obliterated she just wanted to blend in: 03/01/2003 - 04/01/2003

she just wanted to blend in

the use of hands as a form of meditation


:"Riciclando 2003" organizzata dall'Istituto Europeo del Design...(a Roma dal 22 al 31 maggio al Bioparco in v.le del giardino zoologico 20 dalle 10 alle 18) (Tel. 06/7084025)
Riciclare. Per amore dell’ambiente o per economia. Per fantasia e creatività. --Sperimentazione, creatività e materiali riciclati sono i fattori base della mostra "Riciclando", ideata dall'Istituto Europeo di Design--AD ASOLO UN CONVEGNO SU ARTE, DESIGN E RICICLAGGIO--
Arte come sinonimo di vita: colori, forme, riciclaggio di materiali--IED MODA LAB presenta: RICICLANDO 2003--Riciclando 2003

recycling: art on a shoestring--Making Art With Recycled Materials --Art with Recycled Materials--Trashformations: Recycled Materials in Contemporary American Art and Design--All of this art was made out of waste paper and rubbish we found at home and at school--recycled art contest--Everyday Art for Kids--fashioned from recycled materials--Vivwak is a team of two young craftswomen striving to maintain a balance between commercial venture and original art--Exhibition, Bright Minds, Strong Voices: Art by California Children--Welcome to Sweetwater Farm and Jems Really Cool Furniture--rude designs--THE CERAMICS AND METAL SCULPTURE OF CLAYTON G. BAILEY--Kitty Chrysalis is a fiber artist who lives in rural southern Missouri who makes baskets from recycled materials--Economy Bird Wash

bricolage:a construction or assemblage made from whatever materials are at hand

"Plastiche metamorfosi" Opera di Gerd Rohling --Debris of life--rohling--MAGIC MARKERS, Exhibition to Focus on Objects with the Power to Transform and Enchant--

Haute Bricolage
Tom Sachs at the Tomio Koyama--tom sachs home page--Tom constructs models of pop, fashion, and design icons — from Reitzvelt chairs to the McDonald's arches. He employs foam core, Sharpie markers, duct tape and hot glue. His objects are intentionally rough-shod, as if he were spontaneously working out his obsessions, of which there are quite a few--Tom Sachs will show his “Haute Bricolage” at Mary Boone Gallery through October 23. Sachs is best known for his distinctive objects made from cut and glued status shopping bags and boxes in the form of a toilet, a handaxe or a rat; they straightforwardly link consumerism with urban anxiety. --

"American Bricolage": Photos

Yvonne Kendall--Her work explores encasement and wrapping of familiar objects such as toys and dolls. The more soiled and impregnated the wrapping, the better. Kendall also casts rubber moulds of soft toys skun to reveal the deformed and ugly foam rubber inside. Kendall's scultpures simultaneously repel and attract--petrified bears
Large #1 Meal to Go--Tom Fruin is a garbage collector whose recycling program serves less as a means toward cleaning up his environment than a memorial to those who inadvertently contribute their refuse to it. Fruin's deal? He creates flags and murals from discarded drug bags that he finds in parks and other locations around New York City

arte povera
Arte Povera - Italian for "poor art," it was mostly sculptural work made from everyday materials including soil, cement, twigs, newspapers, instead of traditional materials like stone and bronze. This largely Italian movement, named by the critic Germano Celant in 1967, endured through the 1970s, concerned with metaphorical treatments to do with nature, culture, history, and contemporary life. Artists associated with Arte Povera include Jannis Kounellis, Mario Merz, and Michelangelo Pistoletto. Here's a link to a photo of a Mario Merz piece, Giap Igloo.
The term 'Arte Povera' was introduced by the Italian art critic and curator, Germano Celant, in 1967. His pioneering texts and a series of key exhibitions provided a collective identity for a number of young Italian artists based in Turin, Milan, Genoa and Rome. They were working in radically new ways, breaking with the past and entering a challenging dialogue with trends in Europe and America
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more recycling

Midori Tajiri,(Wax Paper and Butcher's Paper Lunch Bags Dresses, and Mixed Media Relief Sculptures) ---ReVamp't HANDBAGS--Brian Jewett 's ticket bowls at functional art--car parts--bird on the moon--Goddess of Garbage--new media meets the environment--what to do with empty whiskey bottles--what to do with used detergent bottles--what to do with used sockets--Sea Changes 1999 plastic bottles 20.5 x 36 x 11 cm --Vu Dan Tan --plastic cigarette tips, metal hairpins, ball chain--Wastepaper Basket, 2000 Old foil tapemeasure, wrappers and polyester--Crafty Art like "COUPLE #1"-- Dianne Baker "Window Series #1" 3D construction-- john garett's cola can baskets--giving garbage a new context--

Metropolis-- Charm Bracelet Necklace of recycled objects --Souvenir de Roubaix, 1997. Recycled objects and ink drawing--Recycled Objects Brought Back Into Being--Lupine Jones Hudson recycled--recycled shoes & foto collage dress &---- these clocks are created using a collection of objects, both recycled and new--REUSE. Good Everyday Design from reused and Recycled Materials--Recycled Sound--Broken Glass Mosaics--Garden Design Associates, winner of the People's Choice Award in 2001, developed a recycled garden from found objects, including this old bed frame--"Ethos" represents a creative solution to the problem of generating innovative but functional objects from flat sheets of recycled material"--table & chair--Recycled Fairytales--PAPERMAKING & RECYCLING--discarded (and thus "recycled") --This jewelry is made from antique piano keys and is 100% recycled ivory. The use of recycled (piano key) ivory is not to be misinterpreted -- Reclaimed Wood and Recycled Products--Sept 11 artifacts--furniture from garbage--Perpetual is an installation combining repetitive slip-cast earthenware objects, tiles, re-cycled objects and digital images. These images and objects then become available for re-analysis and the memory, experience and knowledge collected is perpetuated and re-cycled--anima designs found object jewelry--Instructions on air raid procedure, printed on recycled paper due to paper shortage --Fun Jewelry--1998 Buyer's Guide to Recycled Products

Jewellery made from mixed media non-precious components, including found objects and recycled materials--flowers made from soda cans--Recycled Aluminum Can Art --drawing of a cola can--aluminum can dress by paco rabanna--pin--Aluminum Foil Art --soda can safe--Pepsi Soda Can Art --What Can a Can Be Besides
a Can
?--The Soda Can series of the 1990's, uses color, form, found objects (mostly discarded soda cans)--Photos from the 1997 Recycled Art Calendar--DAVID WASSERMAN Tin Can Artist--more cans for sculpture--model airplanes made from soda cans--Vivian Peritts' soda can tab sweatshirt.--EXERCISES TO BUILD CREATIVITY for children--R E C Y C L E D A R T & T O Y B A Z A A R ! --these products made
with recycled content--Tramp art clock made from wooden soap crates--Unsealed: The Art of the
Bottle Cap--RECYCLE ART--TESSCAR ALUMINUMCRAFT via geishaasobi--Race Plane Aluminum Can Airplane Craft Plan --

Moschino specialized in "antifashion": jackets using faucet handles or dice for buttons, ball gowns made of plastic trash bags.

transfering trash

plastic bottle art: Dazzling Butterfly Stained Glass--how to make a puppet--Why don’t the local councils collect and recycle plastics?--Los Angeles-based artist Emmanuel Crespo transforms everyday materials --patricia barube's plastic bottle art--Artists view plastics and waste--Now as consumerism has swept across Vietnam, Tan recycles the discarded packaging of the consumer economy and turns
it into art-- Vu Dan Tan, born in 1946, is one of the most internationally successful Vietnamese artist --Decorated Cake Instructions --Turn your plastic bottles into miniature greenhouses--Things you can do with plastic pop bottles

"Picking up the Pieces," the new exhibit featured at the Euphrat Museum of Art, focuses on the cycle of use and reuse of the earth's resources as well as on the ability of human kind to do just the same; to build
and rebuild, both physically and spiritually--orange
crate labels
that could be used for collage

Recreational Recycling

Kathy Cisneros began crafting with "plastic bottle caps" when she learned a surprising fact. "I found out that although the plastic bottles are recyclable, the plastic caps are not"--contemporary jewelry made from bottle caps, etc like Yutaca Minegishi 's necklace--Bottlecap People--"alien" hubcap, plastic bowl, bottle caps --a series of collaborative bottlecap quilts --mask and bottlecaps--Bottle Cap Brooch --Find many craft projects using bottle caps--Bottle-Cap Folk Art--bottle cap bracelet--Vintage Bottle Cap Jewelry classes--Metal Bottle Cap Mini Dress --bottle cap doll--bottle caps--Bottle Cap Belt --Bottle Cap Jewelry

drink coaster made from recycled blue jean pockets--Recycled Jewelry Catch All--JunkQue Art--Recycled Dot-wear--recycled from thrift store jewelry--Recycled Plastic Purse --
Recycled Plastic Tote Bag --plastic bag yarn--THROW RUGS FROM DRY CLEANER BAGS --This reusable, washable bag is
manufactured from "green" spun plastic yarn obtained from post-consumer coloured plastic pop/soda bottles--Instructions for making the plastic bag "yarn" --Crocheted Beach Bag --Plastic bag frugality--Plastic Bag Crafts --Information on Plastic Bag Crafts & Favorite Links--
bag made from plastic bags--

crafted from an onion bag--Bottle Beings Raid your recycling bin and scare up a cast of extraterrestrial characters--Domino Angel # 1
Found Object Sculpture
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box related links: WOMEN BEYOND BORDERS BOX--Door Boxes --Working inside of a box --Art Boxes... --Raku Box --vintage tramp art boxes --more tramp art boxes--Cigar Boxes: Above and Beyond --DIS/FUNCTIONAL Cross Boxes--Make A Treasure Box--The P-ART WHITE BOXES--carmen cano boxes--The Legacy Gallery boxes--eighth grade students in Art class boxes--bread box-- Boîte haïda en bois plié sculpté et peint, cèdre rouge box--This box was opened on February 24, 2000--Box Art | Art Box--Mickey Mouse's shrine BOX--Martha
Lake Elementary box--"Sewing Box" by Lynda Martin--DREAM COLLAGE BOX---keepsake boxes --boxes decorated with magazine collages--

Each box unit contains accretions in various states-of-process--Fans in a plexiglass
--corpse in plexiglass box--decoupage boxes--Cpamelart assemblage & boxes--Graffiti Art Wood Box Purses--Take Out Boxes Leslie Gelber --

boxes & objects--Shoebox Art Galleries--UNOPENED PACKAGE waxed linen, cotton
cord, raffia, Japanese carved toggle, Jizo-sama figure, old Japanese book pages, Japense boxes, josspapers --shoebox madness--In A Shoebox--shoebox
drawing-- International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition (example--example--example--example--example--)--

assemblage boxes .........boom-boxes---Seed
Boxes --Meditation Boxes/ Shadow Boxes--BAMS is dedicated to showing box art in all its many forms--Leo Kaplan BOX
Art--Assemblage & Box art by Dale Copeland --Collages & Ensamblaxes and Boxes--Out of the Box --jean michael starr--Box Construction --Boxes @ Two Totally Cool --PERSONAL BOX
OF POWER--Fine Japanese Tin Made Sake Set With Box--Art
METAL SHRINE BOX --cigarette boxes--Dianne Baker "Box
Series #2"--Another Shoebox time and more clever ideas --

JOSEPH CORNELL BOXES: Joseph loved to experiment with different kinds of boxes--Joseph Cornell boxes mounted to the wall with custom steel brackets--Index of /boxes from Joseph Cornell.org-- A Convergence of Birds Boxes --Joseph Cornell boxes--Artist Joseph Cornell created imaginary worlds inside boxes--Joseph Cornel Boxes--Joseph Cornell/Marcel Duchamp in resonance

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it's almost lunchtime
susan's tin can wind chimes

paintings on tin and maybe some retablos:
tin totems--tin--tin--tin--tin--tin--tin--tin--tin--tin--tin--tin--tin--

MORE TIN--MORE TIN--MORE TIN--MORE TIN--MORE TIN--MORE TIN--MORE TIN--MORE TIN--MORE TIN--A birdhouse painted on a rusty tin birdhouse--tin--tin

(Wax Paper and Butcher's Paper Lunch Bags Dresses, and Mixed Media Relief Sculptures) ---Midori Tajiri (digital prints) Midori Tajiri is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been traveling extensively since the age of 15, living in the US, Europe and Mexico. She uses these experiences to create works that deal with the communication and miscommunication of women, and the confusion, sorrow, longing, pain, and celebration which results. These works deal with the subjects of abuse and early maturation, PTSD, mental illness, obsessive experiences and relationships. Working mainly with media such as photo, Xerox, cardboard, thread, tape, wax paper, Kleenex, lunch bags, alphabet soup letters, gum wrappers, and other everyday objects from life and from childhood she sends cryptic messages of layered images and text.
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keepsakes & memory boxes

related links: how to make a treasure box--An artist's treasure box (view 1) --Prosperity Treasure Box with Feng Shui Book--Old Country Roses -Hat Treasure Box--snowglobe treasure box--Teddy Bear treasure boxes--boxes for special treasures-Anagama Fired Treasure Boxes by Mary Hindman--Treasure Boxes for your Treasures--Gold Accent Treasure Chest box--Mud Pie Beautifully presented hinged treasure boxes--Personal Treasure Boxes--forever love wedding treasure box--eggcrafter treasure box--jane butler boxes--Make A Treasure Box--mark's wooden treasure box--Waka Huia (Treasure box) Artist --Treasure Box -(Vitreous glass, gold, silver, pearls and mirror mosaic)--Kathy & Patrick Murillo treasure boxes
& other stuff--A treasure box is a contemporary idiom, like the Maori 'Waka Huia' or feather box--American Beauty treasure box --treasure boxes made from tins--
Keepsake Memory Boxes
--Beautiful Jewelry & Keepsake Boxes--keepsake boxes for sale--trinket box--"Wedding Keepsake Box" Theresa Rasmussen--here for a carol es keepsake--

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dangerous chunky
Dangerous Chunky has decided to end her blog. She will be missed. Alot. So, a bit of nostalgia via her archives.....

thanks to Dangerous for the following:
Susan Rothenberg--Susan Rothenberg--Susan Rothenberg--
will munro--dead pan designs--houston craft center
thrift delux--Craft Culture is an online publication produced by Craft Victoria for considering the role of the hand as a creative tool in contemporary society.
Crochet steps out of the basement, into the spotlight
The Talking Stick is an ancient tribal tool used to facilitate group discussion.

Susie Bowring-Miller's Main Workshop
Tattoo Your Towels!--jenny hart's embroidery--
ana live journal--UNCONVENTIONAL IDEAS--Alex Selenitsch visual poetry--
Embellishing Knits --knitted dolls--
Crocheted Plastic Bag Links
Kate Gotching Then he realised there were people involved paper, 2002--FOLD
What Would Betsey Do ?--STAR DOILEY--Taschen und Bags --NOBODY'S DOLL--

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some ceramics
John de Fazio Gold Digger --THE EROTIC LIFE OF CLAY--2 Roman Clay Oil Lamps Decorated with EROTIC Scenes --LIFE CASTERS LINKS --Jun Kaneko Tower # 26 2002, kiln-glass, Three-sided towers--World Ceramic Exposition 2001 Korea--Resume-Jun Kaneko-- Voulkos ceramaics--JUN KANEKO (Japanese, b. 1942) --The Work of Jun Kaneko--sexpot--Italian Ceramics--Kathy Butterly --Kathy Butterly --Kathy Butterly --Kathy Butterly --Kathy Butterly
the clay studio, looking back--

jianhua liu--jianhua liu--MATT NOLEN--MATT NOLEN--MATT NOLEN--MATT

the chosen ones clay in canada exhibition--The Artful Teapot modern tea party----ken price--ken price.com
Eva Kwong--Eva Kwong--Eva Kwong--

RON NAGLE--ron--ron--ron--ron--ron--ron's here too

Zen and the Art of Franz Rickert
Daniel Kruger (student of Jünger)--Daniel Kruger is a versatile artist--Blue + White = Radical
garth clark current exhibition--A Function beyond the Functional

Cindy Kolodziejski --Cindy Kolodziejski

David Furman--David Furman--David Furman--David Furman--David Furman--David Furman here too--

Alechinsky, Pierre Six Assiettes

Xiang Jing A Glass of Cold Water glass fibre reinforced plastic, painted--Qu Guangci Drowning Men - Lotus emerging from th e water resin, found objects--Cao Hui Xiao Lai glass fibre reinforced plastic, painted
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andrew hersey via reconstructed--anne frank objects--another girl at play--art & optics--art & therapy collage--projects art & soul--Art Girl WEBLOG--Art Historians' Guide to the Movies via plep--untitled #2--The Art Quilt Network is proud to announce "Expanding Boundaries", a current touring exhibition--Art Therapy--exhibition Art Vandales --"Misleading Assumptions"--Tangents: Art--art byte mag--another byte--another byte--art facts.net--Kim Wintjesewn metal sculpture--cape town artist Zavick--quoteAmaze--Welcome to the world of ARTitude Zine!--Ray Johnson--Arts as a Force of Healing, Building, & Empowerment --Shirt Shot by a Pearl Necklace, 1995--artwells.com sites here: --Muscle Dress (Anatomical Garment VIII)--charlene roth art--Atmospheric Optics via plep--The Association of Central Australian Indigenous Art Centres--prison art can be classified as folk art, outsider art, craft, fine art, tobbaciana, or, in some cases, just plain old offensive killer-celebrity memorabilia.
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waiting in line
Rock, Paper, Scissors
... Established in June of 1998, PAPER ROCK SCISSORS provides exceptional, affordable art in a funky, comfortable atmosphere
Intricately stitched works of memory and meaning, Donna Rhae Marder's works are a breathtaking exploration of sensitivity and hand work. --Donna Rhae Marder Media: Fiber You'll Break your Neck Size: 49" x 43" Sewn Photographs
Quilt made of Paper Towels--"Self- portrait" Sewn- photography--Sewn, 2001 kodalith and mixed media--
Cut and Sewn Dish
This enlarged photograph of a 1776 colonial note illustrates the currency shortage of the period. Notes were so rare that torn or tattered ones were salvaged by sewing the pieces together.

sewn brown chain--sewn--


personal objects--personal objects--personal objects--personal objects--personal objects--personal objects-->--personal objects-->--personal objects-->--personal objects-->--personal objects--

art as object
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gaudi and broken plates
Parc Güell is an of Gaudi's experiments with ceramics. Like a bull in a china shop, Gaudi literally smashed up tiles, plates, cups & saucers for his mosaics.
Not gaudy but Gaudí......
Gaudi's Bench --Gaudi's --Gaudi--- like--Gaudi like--Gaudi's--Gaudi's -- --Gaudi's -- --Gaudi's--Gaudi's ---Gaudi gaudi mosaic detail--Gaudi's --Gaudi's --Gaudi's --Gaudi's --Gaudi's --
broken plates--broken plates--broken plates--broken plates--broken plates--broken
plates--broken plates--broken plates--
Art and Artists in the Garden 3: T--he Art of Mosaic--. "MY BEST CHINA!"
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misc plates

Lyn Southworth Images Plate/Teapot Collection --plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate----plate---plate---plate---plate---plate---plate---plate--plate--plate--plate--plate

mad platter mosaics
Papier Mache Plate--Plates, bowls, and goblets were found in one of the rooms at Qumran, with dozens of vessels piled one on top of the other-- Handcrafted Soapstone Plates --paper plate setting--looks like a doily plate--Circular Bread Plate Doily--Sun Flower Style 16" Round Placemat--hot plate mats--fabric plates--cut out circles using our plates as patterns--looks like plates--printed plates--and fabric plates--mermaid plate--Dresden Plate Class--PAPER PLATE w/APPLE CORE--flamingo plate--paper plates & cups--Paper Plate Animation--Lynn Beldner. Untitled 2000.010detail2000 found paper plates, wall paper paste,tracing paper, pencil 8" x 8" --ELYN KOENTOPP (Hand-made Paper Quilts) including one with plates--a christmas tree made from paper plates--paper plate art--untitled Fritz, age 43, AIDS acrylic paint on paper plate --Fruit Plate in Two Colors--white grapes on a plate--paper plate dog--jelly fish made from a paper plate--WALL PLATE --Irish cermaic wall plate--plate
plate--plate--plate--plate--HANGING plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--plate--
Plates range from 5" - 8" in diameter--Ancient Lead Plates--the pewter plates found on the Mary Rose--(found metal plates, glasses, light bulbs, wire, and wood)--Plates decorated by Elisabeth Cummings--decoupage plates--US Eagle Breast Plate--Cometary depictions on porcelain--artifact plate--Striking Deco floral design plate --The Pique Assiette ("Stolen Plate") Technique --pie plate assemblage--plate assemblage--plate ----plate assemblage--dirty dishes--dirty dishes-- dishes-- dishes--dishes--
plate racks--plate racks--plate racks--plate racks--plate racks--plate racks----plate racks--plate racks--plate racks--plate racks----plate racks--plate racks--plate racks--plate racks--plate racks--plate racks--plate racks--plate racks--plate racks--plate racks----plate racks--plate racks--It's a plate rack that I made for a friend's husband's civil war plate collection.
decoupage plate
tin plate--Alechinsky, Pierre Six Assiettes
anne kraus plates--
Jan Peterson, City Streets (Plate), Porcelain
jianhua liu PLATE----
peter voulkos PLATES at google--Pearls Falling on a Jade Plate--

dish rag art
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vintage plates

vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate--vintage plate

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souvenir & commemorative plates

Plate--Souvenir Plate--Souvenir Plate--Souvenir Plate--Souvenir
Plate--Souvenir Plate--Souvenir Plate--Souvenir Plate--Souvenir
Plate--Souvenir Plate--Souvenir Plate-

Wedding Plate--Commemorative Plate--Commemorative Plate--Commemorative Plate--Commemorative Plate--Commemorative Plate--Commemorative Plate--Commemorative Plate--Commemorative
Plate--Commemorative Plate--Commemorative Plate

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julian schnabel's PLATE paintings
BROKEN PLATE paintings-- Julian Schnabel
PLATE paintings-- Julian Schnabel BROKEN PLATE paintings-- Julian SchnabelBROKEN PLATE paintings-- Julian Schnabel BROKEN PLATE paintings-- Julian Schnabel BROKEN PLATE paintings--Julian Schnabel BROKEN PLATE paintings--Julian Schnabel BROKEN PLATE paintings--Julian Schnabel BROKEN PLATE paintings--Julian Schnabel
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found objects & assemblage

found objects: found objects--ontological museum-- Assemblage/Found Object sculpture--"Untitled" cast resin book, found objects -- Bonnie Maguire Wren Found
--printing with found objects--Retha Buitendach's found objects--Found objects at Tashilhunpo Monastery--Hubble St Open Garden found objects-- Pam Erickson-Davis October/Main Beach Found objects--ETHOS: writing with found objects, detail--IN BOEINGS SHADOW, found objects, 16"h x 14" x 4"d--"TransAm" Found objects 12"HX9"W --found objects page--Concepts, Found Objects and the Ephemeral--FOUND magazine--fOunD OBjEctS>>>--Decorating with Found Objects--object & found object--Two Krazy Klox: found object--Found
objects --Found Art & Some Other Stuff--most made from found materials--found objects & readyMade--Rough Terrain found objects--exhibition of works made from found objects shows how objects can have long and happy lives long after they're thrown away--found art--found art--Randall Cleaver's work combines what has been discarded to create timekeeping artifacts--art rescued from the trash--fun with found objects--

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bottle cap art

bottle cap art:
Bottlecap Art from Guatemala--bottle cap jewlery--Handmade Bottlecap Mirror from Peru--goldie garcia's bottle caps--bottlecap figures and snakes --Bottlecaps to Brushes --bottle cap art by annette o'brien--bottlecap
watch--bottlecap art by McArthur Chism (Jackson) --FOLK ART BOTTLE CAP RATTLE SNAKES--bottlecap picture frames--bottlecap lamp--Just Pretending, 1995 with bottlecaps. too--bottlecap wreath--BOTTLE CAP BAROQUE Sculptural Furniture--Bedecked with a folksy bottle-cap border, this night table --"Bottle Cap de Santos"--Bottle Cap Jewelry--brooch with bottle cap--bottlecap charm bracelet--bottle cap magnets--Bottle Cap Belts--Bottle Cap Chair

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CARDBOARD /cardboard box art
Maria Wnek. Gouache on cardboard, 31x22 cm.--a cardboard chair--Products Made By Corrugated Art--tramp art as redemption: the Hermitage
a recycled calendar--Cardboard, relief, painting, 70 x 90 cm--fotos, recycled stuff like used envelopes and cardboard--
Innovative designs utilizing recycled and everyday materials give these baskets both flair and function
"Van Dyke" Oil on cardboard 1998 The Eccentric Art of Lewis Smith: Drawings on Cardboard(and by the way, where is my BOXES drawing?)

Christo's Wrapped Books
Tadashi Kawamata cardboard boxes--Tadashi Kawamata cardboard boxes--Tadashi Kawamata cardboard boxes--

cardboard cartoons--

Night of the Living Jill 12x13x3.25,7x42 cardboard, stuffing, laminated paper, color copies, styrafoam cloth--
Joel Stearns cardboard furniture--Painting on cardboard treated with shellac --mixed media on cardboard--mixed media on cardboard 14"x12"--Casein on Cardboard, 1980
Card Bird III,collaged cardboard,1971,36x36" --"Woman with Dark Glasses" acrylic on cardboard -- Oriental Altered Cardboard Cigar Box.--"Mom Alice,"Oil on cardboard,25" x 31",c.1944.

40õ30 oil on cardboard 2001--a chair crafted from old
cardboard boxes by artist Mark Alan Chai--Recycled Cardboard Chairs --
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magazine collage
MAGAZINE COLLAGE--MAGAZINE COLLAGE--MAGAZINE COLLAGE--MAGAZINE COLLAGE--MAGAZINE COLLAGE--magazine collage art--magazine art collage--magazine art collage--magazine art collage--magazine art collage--magazine art collage--magazine art collage--magazine art collage--magazine art collage--magazine art collage--MAgazine collAGE--MAgazine collAGE--MAgazine collAGE--MAgazine collAGE--mag collage--mag collage--"Memory Box" of images --peter beard collage--
just genie
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tin cans

tin can art
links: Tin Can Art Gallery--TIN CAN ART DOLLS--tin can latern--tin can art--Fine Art of the Tin Can book--Tin Can-dle Lanterns--Tin can crown, multiple by Leif Elggren (1994) --tin can lid Brooch: ENLARGING THE WORLD--tin--DIF Tin-Can Art --Tin Can Art--Tin can Luminaries --Tin can curling is the art of taking a tin can, stripping it into 1/8" strips and then curling the strips into
exquisite designs -- Tin Can Lanterns--tin can metal art lamp and flower shaped picture frames --Tin Craft: A Workbook--Bobby Hansson creates art from cans and other cast-offs--Tin Can Salad Set by Ellen Wieske --Tinwork
by Mary Maguire book--Tin Creations by Rose--Tin Ornaments and Wall Hangings, Switchplate Covers etc-- Halloween Tin Can Art--tin can art--tin can--tin
can--tin can--tin can--Tin/Can Technology --TIN CANNED TUNA--Tin Can Stirling Engine Plans--Shelf with Lion and Tin Can --tin can-- sewn METAL sculptures--gardening & Grass Tins

Tara's Art Camp w/ altoid tins--Covering an Altoid Hinged Box--the altered altoid tin--Altered Altoid
Tins--karen michel's altered altoid tins--altoid tin--ALTOID TIN--altoid tins--altoid tins--altoid tins--altoid
tins--recycle the tin box

4" Square Tin Boxes --tin boxes--tin
lunch box--tin boxes--a colorful tin box--secret tin box--air of Paris tin--

art--Campbell's soup can--

sardine tin--sardine tin----sardine tin----sardine tin----sardine
tin----sardine tin----sardine tins--

to make: books in tin boxes

open Sardines can - Limoges box
collecter's cans

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take a walk on the wild side:
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12/01/2001 - 01/01/2002   01/01/2002 - 02/01/2002   02/01/2002 - 03/01/2002   03/01/2002 - 04/01/2002   04/01/2002 - 05/01/2002   05/01/2002 - 06/01/2002   06/01/2002 - 07/01/2002   07/01/2002 - 08/01/2002   08/01/2002 - 09/01/2002   09/01/2002 - 10/01/2002   10/01/2002 - 11/01/2002   11/01/2002 - 12/01/2002   12/01/2002 - 01/01/2003   01/01/2003 - 02/01/2003   02/01/2003 - 03/01/2003   03/01/2003 - 04/01/2003   04/01/2003 - 05/01/2003   05/01/2003 - 06/01/2003   06/01/2003 - 07/01/2003   07/01/2003 - 08/01/2003   08/01/2003 - 09/01/2003   09/01/2003 - 10/01/2003   10/01/2003 - 11/01/2003   11/01/2003 - 12/01/2003   12/01/2003 - 01/01/2004   01/01/2004 - 02/01/2004   02/01/2004 - 03/01/2004   03/01/2004 - 04/01/2004   05/01/2004 - 06/01/2004   06/01/2004 - 07/01/2004   07/01/2004 - 08/01/2004   09/01/2004 - 10/01/2004   10/01/2004 - 11/01/2004   02/01/2005 - 03/01/2005  

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