warfare ist das urbane Revolutionsspiel der Postgraffiti-Generation.----Jeroen Jongeleen’ outdoor work is realized under the operation label “Influenza,” referring to its potential effect as an uninvited distorter of the common, creating an alias for the maker at the same time. The concept of civil access areas, also known as public space, is his favorite topic and material to work with in his attempt to question the actual position of art in our society. In his work he seems to be in a constant battle with
architecture and advertising, because of their power over the use and look of the public sphere and their effects on its users.-----
Futura is more than an artist; he is a living legend. Over three decades he has been bringing the visual language of hip-hop and the street to a worldwide audience-first through his New York graffiti from the 1970s, then through his 1990s cover art for London-based record label MoWax, and recently through comics, animation, photography, multimedia and clothing. Now he has produced his first book. Think sketchbook, confessional, photo album and archive-not just an overview but an extension of his work. He tells his enthralling story in his own words-some handwritten-while the flow of images, chosen both from his massive archive and work-in-progress, show he has developed his highly personal language of values and storytelling in many media. Be prepared to be gripped by Futura's story, moved by his ideals and inspired by his art. And count yourself lucky that you can now buy an original! ---
"Street art is both an expression of our culture and a counterculture in itself. ‘Communication’ has become a modern mantra: the city streets shout with billboards, fly posters and corporate advertising, all vying for our attention. They almost invite a subversive response. As high-tech communications have increased, a low-tech reaction has been the recent explosion in street art."----Tristan Manco - graphic artist and author of 'Stencil Graffiti' ...Tristan is a graphic artist in music/TV, director of Tijuana Design and the author of 'Stencil Graffiti', the history of stencil art and its different uses in commercial art and on the street.
art crimes---
stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----stencil graffiti-----

It was 1989 when Shepard Fairey, a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, first created the now-infamous THE GIANT HAS A POSSE sticker. The black and white image of the huge wrestler's subdued and vacant stare became an underground icon and by the mid-90's about a half-million had been posted around the world.

Wooster Collective : A Celebration of Street Art
Graffito: Incisione a fresco di due strati d'intonaco di diverso colore---- >BLEK LE RAT. 2003 ----this revolution is for display purposes only--the beauty is the act
Futura 2000: Cult Graffiti Artist---
If I were in a bathroom stall right now & I had a sharpie, you can bet there'd be plenty of positive Rebecca graffiti. In fact, I'm going to go put a sharpie in my purse right now.
dirty beloved blogspot

cap.inc belgian stickers and stencils via gmtPlus9
Giant Urban Girl Stickers---urban wallpaper--Avistamiento de propaganda Acamonchi en tu comunidad.

TV Guide Graffiti #1
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aaron leighton's sketchbook-----art illustrators--Katy Lemay [ Illustrator ] -----Katy Lemay - Outcast boy-----POISSON ET POISSONS---The Art of Sampling illustration--- illustration by katy lemay-----Katy Lemay(en bas)
Poisson et poissons -------Zoom (Canada) - Katy Lemay ----But what of the liberal arts students? Where are the companies beating a path up to the Arts Building to solicit budding historians? If the secrets to prosperity are written in C++ programming language, can it be that the road to the Manpower office is paved with the works of dead poets and philosophers? ----
map making---arts of lithuania----Herbert has been, from time to time, preoccupied with this Zarathustra-like hero who dances on the abyss and spits into the mouth of the volcano ------selftaught folk artksts---from 100 DRAWINGS---CONTEMPORARY ART IN SOUTH AFRICA----DAN LEVIN ASSEMBLAGE----
Artists who work with scraps of metal, sculptors who work with wood, successful landscape oil painters, less successful abstract painters, and the just plain bizarre, can all be found here.------
beverly ashe artist
Artiologica, Expect the Unexpected

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Patterns in Nature---fern pattern--KOMODO DRAGON pattern----This page contains novel student activities developed by teachers who attended our Patterns in Nature workshops.---examples of patterns found in nature----Philosophical Overview of Pattern Research, Freeorder, Open Network, and Open Society----Dynamic Pattern Formation-----The Self-Made Tapestry: Pattern Formation in Nature
by Philip Ball ---A swarm of fireflies flash in unison, each having reset its own internal clock based on cues from the others. Cornell (formerly Harvard) mathematician Steven Strogatz has made a study of such "coupled oscillators" and has found the general pattern to be common----Fractals and the Patterns of Nature---
The natural world contains an infinite variety of patterns. Patterns are found in plants and foliage and in animals. All living things create patterns. Patterns are also constantly being created by simple physical laws. There are patterns in the sand dunes created by blowing winds. There is a pattern in the vortex of a whirlpool and in the formation of an ice crystal.

quilt pattern----quilt pattern----quilt pattern----quilt pattern----quilt pattern----quilt pattern----
Quilt Pattern: Solomon's Puzzle Amish Pieced Quilt (1940 Ohio)

148 Shuttle images of CLOUD PATTERNS ----Patterns in nature--Dynamic Patterns: The Self-Organization of Brain and Behavior (Complex Adaptive Systems)--Adaptive Perceptual Pattern Recognition by Self-Organizing Neural Networks: Context, Uncertainty, Multiplicity, and Scale

Pattern Recognition Books---The Cross Stitch Pattern Collection---the pattern station---All pieces of this pattern are made on the square---Thin water film on a patterned surface; the periodicity of the pattern is 10 microns---pattern---pattern--pattern--pattern--pattern--pattern--pattern--pattern--pattern--pattern--pattern--pattern--pattern--Pattern Symbols
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art therapy:

art therapy

art therapy history

arts & healing network

Cunningham Dax Collection

american art therapy

schizophrenic art
art therapy program

Creativity Explored Art Gallery

Dabbling with Paints

cheap therapy

:: AiTiA ::

Creative Art Therapy and Gestalt

Art Therapy

American Art Therapy Association

art-therapy on the web


What is Art? What is Therapy?

How Art Heals

japanese gallery of psychiatric art

Sanity for Sale

Healing Art: An Alternative Therapy

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liz mCgrath


How to Make an Intention Doll

bead doll

CheckerBeads Bead Embellished Dolls

monkey bix dollies

Making a Beaded Doll

Megan Noël's beaded dolls

lynn dewart

pamela hastings

paper doll parade

Doll Braces

Attitude Doll from Bonaire

hopi doll links

leslie sills

glove dolls

burnt offerings dolls

art papaer dolls

fragment doll gallery

damned dollies

virtual voodoo doll

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Figure-Ground Organization and Perceptual Grouping .....Grouping and Ecological Statistics, The phenomenon of visual grouping was first highlighted by the Gestalt school of visual perception led by Max Wertheimer, nearly a century ago. In computational vision, this ability has been studied as "image segmentation", the partitioning of an image (or video stream) into sets of pixels that correspond to "objects" or parts of objects.
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egg shells & cartons:

carving of egg shell

egg salon

the egg man

egg art

emu egg decorating

EggCeptional Art

Hand-Painted Easter Eggs


Dr. Bill Stark

decorated egg

Eggshell Mosaic

craft mosaic

eggshell mosaic

Basic Instructions
for Eggshell Mosaic

Festive cascarones



Carmen Lomas Garza

eggshell fertilizer

egg carton dragon

Egg cartons

Egg-Carton Wastebasket

100 Things To Do With Egg Cartons


Egg Carton Critters

Limoges box


Egg Carton Flowers

Egg Carton Big Mouths

Egg Carton Ideas



projects using egg cartons

Decorating Eggs & Ovals

Egg Carton Flowers

Make Tulips with Old Egg Cartons

Egg Carton Flowers

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