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the use of hands as a form of meditation


in praise of hands
The rhythmic use of hands, as in knitting and embroidering, leads to an altered psychological state that permits us, in a certain way, to transcend our physical surroundings. I am interested in collecting information regarding how such use of the hands affects different people. If anyone is interested in helping me out with this project, please respond to the following questions and email me the answers. I will then publish the results on this blog as well as making related observations on IKASTIKOS.

they sewed themselves together

The Questions.
1. IN PRAISE OF HANDS, Octavio Paz says: "In the work of the handcraftsmen there is a constant shifting back and forth between usefulness and beauty. This continual interchange has a name: pleasure. Things are pleasing because they are useful and beautiful. This copulative conjunction defines craftwork, just as the disjunctive conjunction defines art and technology: usefulness or beauty."
If a ceramist makes a cup, it’s considered craft. If an artist lines the same cup with fur, it’s considered art. ....Should craft be considered art?

2. Dolores Krieger in THE THERAPEUTIC TOUCH claims that we can cure physical and spiritual pain via the use of hands. Whereas Chinese medicine holds that many health problems are caused when Qi energy is blocked. Qigong practice, with the help of our hands, can remove blocks and increase the flow of energy through your body. ….Can hands really heal?

3. Our brain produces waves of currents that flow throughout neural pathways. The type of brainwaves we produce determines our state of mind. These brainwaves can be altered via, for example, meditation. ….Is it possible that the repeated motion used when knitting induces a form of trance like state? Therefore could we say that knitting is a form of meditation.

4. Wassily Kandinsky, in Concerning the Spiritual in Art , wrote: The observer must learn to look at the picture as a graphic representation of a mood and not as a representation of objects. Ultimately divorcing himself entirely from subject matter, Kandinsky concentrated only on abstractions.....When knitting, what dominates: the desire to create a given object or the act of creating?

5. CLARA’S WINDOW declares: knitting is better than Prozak. ....Is it? Can knitting influence one’s sexual activity?

6. Women traditionally have used handwork and crafts as a means of expressing their creativity. Would you say that there’s a difference, biologically speaking, between male and female creativity?

7. Knitting, we could say, is a kind of Portable Art. Miss Marple could be on the scene of any crime and still continue to click. A painter, like Jackson Pollock, instead, is confined to his studio. Are the mental mechanisms different when working On The Road as opposed to In Situ?

8. To knit we must sit. What kind of dialated effect does A Sedentary Style have our our Body-Mind Combo?

they sewed together

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This list of links is in progess. If you have any to add, please email me.

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they sewed together

related research
A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman
....Our senses define the edges of consciousness. How we delight our senses varies greatly from culture to culture, yet the ways in which we use our senses is exactly the same for all of us! "We take drugs, we go to circuses; we tramp through jungles; we listen to loud music; we purchase exotic fragrances & pay hugely for culinary novelties...What is most amazing is not how our senses span distance or cultures, but how they span time. Our senses connect us intimately to the past, connect us in ways that most of our cherished ideas never could.

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