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she just wanted to blend in

the use of hands as a form of meditation


some photograpy related links
Computermanipulierte via things----8 1/2" X 11" polaroids + gold tape + ink -----urban decay grafetti--Sometimes a popsicle is just a popsicle. But in the photographs of Williamsburg artist Meredith Allen, frozen confections on a stick ----days of my life----DANIELE BUETTI----LOOK AT ME is a collection of found photos----the use of the fantastic in photography----Shotaro Shimomura XXI (1883-1944) was Chairman of The Daimaru Inc., a department store chain that traces its roots to a single store opened in Kyoto in 1717----angie buckley---DISPLAYING FIRST 50 OF 7092 WORDS - 'Giving a camera to Diane Arbus is like giving a hand grenade to a baby,'' Norman Mailer said after seeing how she had captured him, leaning back in a velvet armchair with his legs splayed cockily ---Harry Callahan (1912-1999) made his reputation with black and white photographs, which he developed and printed himself. He took photographs all day, developed them at night, and often returned to the same place on the following day to take more pictures---Brooklyn Storefront

Julien Pacaud, Institut Drahomira 2002-2003 -----

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the sky is grey but I am not
faces by hannoch piven----his astronauts literally transcend the natural worlds--Ceramics by Marty Ray----NORMAN KARY, "I have always been interested in objects and their relationship to surface"--- alejandro Jodorowsky's film-----American Postcard Art .com ----Apothecary's Drawer Weblog-----ARON PACKER GALLERY----SHISHA, the international agency for contemporary South Asian Crafts and Visual Arts, based in Manchester, has initiated ArtSouthAsia - a dynamic and innovative programme of contemporary visual culture, presented for the first time in the UK. ----A fantastic array of artists and crafts-people from across Cheshire are welcoming the public into their studios ----art threat comics

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Scrapbook Therapy–An Overview
The concept of scrapbook therapy is to use art to allow your alters or inside people to express themselves. (This method can also be used to help recover dissociated memories whether or not you are a multiple.) You can use your own art if you’re artistically inclined or your alters can draw, color, or paint. Or, you can do what I do–cut out pictures and/or words from magazines. I had no idea just how expressive my alters could be through pictures. Each person’s system is going to be different, but I’ll share with you how I use this method of healing.
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still leafing around
lime green sketchbook--Steven Schomberg was a cheerful though sweaty and demented guy who filled a notebook or two per month with pages like these. In the novel Hell is working on right now a character named John who is based on Schomberg makes a brief appearance via plep---science and the artists' books--previous OBLITERATED book links--shinro ohtake book links--bear skin rug sketchbook--
I have been filling sketchbooks since elementary school, journals of my visual inspiration and ideas, concepts and words.I dedicate the late hours of the night to these pages, carry them on my travels and study them for improvement.Here are links to selections from recent books that show a glimpse of the way I map out ideas--- I have books with writing and drawing in them going back to when I was eleven years old. Since then I've always had a book of some sort to record ideas and images. I only have one rule really, which is I don't start a new book until I have finished the old one. I date them at the beginning and at the end. They are working books and I don't edit or clean them up for public consumption-----
Please wait a few moments while all the sketch pages load, then you can roll over the buttons below to see the sketch book pages----Volume II Issue 4 Autumn 2003 Edition Small Spiral Notebook---
Outwest II : SO CALled Books, An Exhibition of Artist's books from Southern California --
The Susana Serpent Book
a first-hand examination of the 'Funeral March', the Swiss visionary's final voluminous illustrated books--hieropenen.com
THE ALTERED PAGE----OUT OF PRINT----bill mayer sketchbook
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