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the use of hands as a form of meditation


peak shift effect
Exaggerating characteristics of the female form--a psychological phenomenon called the peak shift effect: If a rat is rewarded for discriminating a rectangle from a square, it will respond even more vigorously to a rectangle that is longer and skinnier that the prototype. We suggest that this principle explains not only caricatures, but many other aspects of art. Example: An evocative sketch of a female nude may be one which selectively accentuates those feminine form-attributes that allow one to discriminate it from a male figure; a Boucher, a Van Gogh, or a Monet may be a caricature in ‘colour space’ rather than form space. --Art and the Brain --Is Art Lawful?--neurological aesthetics and THE CAVE....AESTHETIC THEORIES--feelings we experience when watching dance --Neuroesthetics.........................neuroesthetics, which seeks to establish the biological and neurobiological foundations of aesthetic experience--the pleasure of art as sensed by the brain--
What Neurology Can Reveal about Human Nature and the Meaning of Art
Teaching Cognitive Science and the Arts I--The Effects of Art Education on the Development of Cognitive Skills--Artistic Creativity and the Brain--Is art an adaptation? Prospects for an evolutionary perspective on aesthetic emotions --Where Do they Sell "Creativity"?--Is It The Seeing of Art, or The Art of Seeing? --Beauty and Art Arise in the Brains of Beholders--A cognitive guide to art research--The Transhumanist Movement--Ars Brevis, Vita Longa: The Possible Evolutionary Antecedents of Art and Aesthetics --THE MIND’S EYE—NEUROSCIENCE, SYNESTHESIA, AND ART -- "what is beautiful is good" ---Study of Art Gives Insight Into Brain's Structure--. I was very impressed by a man named Semir Zeki--Where Science and the Arts Meet --How the brain 'sees'--Neurons, Behavior & Art--ART AND BEAUTY
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making art with brainwaves
Brain Wave Chick V is a collaborative brain wave concert performance by Mark Applebaum and Paras Kaul.--business card for paras kaul--“Brainwave Chick” Makes Music with Her Mind--para west productions neural audio imaging--Art as a State of Mind --Paras Kaul doesn't use brushes and paints to create a work of art.She
fastens electrodes to her head and "thinks" an image onto her computer screen.--MEURO ART................A HUMAN DOLPHIN STORY---NEURAL AUDIO IMAGING--- really conceptural Kaul lets students 'think' their artwork-- neural.it zine--visionary--Procedural Art--
jellies--Jellies: Art, Science and Om --Jellies: Living Art --Living Design/Living Art Center
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the self as subject matter
new autobiography--your life as story--Autobiography: The Self Made Text--the exploration of the self via consumptive--Think You Have a Book in You? Think Again--The Self-Portrait as Subject Matter
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North American Indian Designs in Full Color for Needleworkers and Craftspeople--Notes and Instructions for Color Wheel --embroidery stitched by youth----------------Series Inspired by Trees in Nature--Welcome to Art-Stitch Designs online catalog--celebrating the stitch--Judy Chicago collaborated with 16 needleworkers on Resolutions.--Resolutions is a series of painted and needleworked images created by Judy Chicago and a group of highly accomplished needleworkers--liberated quilting--electric quilt--QUILT NATIONAL 1997 SELECT REJECTS--In Bhutan, male needleworkers and monks make popular appliquéd images of sacred beings and famous monks. --artists/GaardFrank/Gaard--michael james quilts--Candace Wheeler: The Art and Enterprise of American Design, 1875–1900--Summer Tree

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she painted her garbage
Contemporary Arab Representations is a long-term project which includes seminars, publications, performances and presentations of works by different authors - visual artists, architects, writers and poets - with the aim of encouraging production, circulation and exchange between the different cultural centers of the Arab world and the rest of the world. --French artist Franck Bragigand --Restoring daily life...'Restoring daily life' was the title of Droog's second presentation for the Salone, which took place at the Via Lomazzo. Here Droog Design invited the artist Franck Bragigand. He designates his artwork to the painting of mass production and the garbage of society. Especially for this occasion Bragigand painted used products that were brought in by visitors, and gave them a new life as pieces of art. A selection of his previous work could be seen as well. New work of Franck Bragigand will be shown soon in the droog gallery.--artist info--john pound art--The Goddess of Garbage Creates An Elegant & Hip Living Space With Other People's Throwaways! --crafts from trash--As Paris undergoes great change, a curator documents the difference with art.--recycling: art on a shoestring--Unique artwork created from recycled, reclaimed and natural materials.--DIY Making Art With Recycled Materials Making Art With Recycled Materials --Organized by the Whatcom Museum of History and Art, Bellingham, Washington, Trashformations: Recycled Materials in Contemporary American Art and Design features 84 works in a variety of media - vessels, sculptures, textiles, jewelry and furniture - that illustrate the range of innovative and whimsical ways in which artists today find new avenues for expression through the use of discarded objects. --All of this art was made out of waste paper and rubbish we found at home and at school--Hello Again: A New Wave of Recycled Art and Design, an exhibition of innovative and often surprising products created from recycled and reused materials, is traveling under the auspices of the Oakland Museum of California now. --Welcome to the online home of Salvaj : Functional Art from Recycled Materials. --eco artweare--Let me say a few words about these creatures you're about to discover. They've all been made from waste products, scraps and rubbish we've just thrown away. --Artful Recreations.

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we bought the dog a flea color but she keeps scratching anyway
sacred and profane via plep---Welcome to MINGEiKAN THE JAPAN FOLK CRAFTS MUSEUM still plep!-- Modigliani and his life via riley dog--david lachapelle was born in connecticut, north carolina in 1968. he studied at the art student's league and north carolina school of arts. at age of 19, mr. lachapelle went to new york where he met andy warhol. --'Rocker mama' Grace Slick draws on her artful past via born famous--An infinite number of variations on a finite set of images --Born in Hungary in 1894, André Kertész moved to Paris in 1925, where he spent 11 years living and working, enjoying his quick and deserved success via gmtPlus9--A B S C E N C E s via sprezzatura--a pearl earring via suds and soda--This page is devoted to Native American Rock Art of the Southwestern United States. Currently, most images on this page are from Utah. via spitting image--lost something? see FOUND via new things--This is an example of the diverse responses that an object may elicit. The object is a book. To an animal, it appears as an oddly shaped black and white object. A primitive human being would see a rectangular flexible object with curious markings. To a Western child it is a book, while to an adult it may be a particular type of book, say, that of a book that makes incomprehensible, even ridiculous claims about reality. Finally, to a physicist, it may be a profound text on quantum physics......via whiskey river--the homeless guy's weblog via sassafrass--:: SoWhat Art1 ::--Duct Tape stuff and fashion via geisha--writing with bloodWhy it is hard to keep a straight face via human nature daily--The Noh Mask Effect: A Facial Expression Illusion

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myneighbor's dog is barking
Max Klinger's "Ein Handschuh" (A Glove), 1881 via plep-- DIRTY LINEN AIRING AT THE WOMEN'S LIBRARY, LONDON more plep--ancient art of laundry make laundry a trendy art form--"La ménagerie parisienne" --Art Exhibition "Laundry:Ritual in Everyday Life" --Laundry Maids Edgar Degas--afternoon tea-- one
continuous mistake, I think Feynman said something about if he couldn't explain something to a high school student, he didn't really understand it. via synthetic zero--TEA HOUSE GARDEN AT TOKYO --Mom was a crafter. Both of my grandmothers loved to sew. So why can't I even thread a bobbin?--teaching history with textiles--the studio zine--the art of survival--Teresa Searle is a Textile Designer specialising in felted knitwear with appliqué. --Woodward's Writing On The Wall

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she felt like eating sugar cookies
By doing the hand energy exercise one learns the ability to focus energy to any part of the body (or to any organ). --HAND EXERCISE Hand Positions for Energy Healing--¿QUÉ ES ENERGYHAND?--Absorption of vibration energy in the human hand and arm -- Energy transmission to the human hand-arm system fromdifferent vibration exposures--Hand Positions for Energy Healing - Leg and Foot Positions--Traditional hand positions for Reiki treatment --Mudras in Reiki and Healing --Hand Mudras Symbols of Deeper Meaning--mudras for healing--There are 24 Basic Mudras (hand gestures) in the "Hasthalakshana Deepika", the book of hand gestures--Buddhist Mudras: Hand Gestures --When a finger representing an element is brought into contact with the thumb, that element is brought into balance. --We have about 4000 nerve endings at the tips of our fingers. That is what makes mudras (yoga for the fingers) so effective, because the nerve endings are connected with organs and can influence them, relax, stimulate or balance them, depending on the individual need.--Mudra is a pattered movement mainly of the fingers that carries an idea or emotion. THE HANDS AS MACROCOSM--Mudras, A ‘Mudra’ is performed by pressing a finger onto another in a particular fashion. Acupressure Therapy states that the key to our health resides in our hands and that a particular kind of energy is continuously transmitted from them. It is believed that there is a chakra in the centre of the palm which emits an electro-magnetic ray .

The above mudra is LINGA MUDRA ....Join both the palms and lock the facing fingers together, keeping one thumb upright. The upright thumb must be encircled by the other thumb and the index finger. Makes the body resistant to colds, coughs and chest infections by generating heat in the body, and destroying accumulated phlegm in the chest. It helps in weight reduction too, but has to be practiced with restraint. The intake of at least eight glasses of water, and butter and ghee (clarified butter) as cooling agents in sufficient quantities is a must. Due to the heat it generates, it may not be possible to practice this mudra with as much ease and flexibility as the other mudras. It might prove taxing and result in a feeling of lethargy.

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does friday still come after thursday?
Vodou is the Creole religion. Like the Haitian people, Vodou spirits came from Africa, and they have been profoundly affected by slavery and hard won freedom. To honor and serve these spirits, Haitians create ceremonial art based on African models and influenced by Catholic, Masonic and other spiritual traditions. via plep---Every year The Fortune Society solicits artwork from prisoners across the country for our annual prisoner art contest. The first and second place winners receive cash prizes. Voting is done on-line. Everyone is invited to vote for their favorite artwork by sending an e-mail to us. Include the name of the artist and work with your vote. via gmtPlus9--- she made this--- Like sand through the hourglass, these are the days of my life--unbroken poetry-- cut and paste...made from scratch--Humanent The artist plays Pygmalion with W.H. Mallock's A Human Document (1892).--artthrob art in south africa--absolut expression--Art As a Healing Force Web--knitopia knitting weblog--american science and surplus
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more hands
Thanks to Nancy Rowlins (see her crochet'd tea cup at 20 THINGS) for telling me about this book: The Knitting Sutra: Craft as a Spiritual Practice by Susan Gordon Lydon. “Sutra” means thread running through and connecting a string of holy writings and Susan speaks of time being one of the few luxuries we have. That using this time knitting connects us with an earlier and simpler time. It allows you to “sink deeply and profoundly into the rhythms of nature within and without”. These objects of function and beauty are made to express who we are, and they are often created with the aid of prayer. This silent time with the rhythmic click of the needles is the space where prayer, meditation, and inspiration flourish.
Work which uses the hands, being it knitting or any other form, allows the creator to connect to the divine that is in and around us. It is not what you knit, but what happens to you when you knit. Where the journey takes you. What you find there. How you are transformed when you come back. So many problems have been worked out, and so much spiritual and emotional healing has taken place in the meditative work of knitting. I too have experienced this just like the author.

Susan Gordon Lydon is a knitter, a teacher, and an inspiring writer. The making of crafts, she says, brings us into the circle of women who, throughout human history, have poured their passionate souls into the making of serviceable and beautiful things. “I knit because I love to knit,” she says and : “If the devil makes work for idle hands,” she asks, “then could constantly busy hands entice angels to whisper in the knitter’s ear? And is it possible that female spirituality through the ages may have been concealed in the minutiae of domestic life rather than expressed in the grandiosity and pomposity of churches and sermons?”

Both Nancy and Rama Hughes have sent me information about another book useful to my research on hands: The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture by neurolgist, Frank Wilson.

see too: Losing Yourself in the Divine: Creativity as a Spiritual Practice--The shamanistic world-view is animistic in essence, ie. they see life, or rather spirit, is within everything. This also incorporates the invisible world and non-ordinary reality, a realm that contains the spirits of land, ancestors, animals, gods & goddesses, sidhe and other various entities. --Creative SpiritualityThe Way of the Artist----Many hand knitters feel that the practice of knitting helps them to enter a meditative state. The ability to discover the stillness inside is essential to many different spiritual practices, and somehow the all the activity of knitting brings us to the very edge, or even draws us into, this powerful experience. Knitting may also help to heal the brain and emotions through balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain.--The Church of Craft aims to create an environment where any and all acts of making have value to our humanness. When we find moments of creation in our everyday activities, we also find simple satisfaction. The power of creating gives us the confidence to live our lives with all the love we can. By promoting creativity, we offer access to a non-denominational spiritual practice that is self-determined and proactive. --the Ontario Crafts Council--
SUTRA: Pronunciation: 'sü-tr&
Function: noun
Etymology: Sanskrit sutra precept, literally, thread; akin to Latin suere to SEW
Date: 1801
1 : a precept summarizing Vedic teaching; also : a collection of these precepts
2 : a discourse of the Buddha
sutra --sutra-- sutra --sutra --sutra-- sutra WE ARE THE WEAVERS OF OUR DESTINY.--Also Kamasutra (Sanskrit, literally 'thread of love', from kama, 'love', and sutra, 'thread').
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inside and out
Henry Darger, Darger is unequivocally influenced by the known facts of his life: his mother died when he was four years old after giving birth to a baby sister, whom he never saw. When he was eight years old, his father, unable to continue caring for him, put him in anorphanage and died soon after. Diagnosed as a disruptive trouble-maker, he was removed to various mental institutions until he ran away at age 16.-- VSA arts is an International organization that creates learning opportunities through the arts for people with disabilities. --women beyond borders boxes-- IDENTITY AND DESIRE: TRANSFORMATIONS OF THE SELF Curated by David Syrek, this exhibit features photographs by self-taught artists Lee Godie, Morton Bartlett, and Eugene Von Bruenchenhein as well as contemporary artists Cindy Sherman, Hans Bellmer, and Harry Callahan. --officiel des arts--manipulated found negatives at consumptive--ritsch fisch galerie and art brut--Sister Gertrude Morgan artwork--FocalArt Gallery--Darling, You Send Me Smithsonian Valentines via plep--book Henry Darger: In the Realms of the Unreal by John M. MacGregor-- Palace Chime weblog via traveller's diagram---click on images to enlargevia gmtPlus9WAY OF THE HAND This is David Sudnow's classic account of how his hands learned to improvise jazz on the piano.--Click on tumbnail FOTOSAND FOUND OBJECTS GALLERY via reconstructed mind--
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writing with the windows opened
Welcome to the Creative Union!....fill your home with such fun and uplifting art.--Although the albums presented here may not be high on everyone's list of "Classics", we here at the Tralfaz Archives Music Department felt that they should be recognized for their music, artwork, photography or possibly because of their own inherent strangeness. via gmtPlus9 --andrew hersey and postcards from the travel goddess via reconstructed mind--DAYKU says give peace a chance--"Relics are the remains of masters who have devoted their entire lifetime to spiritual practices that are dedicated to the welfare of all. " via plep--Geographic profiling is an investigative methodology that uses the locations of a connected series of crimes to determine the most probable area of offender residence. It is generally applied in cases of serial murder, rape, arson, and robbery, though it can be used in single crimes (auto theft, burglary bombing, etc.) that involve multiple scenes or other significant geographic characteristics. via riley dog--graffetti tags caligrafia maldita via gmtPlus9--Preventing and healing* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Repetitive Stress Injuries via dangerous chunky--

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in stitches
artists without borders via plep--PATRIOTIC FOLK ART--Some of Hieronymus Bosch' s paintings--alibi--altpick-- Art Theory, School of Fine Art, Analysis of Visual Images --Some Objects from Anne Frank's Life via dangerous chunky--Where do creative people get their inspiration? Ted Hughes likened it to fishing, while JG Ballard thinks it has more to do with whisky. Here, psychologist Guy Claxton reveals why we're all more creative than we think --jenny hart at she made this

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