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the use of hands as a form of meditation


knitting from japan
Japanese knitters from 'Fushiginoiroito' are at the Knitting & Stitching Show--Emi Nakamura --'Chizu Nakamura --Akiko Miyake

jane whitten knits
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Painted plates
"Plates" 9" diameter--Painted plates--CUSTOM HAND PAINTED dog PLATES--WALT PAINTED PLATES--the first plates I painted--Hand painted ceramics--Really Happy Company Silk Painted Plates --Hand painted ceramic crockery by unemployed African women--painted horns plate--Annette Rawling's Hand Painted Ceramics--Natural Heritage Plates --Hand Painted Lighthouse Plates -- 8" Flamingo Plate--Hand-Painted Earthenware Plates and Mugs --Set of Six French Hand-Painted Porcelain Plates by Samson & Co. Circa 1845--Hand Painted Ceramic Plates--peach plate--C001 Ceramic plate.--platos--

souvenier plates--souvenier plate--souvenir plate--souvenir plate--souvenir plate--souvenir plate

Picasso -plates--Picasso plates---Picasso plates---Picasso plates---Picasso plates---Picasso plates---Picasso plates---Picasso plates---Picasso plate--Picasso plate--Picasso plate--picasso plate--picasso plate

Bloombury plates

Martin Kippenberger Italian
-- "Peace
" Art by Children--Plate
with Pumpkins 1660s --Aboriginal culture based plate--folk
art design plates--Plate
with Persimmon Branch Design --Faux Russian Lacquer
--Tapies plate--Titanic
Studio B Art Glass
--Codex Style Mayan
on a paper
--bacon & eggs on a
--"Elaine and Zena in the Garden" plate--A
J Wilkinson Ware plates--DAREDEVIL
--Nikolay the Second Commemorative
--MAI PIU /Never
More plate
and dishes--Baby Monster plate--oriental
style plates--Painter's
Palette plates--Cat
Bowls and Plates--decorative
Place plate--another
decorative plate--album
cover plate--Patricia
Dailey plates--colorful
ceramic plates--

Of Knives, Spoons,
, Chopsticks and Forks --history of eating
--Most people did not have pewter plates
but trenchers--

Barbara Siegel, AB'69, is also partial to Niagara kitsch. The Falls silently roar on 11 of the 200 hand-painted decorative lustre-ware plates from the 1930s and 1940s mounted in her Tribeca loft kitchen.
barb siegel

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more threads
The Gathering Place Sue Pierce--Stitched Back Ladder - Back Lucy Lesiak--The term "art quilt" only somewhat defines the work of the AQN/NY members--Click on any image to view larger image and artist's statement --Textiles- Fiber Arts --Houston Center for Contemporary Craft --angry needles exhibit--

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Craft as a Spiritual Practice
The Knitting Revolution ...Says leading trend forecaster Faith Popcorn: ‘Smooth, shiny and uniform is now equated with crude and cheap...''...Now, such is the metamorphosis of an ancient craft more recently dismissed as the preserve of doting grandmothers and bored housewives, knitting being hailed as ‘the new yoga’ and even making a simple scarf has assumed a spiritual dimension.

Jessica Fenlon Thomas just finished her MFA in studio art in Tufts University & the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston joint program (5/2002). While at the SMFA, she developed and taught Knitting for Artists to assist artists in developing their conceptual and knitterly artmaking skills. Her thesis show included the knit sculpture, Hairshirt, also featured in the Summer 2002 issue of Interweave Knits article "Knitting in Contemporary Art". She had the good luck to work with Lily M. Chin as the Boston contributor (halter top) to Lily’s book, The Urban Knitter (2002). She now lives, knits, and makes art in Pittsburgh, PA.

Knit on with confidence and hope, thru all crisis. Zimmerman
Knitting Without Tears; Basic Techniques and Easy-To-Follow Directions for Garments to Fit All Sizes. by Elizabeth Zimmermann

zen knitting weblog

Janet Morton Cardigan: Project #4 in the Project Room Installation

The MA in the History of Textiles and Dress was established in 1992 to produce graduates capable of addressing the need for rigorous scholarship in the fields of textiles and dress history.

Ghada Amer Black Series - "Coulures Noires" from "Intimate Confessions" 2000 Acrylic, embroidery and gel medium on canvas 68" x 70"
An Egyptian woman based in Paris and now New York, Ghada Amer is known for her striking hand-made, hand-stitched works whose content, scenes of female sexual activity somewhere between the pornographic and the proudly erotic, only slowly reveals itself to the viewer.

Zen and the Art of Knitting - Exploring the Links Between Knitting, Spirituality and Creativity by Bernadette Murphy...Knitters, their loved ones, and others who are curious about the power of the craft of knitting will be rewarded with answers in this enjoyable and enlightening book. Drawing on the stories of scores of knitters, her personal experience, and scientific and religious research, the author succeeds in her goal of painting "a broad picture of what it means to knit" and "the many ways knitting can enhance a life" and be used as a path to one's higher self.

of knitting or weaving identities out of the thread of experience. There may be 'pattern' suggested by the practices in international contemporary art

Mindfulness is awareness of thoughts, words, and actions in each moment of daily life. When knitting, one is forced to concentrate on counting the number of stitches in each row, repetitively. This meditative focus, combined with the daily interaction of viewers in the gallery, constitutes what Paté Conaway calls Knitting for My Soul.

Barb Hunt antipersonnel, 1998 and ongoing approximately 50 knitted sculptures
25. Barb Hunt Elsie, 2002 Knitted wool 4" x 2" Estimate: $300
In her art practice, Barb Hunt investigates cultural preconceptions to examine how notions of gender are constructed. Clothing is strongly associated with the "masculine" or the "feminine" in society. The hard, durable steel of root dress and its anchored form confound associations of dresses with soft cloth and fluidity which in turn questions assumptions based on gender. Using images from nature and forms historically connected with femininity, the artist weaves both contradictions and correlations between material, image and process to unearth diverse and alternative visions of identity.

Susan Gordon Lydon’s book of essays The Knitting Sutra: Craft as a Spiritual Practice tackles knitting not as projects but as process, seeing it as a path to contemplation.

Chicago-based artist Anne Wilson incorporates human hair and used domestic fabric in her work to explore issues of memory, gender, domestic life, and the body. Wilson sews hair into cloth, focusing on stains, holes and rips. This first museum exhibition of her work features a new installation work called Feast, in which fragments of cloth are edged with hair and pinned to a tablelike structure, as well as two works from the MCA Collection, Hair Work (1991-93) and Grafts #2 (1993).
Anne Wilson is a visual artist whose objects and installations explore diverse aspects of material culture. Her work draws upon culturally constructed meanings, conceptual strategies, and perception. Although using predominantly found textiles, and labor associated with the domestic work place (stitch, crochet), she also utilizes web site construction, sound and collaborative processes in developing her themes.

THE KNITTING GODDESS by Deborah Bergaman

Italian performance artists Sissi, who transforms her body into living works of art, often using knitting, knitted a gigantic chandelier in pink plastic and become its last hanging crystal for a performance in Florence. Last year she transformed herself into a water nymph, lying atop a leaf knitted from fishing floats and line, atop a Belgian pond.

Katharine Cobey fiber arts
Empty Headed Vessel Crocheted red telephone wire

Ilze Aviks is a studio artist whose tapestries and stitched cloth pieces are in many collections
including Kaiser Permanente and AT&T.
Ilze Aviks "Damaged Roses" - Detail

Dutch born fiber artist Annet Couwenberg makes much of the rich subject of reconfiguration- the shaping and molding of women. Couwenberg's sculptures include engaging corset forms, alluring insect-like cocoons, and courageous badges.

Keawe's Bib contains a cloth fragment directly linked to Robert Louis Stevenson's story, The Bottle Imp. It continues Margo Mensing's venture "to tell stories and ask questions through the fabrication, restoration, and fictionalization of cloth."

Cynthia Schira Images
cynthia shira fabric art

surface design links and resources

IN STITCHES Humor in Contemporary Fiber Art

DEVOUR sugar, chocolate, fabric, mixed media, 8' x 9' x 1'
Images from Men of the Cloth
Jon Eric Riis has had more than twenty-five years of professional experience as a fiber artist. Not only does he design works for exhibition, but he also creates commission tapestries nationally and internationally.

Cockaigne by Angela Lim is a text-image based installation consisting of 27 embroidered fabric constructions, all of which incorporate an apron motif. Lim has hand-embroidered poetry and corresponding images onto 27 sculptures (each one constituting a stanza of the 27 stanza poem). --Angela Lim Exemplum, (The Elements: Dust) silk and cotton on silk, dust, mixed media

Lisa Kokin kokin still--1982: Lisa Kokin Exhibtion at TNI

A Group of Bay Area Artists The works in this exhibition were sought and selected by fiber/DIMENSIONS member Giselle Kappus
"Pin Cushion" by Miyuki Imai

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tomas maldonado
ùCan Maldonado's precise geometric paintings be turned into quilt designs?
Tomás Maldonado founded the Asociación Arte Concreto-Invención in 1945. Maldonado and other members of the group made precise geometric paintings and promoted a streamlined, industrial aesthetic. They believed the artist should fully conceive a work of art in the mind before applying paint to canvas. Subscribing to the Concrete theories of Dutch De Stijl artist Theo van Doesburg, the association’s adherents proposed a purely visual art, based on primary-colored geometric forms.
Tomas Maldonado, the leader of the Argentine concretists-inventionists....
Tomás Maldonado--
Tomás Maldonado (Buenos Aires 1922), designer e semiologo, docente al Politecnico
di Milano--Critica della ragione informatica
--Possiamo vivere in un sogno ma alla fine dobbiamo svegliarci--Cover of the only issue of Arturo magazine, Buenos Aires, 1944. Designed by Tomás Maldonado --
Tomás Maldonado - s / t - 1950--
Disegno industriale. Un riesame ...Tomas Maldonado

"product aesthetics"
The key to everything: surround people with real things not with ghosts. (Tomás Maldonado c.s., 1946)

Rubbing the illusion is one aspect of the original graphical recalcitrance. (...) Argentinean artist and designer Tomás Maldonado in his 1946 Inventionist Manifesto held:
Representational art tends to muffle man's cognitive energy, distract him from his own power.
The raw material of representational art has always been illusion.
Illusion of space.
Illusion of expression.
Illusion of reality.
Illusion of movement.
A formidable mirage from which man has always returned disappointed and weakened.

GEOMETRIC ABSTRACTION artwork (like that of most all architects who wnan to be artists, too)
Maldonado, Tomás
(b Buenos Aires, 24 April 1922). Argentine painter, graphic designer, teacher and theorist. He studied at the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires from 1938. In 1944 he was a co-founder of the Argentine avant-garde review Arturo, which was concerned with both art and literature and led to the formation in 1945 of the ASOCIACIÓN ARTE CONCRETO INVENCIÓN, of which he was also one of the main instigators. In 1948 he travelled to Europe, where he came into contact with Max Bill and other Swiss Constructivists, whose example inspired him both as a painter and as a theorist on his return to Argentina.

Geometric Abstraction: Latin American Art from the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection

In 1944, the publication of a single-issue magazine Arturo in Buenos Aires signaled a new direction and confidence among young Argentine and Uruguayan artists. An eager new generation, shedding off the last remnants of painterly abstraction, proposed an avant-garde art of propaganda and provocation. Through multi-media events, journals, manifestos, concerts, and street exhibitions, the new artists re-claimed the Marxist Utopia of an abstract art of the people. The artists of the Asociación Arte Concreto-Invención (1946), Arte Madí (1946), and Perceptismo (1949) made the first ‘shaped canvas’ paintings in the mid-1940s, as a reaction against traditional painting supports, and also developed sculptures that invited viewer participation. Artists like Gyula Kosice, Tomás Maldonado, Alfredo Hlito, Carmelo Arden Quin, and Lidy Prati all created their own versions of a transgressive and revolutionary art.


Project: make a Maldonado/Arturo quilt
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more art brut
LENA VANDREY assemblage--Gaston Chaissac and what he can do to a used basket--
ginger young self-taught artists gallery--What's new and what's coming up....artisans--primitive kool gallery--
Jan Hughes was born in Michigan in 1936. She now lives happily with her husband and the driftwood spirits in the mountains of western North Carolina.>--
JESSIE AND RONALD COOPER, the couple that paints together stays together--
In 1937, after his children were grown, Nick Engelbert began to build an
elaborate arched porch of concrete around the front entrance of his farmhouse, >>ultimately covering every inch of the outside surface of the house with
concrete inlaid with shards of china, glass, beads, buttons, and sea shells.--leo sewell's found objects sculpture--
You've stumbled upon the land of Pasaquan the artistic creation of St.EOM--
environments links--JOE FUREY'S URBAN GROTTO: FOUND AND LOST...A former proprietor of Miami's Bottle Cap Inn covered the interior of his bar, including a piano, with bottlecaps. Joseph Furey covered the inside of his apartment in Brooklyn's
Park Slope with shells, buttons and other items. Furey's walk-up environment, though widely publicized and, for a while, cared for by sympathetic tenants, ultimately was destroyed by the building's owner. -- Angelo Meani ceramic marcottage--- 600 carvings by the self-taught artist Levi Fisher Ames. Ames created a vast wooden menagerie of animals from around the world as well as bizarre or heroic characters--Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery --grey carter folk art gallery-- kentucky folk art center--Welcome to Ghost Dog Gallery!
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mainly threads
davin decuir art-- The embroideries for the ancient stalls were designed by Guy Barton and worked by the Ladies of the Parish under the direction of Mrs Barton. The scheme of embroidery began in 1962 and took 15 years to comlete. Over 20 people took part in the work, to varying degrees. --Epitaphios of John (Jovan), metropolitan of Skopje, from the mid- 14th century. The embroidered border is of somewhat later date.--Embroidered curtain for the Imperial doors of the iconostasis, presented to Chilandar in c. 1399 by the nun Euphemia, a famous poetess.--Textiles & Embroideries--Period English embroidered textiles---silk embroidery in cross stitch on cotton--HUNGARIAN EMBROIDERY--Empty Spools Seminars 2003--a beautiful African embrodiery--another african embroidery--embroidery detail--Kaitag Embroideries: An exhibition sponsored by and scheduled in conjunction with the Tenth International Conference on Oriental Carpets in Washington D.C., --SAMPLERS & SCHOOLGIRL EMBROIDERIES--embroidery sample--Emma's Garden collection on our Machine Embroidery --Broderies / Embroideries wallpapers--on how to embellish kitchen towels as shown in photos. As well as towels and towel fabric at "Embroidery Supplies"--MORE MINI EMBROIDERIES--Sylvia M Everitt's Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries--Small Pashtun Embroideries-- n Uzbek society, women traditionally create elaborate embroideries as part of their dowry, in part to demonstrate their skills to prospective suitors. Known as "suzanis," silk embroidered wall hangings such as these remain one of the most distinctive crafts from Central Asia. --many better-off women wore garments embellished with embroidery. --British Embroidery from the Middle Ages until 1750, --Let Virtue Be a Guide to Thee embroidery--[Picture shows embroidery on woolen cloth. Much enlarged] --Limbus Group Embroideries of Generals, 1997--Three young women, Dafna Ichilov, Judith Guetta and Galia Gur Zeev, members of the Limbus group, have created in common an iconic work: "Embroideries of Generals, 1997." It consists of portraits of former Chiefs of Staff of the Israeli army printed in monochrome on embroidery canvas - always identified as a woman's craft - as if ready for needlework. --Hmong patch embroideries in teak frame. 20 x 29 inches--Astitchdesign Gallery of Machine Embroideries--Embroideries like postage stamps--Indian embroidery exists in exquisite variations with each state having a unique style of its own--Watercolour embroidery--Edouard Vuillard. Embroidering by a Window, --jpg--Emanuel Embroidered Tallit Collection--Embroidery Gallery --Embroidery, published in London for the Embroiderers' Guild, is the essential magazine for the enthusiast, professional, teacher, collector and historian

. --Freddie Robins produces innovative conceptual knitwear for people, external environments and interiors. Her interest in subverting the norm results in a humorous range of mutant machine-made knitwear, gloves with merged fingers, jumpers with filled-in hoods and legs for arms.--Freddie Robins & Mary Little: private commission--Freddie Robin's extraordinary work uses knitted textiles to explore the boundaries and categorisation of art and craft, the ideas of feminine and feminist. In this new installation the form of the woolly knitted jumper is playfully 'reformed'. A sleeve instead of a neck, a spare torso projecting from the stomach, four shoulders with four sleeves and sealed cuffs for missing hands. These jumpers mix the freak show and genetic engineering, resulting in something both deeply disturbing and humorous. --Unwearable Tension: Freddie Robins's deconstructed knitwear --Robins explores the human condition, cultural preconceptions and pertinent contemporary issues of the domestic, image, gender and the body in her work. She subverts the medium of ‘knitting’, which is often perceived as feminine, comfortable and non-threatening to explore surreal and macabre subject matter. On first glance the work looks familiar and pleasant but further investigation and the works alludes to something far more sinister and twisted; conjuring up images of genetic engineering gone wrong and mutated or bound bodies. --portrait of freddie robbins--freddie robins blanket--FREDDIE ROBINS'My first memory of textiles is "Janie", a rag doll made for me by my Aunt. Janie's orange wool hair was a great comfort to me, I would rub my nose with it. --animals by freddie robins--billy wool by freddie robbins--Freddie Robins with Mat Fraser and Catherine Long: Body, Nobody, Somebody, Anybody --FREDDIE ROBINS --Our final design, 'Footsie', satisfied us both in terms of aesthetics, function and form and also was a piece that fully represented both of us. We conceived of it together but we used our individual skills to fulfil it.
Road Rage, Knitted Glove. --Freddie Robins...Hop on You Look (h)armless--Freddie Robins makes mutant knitwear with bizarre distortions of proportion, size and layout that comment obliquely on the idea of fashion.

Cast Off is a knitting club for boys and girls. We think knitting is good for you. In fact we know it is. We aim to promote knitting as a fashionable and productive pastime for boys and girls.

Contemporary Applied Arts is Britain’s largest gallery specialising in the exhibition and sale of contemporary crafts.
From video installation to tapestry weaving, Cleo Padovani draws comparisons between the idea of performance and the expectations of the viewer confronted with something or someone new.

Carol Shinn's photo-realist embroidery
The knitting revolution--John Allen ,
Square panel (ilgitss), Lakai Uzbek tribe, late 19th-early 20th century. Embroidery in silk thread on a woven wool flannel ground, backed with woven cotton, with tassels and a crocheted fringe of silk thread, featuring metal thread. 72 x 85 cm.

felted wallpieces
textiled tea cups...JULIE ARKELL more-- Julie Arkell (Photograph)
NATASHA KERRfabrics and fotos
SUSIE FREEMAN ...How do we perceive the passing time? Throughout our lives, we collect and throw away, select and discard, objects which we feel are important or irrelevant. We keep things we feel say something about us, either because they change with the passing of time, or remain the same.

Stitch 2003 will appeal to anyone with a love of needlecraft. This year, the event remains predominantly cross-stitch focused, but there is plenty to please needle-workers of other persuasions!

Innovative Threads
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Culture: Outsider Art. Self-Taught. Visionary. Folk.--that kind of critter --exhibitions of the American Visionary Art Museum, but here, in Wind in My Hair, -- "Self Portrait" --Da-Da Artists (Da-artists)--WILLARD J.1940's ...RURAL SOUTH,GREW UP IN THE PROJECTS,

Kohler Foundation is committed to the preservation of art environments, important collections, as well as Wisconsin culture and heritage.
1. A person that puts together art piece using whatever materials happen to be available: “Even the decor is a bricolage, a mix of this and that”

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still bloomsbury
Bloomsbury Needlepoint book--cross stitch sampler... The beautiful farmhouse nestles in a tranquil area of the Sussex Downs in the heart of the English countryside. This sampler reflects the lives and times of the talented artists, intellects and writers, including Virginia Woolf known as the ‘Bloomsbury’ group who used the house and it’s exquisite gardens as their country retreat--I draw on many influences in my needlepoint design. The medieval designs described by A. W. N. Pugin, the designs of the Bloomsbury artists from the Omega Workshop, the jazzy designs of 1940's and 50's barkcloth, and the works of the mistress of design, Mother Nature; I draw on all these for inspiration. --In November of 1910 Roger Fry, art historian and critic, put together a show of impressionist painters that had remained rather obsure from the public eye. He felt that contemporary art had grown stale and wanted to show artists that had a vibrancy he wanted to draw attention to. --and has been credited with establishing the reputations of such painters as Van Gogh, Cézanne and Picasso.
Charleston needlepoint

artists' studio tours: Welcome to the 14th annual Pontiac Artists' Studio Tour.--SECOND ANNUAL VAAN NASHVILLE ARTISTS' STUDIO TOUR--RAC 9TH ANNUAL ARTISTS' STUDIO TOUR --a Gowanus Artists Studio Tour --The OPEN DOORS Studio Tour Artists --women artists in the bay back walking tour--Brant Studio Tour Feel free to contact any of these artists to arrange an appointment to view their studios and works.--the 2003 Studio Ramble tour

Cezannes Studio in Spring-- Paul Cezanne studio --Cezanne's Studio--Gauguin's Studio 2 62x72 in--Matisse adored lush, decorative textiles, especially those with vibrant colors and lively patterns. To him, these fabrics suggested an exotic world of luxury, comfort, and delight, far removed from the tedium of the everyday. Matisse hung his favorite fabrics in his studio to create small stage sets where his French models could pose as if they were languid "odalisques" in a Moroccan harem--matisse--"THE STUDIO"
Duncan Grant painting in the bedroom of Vanessa Bell, 1976--The endpaper fabric for Good Things in England, published in 1932, was designed by Duncan Grant in that year. Called 'Grapes', it is a design of grapes, flowers and leaves on a yellow background
Charleston near Lewes, was discovered in 1916 by Virginia and Leonard Woolf when Virginia's sister, the painter Vanessa Bell, was looking for a place in the country.Vanessa moved here with fellow artist Duncan Grant, the writer David Garnett, her two young sons and an assortment of animals. Somewhat unconventional even for today. The 17th century house has a south facing garden walled in brick and flint. Gravel paths and mixed borders round around the walls. Apple trees erupt from borders and a long box hedge has been clipped into undulating waves.

"One should have nothing in one's home that one does not believe to be beautiful or know to be useful" William Morris

THE ARTISTS AS DECORATOR Roger Fry was an art critic, collector, and artist. Worked briefly in America for the Metropolitan. Famous for organizing exhibits that introduced post-impressionist art into England; also helped people in America set up Armory Show. Promient critic of the aesthetic school, emphasizing formalist principles. Introduced Cezanne in particular. --As an artist, Fry was associated with the Bloomsbury Group in London – a semi-formal discussion group of writers and philosophers that included artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. In 1913, he organized the Omega Workshops, a collective that encouraged the involvement of young artists in the design and decoration of everyday functional objects. --Cupboard, with marquetry decoration of two giraffes, designed by Roger Fry, made by the Omega Workshops, London, 1916--A special exhibition of work by Bloomsbury artists, Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and Rodger Fry, to coincide with the 2003 Ferens Fine Art Lectures on the theme of 'Bloomsbury'. --A "Need of Distance and Blue": Space, Color, and Creativity in To the Lighthouse.--Masters of Colour: Derain to Kandinsky

The owner of one of the top haute-couture houses in Paris, located on Rue de la Paix, from 1895 to 1927, Jacques Doucet made his fortune dressing the famous actresses and women of the world.
another doucet--Prints - Lithographs

Founders Of The Arts & Crafts Movement 1870 - 1900--The Arts & Crafts Society--On-Line Arts & Crafts Movement Resource Directory
painted furniture--mona's hand-painted furniture--Painted Furniture--Caliente-It's Hot!

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Atelier Martine
At the beginning of the 1900's. Paul Poiret organized a group of 15 girls from poor backgrounds, paid them a small salary and gave them two meals a day. He took them to museums, the zoo, marketplaces and the Sevres manufactory then left them to transcribe their impressions in terms of designs for fabrics.
Paul Poiret was born to a cloth merchant family in Paris 1879. The consuming interest of his youth was the theatre, a passion that was to have a profound effect on Poiret's designs. In 1896 he was invited by Jacques Doucet to join his establishment where he had the chance to create costumes for the leading actresses of the time, Sarah Bernhardt and Réjane. Through this opportunity he gained recognition and great favour. After military service and a short period with Maison Worth, Poiret established his own business, La Maison Poiret, during 1904. Poiret brought vitality and vibrant colour back to women's fashion which had been decimated by the First World War.
Another significant event in Paris in 1910 was the presentation by the Ballets Russes de Serge Diaghilev of Scheherazade. Leon Bakst had concocted oriental sets and costumes in dazzling, barbaric colors; this brought a demand in the fashion world for exoticism, soon answered by the couturier Paul Poiret. In 1912, Poiret created his own design school, the Atelier Martine, to further his Art Deco ideas. By the 1920s the effects of cubist painting were seen in advertising and product designs.
The famed French couturier Paul Poiret moved in artistic circles, employed Parisian artists, and collected their work. He went to art galleries and showed his artistic sensibilities by preferring Impressionist paintings at a time when they were new and unappreciated by the public at large. Poiret became very interested in modern art and said, "I have always liked painters. It seems to me that we are in the same trade and that they are my colleagues."
Poiret and Eastern Influence - Women's Fashions of the 1910s--Poiret's Harem and Lampshade Look 1913--Les Robes de Paul Poiret
Paul Poiret --...it was the fashion designer,Paul Poiret,who reintroduced it into high society...

The son of a Parisian shopkeeper, Poiret became a dress designer in 1896 after meeting Jacques Doucet. In 1910 he visited Vienna, met Josef Hoffmann and took inspiration from the textile and fashion designs of the Wiener Werkstatte. He founded his Atelier Martine in 1911 and his Maison Martine on Fauborg Saint-Honore sold rugs, carpets and wallpapers. Together with his long-term collaborator, the painter Raoul Duty, Poiret began a studio for printing textiles, La Petite Usine. In 1908 and 1911 Poiret published volumes of his designs, which was in itself an innovative step, and as a result he was received warmly when he visited America in 1913. Although he continued work in the 1920s and 1930s, his contribution to the 1925 Paris Exposition, three decorated barges, brought Poiret to the edge of financial ruin.

Paul Poiret (1879-1944) was a flamboyant and highly influential fashion designer of the early twentieth century. As a member of the avant-garde artistic community in Paris, he commissioned work from well-known painters and illustrators. One of Poiret's most important contributions was his strong belief in the relationship between the fine and decorative arts

THE WIENER WERKSTATTE: 1903-1933--Wiener Werkstätte: [VEEN-er VEHRK-shtet-teh] (German for "Vienna Workshop") --Wiener Werkstatte Pottery Bust - Brandl --Wiener Werkstatte: A Revolutionary Design Movement from Vienna --Turn-of-the-century Vienna and the Wiener Werkstatte

Arthur Lasenby Liberty was born in Chesham, Buckinghamshire in 1843. He was employed at Messrs Farmer and Rogers in Regent Street in 1862, the year of the International Exhibition at Kensington in London. Within the exhibition was a section devoted to Japan, the first major presentation of its kind in Europe
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the phenomenon of decorating the home environment
self-made environments, visionary folk art--Raw Creation: Outsider Art and Beyond-- Self-Made Worlds: Visionary Folk Art Environments book--Cellblock Visions prison art book--As the genre has increased in popularity, so have the amount of publications realated to self-taught, folk and outsider art. There are some beautiful books available --Folk Art Environments--Where the dream becomes reality--Le Palais idéal du facteur Cheval --Ce lieu-dit "la Frênouse" a été choisi par Robert Tatin en fonction de son histoire certes, mais aussi et surtout pour son orientation Est-Ouest. --ORANGE SHOW PRESERVATION folk art environments--FOLK ART ENVIRONMENTS links--Links to folk art, antiques, outsider art and related sites: museums, publications, environments, etc.--Folk Art for Home & Garden--Americana--You have arrived at the home page for Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village. This folk art environment is the single handed work of self taught senior citizen Tressa "Grandma " Prisbrey. --the entrance of Paradise Gardens --Gardens of Revelation: Environments by Visionary Artists--Just ask Matt Lamb, a successful Chicago businessman who chose to become a painter sometime after the age of fifty. --The "House of Shards" is incredible. Thousands and thousands of pieces of tiles, pottery shards, mirrors, and glass decorate this incredible old cottage. Located on the museum grounds the building houses an interesting collection of vintage bicycles-- selected folk art environments in the u.s.--Il Giardino dei Tarocchi --The Alternative Birdtable Competition!--Kettle's Yard was founded by H.S. 'Jim' Ede as a place where visitors would 'find a home and a welcome, a refuge of peace and order, of the visual arts and of music.' --W. C. Rice's Cross Garden Gallery--For S.P. Dinsmoor was no mere home builder, but rather a visionary in every sense of the word. Over the course of the next twenty years, he surrounded the Cabin Home with an elaborate concrete maze that had consumed 113 tons of cement by 1927--Books on Folk Art -- Brothers in Clay: The Story of Georgia Folk Pottery book--cafe mexico decor--decor--decor--decor--decor

the owl house...Helen Martins lay ill in bed one night, with the moon shining in through the window, and considered how dull and grey her life had become. She resolved, there and then, that she would strive to bring light and colour into her life. That simple decision, to embellish her environment, was to grow into an obsessive urge to express her deepest feelings, her dreams and her desires.
The Cultural Institute Casa da Flor
Pique Assiette is a folk art that can be found in many different cultures during many different time periods. It is the art of recycling broken crockery, glass, pottery, china, porcelain, and stoneware into decorative pieces for the home and garden. --Pique Assiette --the joy of shards--REPSYCHIC MOSAIC ART--Welcome to Cyclops Mosaic Tile--PATTIE GREY'S STUFFED SHIRT--WITS END MOSAICS--"Hot Pink Pot"--smashing china.... .Shard art, a folk art which draws on traditional mosaic techniques, became popular during the Victorian Era when people began turning their broken heirloom china into beautiful and treasured decorative pieces for their homes --LA MAISON PICASSIETTE--true mosaic interiors--rosebud mosaics--mosaic fotos--This website is a showcase for Marcelo de Melo's mosaic work. Marcelo is a Brazilian artist --Welcome to Anima Ceramic Tile and Mosaic Design.
Shafir is self-taught in the medium of mosaics. She always knew, even as a young girl, that one day the road would lead her to this destiny. Her mosaics are impressive in their vibrant use of color and have an enormous impact on viewers who find them truly inspirational, providing lasting hours of meditation and observation. Shafir is especially appreciated for her pioneering works in what she terms the "spontaneous mosaic," working directly on a piece without sketches or preconception.
Home Furniture Collection "COULEURS ET MATIERES"--Welcome to Paja van Dyck's online gallery of mosaics!--Cole Sonafrank's Links to Mosaic Artists & Studios
milka arts mosaics--Welcome to the Creative Union!--Cassandria's current mosaic work explores the image of swimmers and sharks in addition to other concepts
was an early 1900's American folk craft.Women would gather together their most beloved clutter and embellish forms with it.--Mosaics by Kaffe Fassett and Candace Bahouth--piccasiette--crackpot mosiacs--mosiac wares collection
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Through The Needle: The Art of Ray Materson --
anthony petullo outsider art collection--Rhinestone Cowboy--The apocryphal story told of Dwight Mackintosh's birth in Hayward, California in 1906, was that it occurred simultaneously with the Great San Francisco Earthquake — and that his disability stemmed from that traumatic coincidence. --media: black marker on white (heavy) paper--american folk art museum--Art Brut designates "works executed by persons unharmed by artistic culture, in which mimesis, in contrast to what happens in the case of intellectuals, has little or no part at all. Consequently, the authors draw their inspiration (themes, materials, the means of transposition, rhythm, different styles of writing, etc.) from their resources and not from the clichés of classical or fashionable art."--Welcome to jane's addictions --The artist known as "M", was born in eastern Europe. His age today is 55 years. His family was destructed by the results of nazism like death, flight and persecution.--Malcolm McKesson Gallery--Moog was the pseudonym assigned to Peter Meyer by a German psychiatrist to protect the identity of his patient.

art spaces:
Every night at eight o’clock, as dependably as the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, the dirty window of a dilapidated cigar-maker’s cottage on Catherine Street in Key West was suddenly haloed with a reddish glow. Its occupant – an ageing former musician known as Makiki – would flick on an electrical switch inside his tiny island home, and the result was a dizzying, relentlessly stimulating spectacle of light, color, religious imagery, and mirrored reflections.
WELCOME to the WAREHOUSE--the Artscape --The Continental Gin's Open House & Boyd Gallery's Mirror Image Show--John Singer Sargent (1865B1925) in his Paris studio with his famous painting Madame X--AIR GALLERY & SPACE--loftsonline--The Julia and David White Artists' Colony is a nonprofit corporation located in the midst of a private 17 acre rainforest in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica, a 35 minute drive from the capital, San Jose.--In 1998, Craig La Rotonda and partner Kim Maria opened Revelation Studios in San Francisco, the novel unity of a fine art and commercial studio. --Jake McCord, on his porch

OMEGA: the bloomsbury workshop--In the district of London, Bloomsbury an ill-defined group of writers and artists formed for a period from before World War I to before World War II there was who lived and hovered around the area. Bloomsbury was an artistic and lifestyle, and also a group of original and creative individual whose lives have long fascinated the public imagination.....The Omega Workshop Founded by Roger Fry in 1913. It was a group of artists who were associated with them believed that the creative joy of the artist and craftsman should go into the making of articles for everyday use --Bloomsbury for Decorative Arts was established in 1993 by Gloria Young, a potter who was looking for larger workspace and an outlet to sell her work--Omega Workshops in 1913--Bloomsbury: the Omega Workshop & Hogarth Press--BLOOMSBURY AND THE DECORATIVE ARTS: Omega and after --IL MONDO RIFLESSO DALLE INTIME TENSIONI DI VANESSA BELL.--The Bloomsbury Group & Others--The Omega Workshops, conceived by the artist and critic Roger Fry, was not only patronized by Bloomsbury, but also gave graphic expression to some essence of the Bloomsbury ethos. --Cressida Bell, the granddaughter of Vanessa Bell, great niece of Virginia Woolf, daughter of the late writer, potter and sculptor Quentin Bell, is a leading artist of England's new Bloomsbury Group. --Bloomsbury was, of course, more than a literary movement: the visual arts were an integral part of the lives of many of the Bloomsbury Group. --"Bloomsbury" was the nickname given to a group of young friends who met in Britain around 1905 and named for the neighborhood in London where many of them lived and worked. --When Picasso came to visit, Roland Penrose called up his neighbour, Vanessa Bell, and asked her to drop by. Bell considered it, then declined. She was simply too busy that day.--Additional Links to Vanessa Bell (1879-1961)--Charleston, a modest 18th century farmhouse set close to the foot of the South Downs, is a memorial to the Bloomsbury Group. --The elder sister of Virginia Woolf, the daughter of the prominent Victorian writer Sir Leslie Stephen, Vanessa Bell was a well-known painter and designer of the early twentith century. She was a central figure of a group of writers and artists known as the Bloomsbury --Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant--Bell's career serves as an example of how incestuous the Bloomsbury clan could be, both artistically and personally. She married writer Clive Bell but also had relationships with artists Duncan Grant and Roger Fry. Her lovers seem to have exerted a great deal of influence on her work. Fry's innovative Omega workshops were a forum for Bell's forays into furniture and textile design. --The Charleston Gallery exhibitions programme and artist-in-residence schemes maintain Charleston as a living force in the arts today.

Oscar Erickson (1883-1970) linoleum block prints--Decorative arts in the life of the Turks go back to the first century B.C. The most striking examples of decorative art were produced during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods in enamelled tile making, miniatures, filigrees, marbling, coloured glass making, calligraphy, gilding, engraving and glass and repousse work. Being entirely applied arts, these forms were regarded as crafts rather than art. Though styles were many and varied, artists never signed their work. --As objects for daily use, works of decorative art allow a close insight into cultures of the past. Among its holdings, the National Gallery has an extensive collection of European furniture, tapestries, and ceramics from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries as well as medieval church vessels. --ART NOUVEAU DECORATIVE ARTS IN CATALONIA --Landscape Murals and Decorative Arts--Decorative Arts at found image press--primavera gallery--The American Environment: Decorative Arts of the Mid-20th Century--a room full of fullness--Born an ocean apart, in Philadelphia and Zambia, Africa, respectively, Venturi and Scott Brown came to their partnership with remarkably similar ideals. They met in 1960, drawn together in part by a shared skepticism about the elite and in-grown character of the prevailing modernist architecture. --GAUDÍ AND ART NOUVEAU IN CATALONIA--With their strong decorative arts traditions, Aluku and Ndjuka Maroons place a high value on visual innovation, creativity, and individual artistry.
THE SOCIETY FOR FOLK ARTS PRESERVATlON --The Art of Kalika Stern --FOLK TOYS OF THE WORLD.--Museum of International Folk Art --Since November of 2000, the New York Folklore Society has operated the Gallery of New York Traditions, a consignment folk art gallery that provides a venue for artists from across New York State to sell their work. --EASE the gallery of the sacred in everyday life

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The Association of Central Australian Indigenous Art Centres--Aboriginal Art and Craft by Tobwabba Art Australia--Contemporary Aboriginal art is a vital part of the world's oldest continuous cultural tradition. It is also one of the most brilliant and exciting areas of modern art.

altered book cam
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kawaii means cute
The artwork of Takashi Murakami draws from the language of popular and traditional Japanese culture to comment on their relationship to contemporary life. Murakami’s life-sized cyborgs, or human machines, are meticulously crafted sculptures inspired by the sometimes hard-core computer-generated imagery of the anime (animated film) and manga (comic book) industries that lie at the heart of Japanese popular culture. --Hozro: sito per l'arte contemporanea a Genova--L’artista giapponese Takashi Muratami, famoso disegnatore di manga, fumetti nipponici, porta alla Galleria Serpentine di Londra, fino al 26 gennaio, la mostra dei suoi personaggi: Kaika, Kiki, Mr DoB, provenienti dalla Fondazione Cartier di Parigi. --Takashi Murakami--
Murakami made his debut as a modern artist with the 1991 solo exhibition "Takashi, Tamiya." --creative time
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myelinated pathways
Many recent studies confirm the benefits of Waldorf Education. Music experience and instruction impacts math competency. Handwork (i.e. knitting) and brain development are closely linked. Reading and writing ability is dramatically enhanced by oral language development. --Activity, work and play, are thus critical to myelinating the pathways of the brain and honing it into all that it is capable of being--Knitting A Future-- The writings of Rudolf Steiner--The practising of handwork is not meant to provide just a pleasant past-time but to specifically help the young child to develop a healthy imagination and harmonise his unfolding will and feeling life. DOC--“Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge aiming to guide the spiritual element in the human being to the spiritual in the universe.”--Historically crafts have played an important part in the civilisation of the human being.. Their origin and function was no doubt, to begin with not purely a utilitarian one, but craft existed as the means whereby the human being retained a connection with the Gods, continued in the act of creation. They belonged to religious life and practises, only gradually did the developing utilitarian mind evolve crafts as hand work to meet the human being’s needs.

Dale Chihuly
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holding a watering can

miniature art garden, Make some plant related art in a box that is 175 X 100 . It can be a gif, a jpeg or a Flash file. Send it in and we'll put it here--8 Easy Care Dorm Plants--Welcome to Janet Loughrey Photography. I specialize in photographing gardens of the Pacific Northwest, Northeastern US and Canada--The Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park--Welcome to Jeff's Garden. My husband Jeff, has been gardening on these grounds for seven years--Secret Garden--
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bimbo sculptures via geisha--primitive dolls--Dolls of Cambodia--3-D Dolls Grown from Mono-layer Cells--breyla dolls--Mendi mourning dolls--Bamun Fertility Dolls (female/male).--wampanaog dolls--doll heads--russian dolls--CLOTH & OTHER DOLLS--Homemade Soft-Sculpture Dolls--Krishna Amma dolls and Kali Amma dolls--Inflatable beatles--Creatable Inflatables--Non-Talking Dolls & Bean Bags --product: effigy --The New Year's Eve Effigy Party--Bloody Dolly -or- Effigy Quest--Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Voodoo Dolls--Amelia Laing and Her Voodoo Doll--
I'm finding that there is a group of doll makers who have outgrown making a version of someone else's doll. Classes like: Not Your Mother's Paper Doll, All Wrapped Up, Designing the Doll and Making Faces, which together is Playing with Dolls--Voodoo That You Do -- X rated doll--Sisters & Daughters dollmakers--Dollmakers foresaw Mr Putin's victory--elinor peace bailey dolls--Teesha Moore (The Studio Zine) doll--doll books--SOFT SCULPTURED DOLLS UNLIMITED--Fine Art Soft Sculpture, Art Dolls Goddess and God, Sacred and Mundane --doll molds--Gingerbread Rag Dolls

teesha's art

Anatomically Correct Dolls in False Allegation Cases--Little Girls Playing With Dolls --Playing with the Dolls--Child Playing with Dolls--Barbie Dolls or Baby Dolls?--Should Boys Play With Dolls?--The "Jap Doll" --dollmakers pencil case--We are a mother and daughter team of dollmakers who have been working together to create these cloth figures since 1985. --Pin Dolls--dollmaker links--Sample Page from Washi Catalog for Dollmakers

Main Entry: ef·fi·gy
Pronunciation: 'e-f&-jE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -gies
Etymology: Middle French effigie, from Latin effigies, from effingere to form, from ex- + fingere to shape -- more at DOUGH
Date: 1539
: an image or representation especially of a person; especially : a crude figure representing a hated person
- in effigy : publicly in the form of an effigy


food & mood
The Food-Mood Connection--In the past few decades, the American food industry has changed drastically --The Food and Mood Project: helping you explore the relationship between what you eat and how you feel--Food And Your Behavior--these new Carbohydrate-Craving books have some quick & easy tips based on serious blood sugar science--Does carbohydrate-rich, protein-poor food prevent a deterioration of mood and cognitive performance of stress-prone subjects when subjected to a stressful task? --I've place a jar of peaunt butter next to my bed links--FOOD, EXERCISE AND MOOD--what's your food mood?--Food Therapy for Depression --food theraphies for emotional health books--How Modern Eating Habits May Contribute to Depression--Eating Disorders and Vegetarianism--Diet is important to mental, as well as physical, health. Try very hard to eat healthy food, not junk food, as the latter contains various chemicals that can affect mood and physical well-being. You may also want to consider taking a general-purpose vitamin supplement, particularly if your lifestyle makes it difficult for you to eat sensibly--Avoid too many sweets, sugars, chocolate, fizzy drinks, tea/coffee (& other caffeine drinks) and processed foods, as these give you false energy, i.e. they give you a buzz for 20 minutes or so, then as they wear off, you feel worse and crave more--Food Cravings Hunger or Depression?-- the website for Chinese Food Therapy--Strategies for Food Cravings
Food can cause diseases as well as prevent diseases. Most of the diseases known to man are directly and indirectly caused by the food he eats. The human body is a bag of chemicals where millions of chemical reactions run the "great show". The nature of the reactions and the outcome is depended on the materials that flow into the human bag. Thus food decides the functioning of the human bod--Food Therapy for Colds, Flus and Sinus--For women, thinning hair or hair loss can be a sign of a problem in the gastrointestinal tract. It could be a sign of insufficient stomach acids; It could also mean a deficiency of protein, zinc and other nutrients. Taking two acidophilus tablets after or between meals (four to six tablets per day) for two months will help--How food benefits mood--Managing Your Mind and Mood Through Food BOOK...Revolutionary and scientifically sound news about the food/mind/moodresponse from a renowned M.I.T. scientist who explains how to enhancedaily performance dramatically through dietIn this breakthrough book, Dr. Judith Wurtman explains how what we eat and when we eat it affects our moods, minds, and lives. Translating her findings into practical programs, she reveals what foods can prevent afternoon slumps; increase productivity; help us carry on with activities after work or work through the night, calm stress and anxiety; and aid sleep. At the heart of the book are her guidelines about how carbohydrates and proteins interact in the body, and how to use this knowledge to set your own food/mood clock. In addition, Dr. Wurtman shatters many of the common myths about food, showing how to take advantage of caffeine, sugar, and carbohydrate snacks to increase productivity, and includes a test used at M.I.T which enables readers to explore their own food/mind/mood response. This book shows you how to eat to:Beat stress and fatigue at workHave a faster, more focused mindAvoid mood swings that lead to erratic, out-of-control eatingSet your own food/mood clock to perform at your peakBoost energy for morning, afternoon, or evening activitiesStay alert through marathon meetings or long eveningsFly through time zones and arrive feeling first-rate by using revolutionary anti-jet lag tactics...and much more
--Do you want to take it slow or be an aggressive dynamo? Food can have a big effect--Mind is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales--Food, Mood and the Mind ---Food-faddists and naturopaths aside, most people are liable to find nutrition a deadly-dull subject. Certainly, compared to some of the hot-button topics featured on HedWeb, notably state-of-the-art class-A drugs, Nutritional Medicine will appear worthy but unsexy. For if one eats a reasonably well-balanced diet, the body seems pretty much to take care of itself. The insidious health-risks posed by such half-truths aren't always recognised--Mood Food: Brighten, Heal, and Elevate Your State of Mind
by Jane Eldershaw--In The Healing Secrets of Food, I am inviting you to join me on a journey that charts new nutritional territory. With my groundbreaking, cutting-edge strategies, I'll take you to a place that nourishes you each time you eat--Choose the one BOOK that is right for you, today--DR. COHEN's MOOD FOOD--Healing Foods For Dummies--Nutritional Therapy--Eating for Energy: How to Manage Your Mood with Food--If you’re one of those people who use food to soothe a bad mood or crave sweets when your energy is low, take heart, you’re not alone! --FOOD AND NEUROTRANSMITERS-- Have you ever wondered why you can't say no to fattening foods or alcohol? Why you overspend or overwork, feel bloated, have mood swings or depression? The answer is not that you're lazy, self-indulgent or undisciplined. The problem lies in your body chemistry. Millions of people are sugar sensitive and the foods they turn to for comfort actually trigger feelings of exhaustion, hopelessness and low self-esteem. What's worse, these foods don't stop our craving for them - they only make us want to go back for more. In her groundbreaking book, Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D., explains how certain food-dependent chemicals in the brain regulate our moods. To maintain mental and physical health seratonin, beta-endorphins and blood sugar need to be kept in balance. We can achieve this by following DesMaison's inexpensive, all-natural nutritional plan. There is no regime of measurements or self-denial: you tailor the plan to your tastes and lifestyle. More than just ! a book about food, this is a book about possibilities. You can change your life with POTATOES NOT PROZAC--The Fat Flush Cookbook --Food and MoodA complementary treatment for mental health problems--The Neurotransmitter Collection--Food and the Mind by Annemarie Colbin, C.H.E.S--Food Causing Dementia, Parkinson’s--Scientists are proving that what's in the foods you eat can affect the chemical composition of your brain --Food Swings --Addictive Foods: Ingredients & Mechanisms --"My Soul is dark with stormy riot,
Directly traceable to diet."--Some Food for Thought and black pepper--

Although every major organ is critical to physiological functioning, one could say that the brain is the body's dictator.
The Real Truth about Your Sweet Tooth--Food Cravings for Sweet Things--If your emotional issues remain unaddressed, your food craving will remain constant--Coping With Food Cravings--promote this idea of traditional Chinese food therapy to the world--Coping With Food Cravings

Everything you eat affects your brain chemistry!! Twenty years ago medical science didn't think that our moods were linked to what we ate. In 1975 they discovered that neurotransmitters, linked mood and food through brain chemistry--Vitamin boost for young criminals cuts offence rate--Basic Biological Overview of Eating Disorders

How often have you felt sleepy after a starchy or carbohydrate-rich meal? You may think that this because most of the blood has gone to the aid of the stomach, leaving the brain and other parts of the body in a state of tiredness. However this is not so. The reason is the increased production of a neurotransmitter called 'serotonin' in the brain which lowers the electrical transmission between nerve cells thus inducing sleep. Serotonin is produced from an amino acid (building block of proteins) called 'Tryptophan'. It is found plentiful in meat and dairy products. Thus to get a good night's sleep serotonin should be increased. However, just consuming large amount of tryptophan will not make it more available to the brain for production of serotonin. Since the brain is selective about which substances it accepts from the blood, tryptophan has to compete with other amino acids to enter the brain. Hence, to increase the chances of tryptophan entering the brain, carbohydrates should be eaten with protein foods.

The theory for how food may effect mood, alertness, and memory revolves around substances called neurotransmitters, which are chemicals produced by the brain that help nerve cells pass messages to one another. They affect many body functions, including temperature, mood, and appetite. There are about 30 to 40 known neurotransmitters but only a few may be influenced by diet. Specific nutrients found in food are the building blocks of these neurotransmitters.
Two neurotransmitters - norepinephrine and dopamine - stimulate the nervous system, increasing our energy level and helping us to concentrate. Eating foods with protein (meat, poultry, fish, lowfat dairy products, eggs, or dried beans, peas, and lentils) provides our bodies with the building blocks for these neurotransmitters. Protein appears to inhibit the production of another neurotransmitter, serotonin, that has a calming, relaxing effect on the body.
On the other hand, eating foods with carbohydrates (bread, cereal, rice, pasta, potato, or fruit) helps tryptophan, the building block for serotonin that reach the brain. The production of serotonin leads to feelings of relaxation or calmness. Yet, at high levels, it can cause fatigue and sleepiness.
Scientists are proving that what's in the foods you eat can affect the chemical composition of your brain --Brainfoods in Breakfast

beCALM'd is an all natural supplement that gives the body targeted nutrients to aid in the balancing of neurotransmitters

Minding Your Moods with Foods--Strategies to Decrease Stress EatingHEALTHY EATING: Food and your mood; sensible eating can chase blues away--Balancing Body Chemistry--The Food-Mood Connection
Food/Disease Connections--The RDIs for B vitamins, which were established more than 50 years ago, are merely the minimum doses required to prevent nutritional diseases such as pellagra and beriberi. In other words, they work to prevent illness rather than helping to enhance health. --MOOD AND FOOD
Food intolerance should one of the suspects when someone is suffering from sleep disorders. The most common foods that people are sensitive to are dairy products, wheat, corn, and chocolate--What We Eat Affects How We Feel

CHOCOLATE. Massage body topping in a chocolate fantasy. --Chocolate Mint Oil of Love --Chocolate Massage Bar
from Bean Tree Soaps
An amazing combination of chocolate and massage! This solid lotion bar gives a wonderful massage and absorbs directly into the skin (no messy clean up!) It's made with almond oil, shea butter, mango butter and cocoa powder. You would swear it's edible! -Chocolate Body Wrap --CHOCOLATE PEDICURE
A guilt free service for the chocoholic! Begin your chocolate journey with a chocolate mineral buff applied to the feet and lower legs. After a delicious foot and leg massage using chocolate whipped cream, your service is sealed with heated chocolate paraffin. No calories for this decadence! --Enhance your sensual massage with Chocolate Cafe Edible Warming Oil with Vitamin E. It warms with friction, heats up when blown on and has a palette-pleasing taste--How Chocolate Works--Gourmet Chocolate Rose Massage Cream or Edible Massage Oil --
NEW BODY TREATMENTS NO-CALORIE TREATMENTS FOR CHOCOLATE LOVERS --Chocolate Fondue Body Wrap--Chocolate body finger paint. All your body parts taste better painted with chocolate. It''s fun to do too! Choose regular or white chocolate.
CHOCOLATE, MOOD AND GUILT-- Welcome to the Chocolate Encyclopedia. --Chocolate is full of mood-enhancing chemicals. --Chocolate Lovers: Beware Mood Swings--Chocolate. This ubiquitous treat contains mild central nervous system stimulants that help heighten mood and yearning. According to legend, Montezuma drank 50 cups of chocolate every day to boost his virility before visiting his harem of 600 women. A small amount of quality chocolate can set the mood just as easily. --The fruit of the cacao tree was first used by the Olmec Indians of South and Central America, the ancestors of the Aztecs, thousands of years before the rise of Aztec civilization. The Mayans further domesticated cacao, and also developed the first cacao beverage, a spicy, bittersweet drink, by roasting and pounding raw cacao beans with maize and Capsicum peppers, and letting the mixture ferment. The cacao tree was worshipped by the Mayans, who believed it was of divine origin (cacao is a Mayan word meaning "God Food"). --The divine drink, which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink [cocoa] permits a man to walk for a whole day without food." Montezuma II--During the reign of the great Mexican Emperor Montezuma, cocoa beans were a valuable commodity, even used as currency--When The Church Said "No" to Chocolate--Chocolate ... Food of the Gods?--Rediscover True Hot Chocolate>--Chocolate as an Aphrodisiac--Chocolate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)----Brief history of chocolate --Sweet discovery for 'chocoholics'--The history of chocolate --Le portail du chocolat :

CHOCOLATE MOVIES......Like Water For Chocolate (Como Agua Para Chocolate) --Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory--Chocolat (2000) --MERCI POUR LE CHOCOLAT

MURRAY HILL'S Chocolate Brownies RECIPE

Chocolate is a psychoactive food. It is made from the seeds of the tropical cacao tree, Theobroma cacao. The cacao tree was named by the 17th century Swedish naturalist, Linnaeus. The Greek term theobroma means literally "food of the gods". Chocolate has also been called the food of the devil; but the theological basis of this claim is obscure. --The Science of Chocolate --Chocolate on the Brain--Tryptophan is a neutral, genetically coded amino acid. It is essential in human nutrition.--Is there something in turkey that makes you sleepy?--Tryptophan - nature’s answer to Prozac

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