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the use of hands as a form of meditation


Polish Film Festival Posters (via gmtPlus9)--2River Gallery Mark Flowers (via Riley Dog)--dandelion field, 2002 (via travellers diagram)--foaming at the mouth embroidery--Am I to understand that we, as Americans, have had a sudden shift in taste and now want our entire houses to be bathed in red-white-and-blue, from the kitchen table to the bed? Our nation's brave retailers seem to think so, and they've wasted no time in answering the call for patriotic housewares! --Kaffe Fassett Online Gallery (via Dangerous Chunky)--pocketbook of posies--ART BEAT STREET "Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life." -Pablo Picasso--A TRIBUTE TO MY GRANDFATHER, ENOCH TANNER WICKHAM, A GREAT FOLK ARTIST (1883-1970) (via PLEP)--Sunset Wall Sculpture Wood Acrylic Paint 2m 1995

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the afternoon is hot and so am i
Altered Books Artarama was begun by Helga Strauss, co-editor (with Suzanne Simanaitis) of the Artitude zine and co-owner of Artchix Studio with Karen Strauss. . --introduce to you some pieces of Kathy and Patrick Murillo's Chicano Folk Art.--Treasure boxes made from altoid tins. The tins were burned to give them an "aged" feel. Rubber stamp images and beads added for embellishments... --This is a double sided project: the joy of creating a book you can be proud of and the joys of recording, reflecting and imagining worlds in the pages of that book. --Out of the Box 1996-2000--"Come Home"< Acrylics on Canvas...7" X 5"vintage photos & postcard buttons, beads & wire words from antique book--art dolls--diary of a craft junquie-beetleblue jar collections--Move mouse over color-squares in left frame, hex-value of right-frame color will appear

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loose threads
Exercises may prevent carpal tunnel syndrome--Real Women in Real Homes: Andrea DeHart--Self-taught art has been an important adjunct to the contemporary art scene for roughly one hundred years. Yet, though the field (as distinct from the art itself) originated in Europe, its American component has frequently been viewed in isolation. --The concept of the "everyday" versus art theory --Throughout his career Claes Oldenburg has demonstrated the power of the imagination to transform the everyday environment. Drawing inspiration from the ubiquitous and the mundane, he has created artworks of varying scale and media that astonish with their wit, humor, and metaphoric associations. --wasted love letters--The thangkas are painted or embroidered images rendered on cloth, silk or paper which is mounted on a cloth backing and may be rolled up like a scroll when not hung. --Experiments in the Everyday places in dialogue over 80 works by two artists whose ideas have exerted a profound influence on subsequent generations of contemporary artists. --Cleaning Has Come Out of the Broom Closet --that outsider art consists of works produced by people who, for various reasons, have not been culturally indoctrinated or socially conditioned. --oatmeal--obiter dicta--There are a lot of recipes out there for paste paper. --an odd-goddess tutorial--oeuvres--On the Move,These works, as all digital images,are available on archival Lamda photographic paper in sizes ranging in size from A3 to 1200mm x 1200mm--"One Bead at a Time," a fabulous new book by Robin Atkins tells how beads, creativity, and healing are related. -- the wallpaper book--Lois first saw "glue art" (as it was known then) in the form of a decorated car in Marin County. It inspired her to begin on her own. Her sculptures or assemblage are usually done on wooden bases or frames or statues found in the shape she desires. --the quilting progress:--Folding Instructions --The Rufus n' Friends Collection --In 1979 an exhibition was held at the Hayward Gallery in London that was called Outsiders - an art without precedent of tradition. The work shown was produced by people who did not possess those characteristics usually associated with artists - neither were they represented by a gallery, nor was their work part of important collections in famous museums, the artists had never been trained in an academy - and the work had never been the topic of an article in an art magazine.--Grandma Knapp's '37 Road Trip via portage

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