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the use of hands as a form of meditation


Qigong Calligraphy combines the traditional Chinese character brush strokes along with projection of internal energy. When drawing calligraphy strokes, the artist needs to project chi from the dan-tien though the hand, into the brush, and to the paper. The energy will then be manifested in the final work.
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B pages--conceptual bricolage--past exhibitions--fun with found objects --Haute Bricolage, Urban & Adventurous Artists --Tom constructs models of pop, fashion, and design icons --Tom Sachs Miffy, 2001--tom sachs cultural prosethetics--Tom Sachs at the Tomio Koyama--Let's talk about "Allied Cultural Prosthetics"--Between the Seeing and the Seen--Eddie Breen's Piggy Back Art--purvis young art--Francois Jacob's used the term "bricolage" to refer to the way organisms take advantage of whatever materials are available to try to accomplish its task --like an exper bricoleur --handyman------fun with found objects --. A woman may wake up as a lover, have breakfast as a mother, and drive to work as a lawyer-- "American Bricolage, Sperone Westwater" --art as improvisation--free play

turning old into novelty

links related to bricolage, Claude Levi-Strauss & François Jacob (bricolage moléculaire):François Jacob,Biography--Jacob, François --Se la scienza fa rima col bricolage--François Jacob: le plus grand danger pour l'humanité c'est l'ignorance --Cette conception de l'évolution peut également être décrite par le terme de "bricolage" cher à François Jacob--Ecology and Evolution-- INTERPRETATION OF SAVAGE
-- The Savage Mind by Claude Leevi Strauss book--Bricolage, a literary arts journal--Levi-Strauss, "Science of the Concrete"-- French social anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss--every hypertext reader-author is inevitably a bricoleur-- Evolution, Error and Intentionality-- bricolage & design--the hyperfiction reader as a bricoleur--Two Modes of Creativity--

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nature as a point of departure
biomimcry--Biomimicry (from bios, meaning ‘life,’ and mimesis, meaning ‘to imitate’) --Biomimicry --Biomimicry--the book--Biomimicry (also biomimickry) is the conscious copying of examples and mechanisms from natural organisms and ecologies. --Janine Benyus--the remarkable janine benyus--Mother Nature's school of design
Nature In Art --At-Bristol is a unique destination bringing science, nature and art to life--art culture nature--The refined art of picturing natural history--SYMMETRY AS A DEVELOPMENTAL PRINCIPLE IN NATURE AND ART--Gallery of Mathematics in Nature and Art--ROOTED IN NATURE ROCK ART
Fractals as Art--Fractal Art--Fractal Art links--The Fractal Microscope--Fractal Art Gallery--Fractal Art
ART AND NATURE JOSEPH BEUYS--The Defense of Nature exemplifies the way his life came to merge with his art--THE BIO-LOGIC OF JOSEPH BEUYS--Joseph Beuys' fascination with plants, animals, and the natural sciences developed early and remained strong throughout his life. --"We need a foundation of social art, on which every individual experiences and recognizes himself as a creative being and as a participant in shaping and defining the world. Everyone is an artist." Joseph. Beuys--beuys (1921-1986)--Aesthetic Experience in the Art of Joseph Beuys

The Knitting Sutra: Thoughts on Handcrafts, Nature and Spirit--African handcrafts--woven reed art--crafts and Natural materials--Relationships with Nature Bamboo--Natural Products of Shamanic significance
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newly discovered
Nicole Eisenman's exhibitions have taken the shape of installations of paintings, drawings, collages, assemblages, found objects and murals. -- NICOLE EISENMAN ARCHIVES --I can be curated as a bad girl, and being a gay woman is a fashionable thing --Nicole Eisenman, whose neoclassical wall paintings incorporate subversive imagery, is a superb draftsman. --In Behavior Nicole Eisenman addresses the problem of gender relations by reverting to the familiar sexual metaphor of talking about the birds and the bees--Eisenman, Nicole --Color illuminates the walls of Nicole Eisenman’s studio. Her windows, bathed in light, face the pinnacle of Confucius Tower while down below lie a zigzag of intersecting streets and produce stores. To get to her studio, you walk up a flight of stairs, past a revered Chinese Mens’ club where the drone of Chinese television is as loud as the bickering over Mahjong.--Nicole Eisenman--Nicole Eisenman makes drawings. Her figures, heroic and mythic, cavort across the page in wild abandon. --Incorporated in the exhibit are Eisenman's large-scale oil painting "Big Angry Bee," the war table, various drawings, sculptures, photographs and a video. --woven in oaxaca

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feeling crafty
This is a hand-sewn, collaged and painted journal that I created in May of 2001. It is now circulating the United States as part of Linn Jacob's journal collaborative. --another journal---Passport to a Journey of the Imagination--museum of cakes via not marthaas is making itbudget living--crafty chica homestead--spiritual specialties from los mestizos--made from scratch--acme enterprises--how to paint skies
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how does your garden grow
offbeatliving's garden tins-- you grow girl-- Rebecca's garden-- gardening and landscaping-- Aesthetic gardens -- allen's garden-- Howard Finster' Paradise Garden--Primitive Garden Patterns by Mulberry Folk Art -- weird garden links--Nek Chand's Rock Garden--Vollis builds whirligigs --garden web--garden sculpture--stone fallen in the meadow--Japanese gardens --Garden Follies and Illusions---"GARDEN OF EDEN"- -fred smith's concrete park--Showcase of Wood and Concrete Sculptures--Forbidden Gardens in Katy--atlanta biotanical garden
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still dropping
The Topiary Garden "A Landscape of a Painting" --Magic Pencil – Children’s Book Illustration Today via portage--Mr. Soliz's 5th grade class at Blackshear Elementary School along with Mexic-Arte Museum created this website about Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos). also via portage--Tumbling toast, Murphy's Law and the Fundamental Constants via plep--The Native Born is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by distinguished Australian Aboriginal artists from Ramingining, Arnhem Land in northern Australia. still plep--Russian Gothic Page via gmtPlus9--"We are truly indefatigable in providing for the needs of the body, but we starve the soul." - Ellen Wood via Whiskey River--Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine via kuro5hin--how a woman takes off her bra via geisha--The Viewing Room: Art Annotations with On-Line Art--Thierry de Cordier via cioran--Okay, so the other day I went to the grocery store--sally ozuna's trashy rooms-- CONSIDER YOURSELF AN ARTIST Marinella Nicolson talks about the ethics and ethos of La Tinaia, one of Europe's most-renowned artists' workshops. --Art Therapy History--Art and Art Therapy-- art brut in the netherlands--THE ANONYMOUS ARTIST GALLERY--FocalArt Gallery FocalArt Gallery --grey carter objects of art --September 11 Memorial Garden and Trail --Folk Artist - Karolina Danek--This gallery features the art of Chicago artist and rock-and-roller/rapper Wesley Willis.
North Carolina artist Benny Carter is best known for his intricate paintings, particularly those of New York City. He also builds birdhouses, totems and whirlygigs and dabbles in any other media that strikes his interest. --The RMS Titanic wooden and found object birdhouse by Benny Carter. --Benny's Front Porch --fireworks in new york city--benny carter at folk side out--One of the great things about Benny's work is that he paints because he loves painting, not because he can make money from doing it--bird's eye view of rockefeller center--george washington

good and sturdy art

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waiting for the hot water to heat
venture beyond the comfort of your digs ... --Reuse Your Trash Don't just recycle! Make art, crafts and beauty products from your trash. --Tintypes are not available for purchase at this time. Most of them will be available soon.--snapaddo links--eager wally gallery--Most every woman has done it. Danced around in front of the mirror, or their partner, slowly and sexily removing each piece of clothing from her body and tossing it aside. Dirty dancing makes a great gift. Have someone special you’d like to surprise? Communication is the key to a strong relationship, and you can use exotic dancing to harness your body language to communicate on a whole new level.

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the temperature has dropped and so have I
FOLK ARTISAN LINKS+++The Eccentric Art of Lewis Smith:Women On Brown Paper Bags --Quilts and Textiles--"The world is neither significant nor absurd. It is quite simply. That, in any case, is the most remarkable thing about it." Alain Robbe-Grillet --san angel folk art in san antonio my hometown-- jane's addiction--Marla Mallett Textiles and Tribal Oriental Rugs--Ten years ago I began to paint in order to externalize images, and to illuminate early feeling-states in an attempt to overcome and better understand early traumatic experiences. --The Female Buddha via plep--Free Winamp Skins to Download from Zuzu's Petals Quarterly Online via wood's lot--Do the news media provide sufficient exposure for art, artists and art institutions?-- You don't know yourself until you can spend time on a remote island void of commercialism. Walking the deserted beaches gives you time to think, to reflect.You get the feeling time stopped 50 years ago. --Welcome to Folk Art Net, a virtual gallery of local outsider art, folk art and country antiques. --self taught folk art--sheri elf's bunny with girl--primitive kool gallery--"Hobo Art"--garde-rail self taught artists--southern heart gallery--the yard dog--During the Great Depression, hobos carved nickels using simple hand made tools. They would trade these nickels for food, lodging, mending or any of the other needs they had. --Eileen Doman's Premiere Artist Portfolio--art of america past--"Gallery of Folk Art Fish" --Click on the different critters to see more of that kind of critter --Welcome to Strawser Art, a celebration of four generations of Pennsylvania Artists--Geometrics/Gameboards --RAW VISION--beverly ashe art--
Recently, I acquired dozens of antique window frames that were replaced in old homes in this victorian village. They belonged to a lady who has since gone to Heaven... These window frames are rapidly becoming picture frames for my carvings. --send someone you love a voodoo doll--James W Johnson's Art Archive Over 700 paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints from 1980 thru 2002 via riley dog--The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas--CultureNet features the work of New Mexico writers, artists and performers who we feel are deserving a wider audience. --william delbizan art--LORI FAYE BOCK animal paintings--carol es art--Mosaic Art, Cowboy Art, Whimsical Art, Drawings or Abstract Art!----works OF art--The Anton Haardt Gallery is now presenting its latest exhibit, "Faces of A Different South - Outsider Portraits."--blue star art complex--Welcome to Sydney's Cherished Treasures. --guadalupe cultural arts--sardine folk art--glass tire art online--museee creation franche--naive and outsider art--Max Timmerman Art and Artability--Galerie Atelier Amsterdam
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back from crete
Sheep have been domesticated in the Dales since the Bronze Age (3-200BC), so Dales farmers have had a very long association with this animal....At the end of the 16th century, after the Dissolution of the monasteries, local sheep and the people who reared them continued to play a crucial role in the setting up and success of England's longest and most distinctive hand-knitting industry. via plep--AFRICAN ART: AESTHETICS AND MEANING more plep--The overall theme of my work used to deal primarily with pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican thought, and “religion”. Now I try to focus more on the decay, and have began to embrace more of a surrealistic style--Historical and Folk Art Museum of Rethymnon--Cretan stitch is also known as Persian stitch and long-armed feather stitch.When worked in a straight vertical line it is also known as quill stitch.--The use of Shisha, or mirror work, in embroidery stems from three Islamic beliefs: the first, that mirrors will trap the evil eye and hold its reflection for eternity; the second, that mirrors will ward off the evil eye by reflecting it away from the wearer, and the third that mirrors will dazzle the evil eye so that it will either go blind or, at the very least, blink and miss you. --Iraklion Archaeological Museum--Knossos Palace of Mystery --World Wide Web Sites Relating to the Ancient Mediterranean--the knitting goddess weblinks--The Development of Western Civilization--Theseus abandoned Ariadne after she saved him from the Labyrinth--Links about Crete--walking tours in crete--The CRETAN CIVILIZATION--What are those beads?--
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